Dyson To Open New Facility And Grow Workforce In Singapore

Dec 7, 2016

Dyson is planning on opening a new tech centre in Singapore next year.

It also plans to increase its engineering team by 50% in the next couple of years.

At the moment, the company has approximately 800 staff in Singapore, across three locations that include a commercial office, motor manufacturing facility and R&D lab.

Majority of the new hires will be engineers, with specialization is areas such as design, mechanics, electronics, software and motors. In addition to experienced people, Dyson will also be looking for fresh graduates who have no/little work experience under their belt.

“Singapore is much more than just the site where all our advanced Dyson digital motors are manufactured. We have plans for our engineers here to step up in developing the next frontier of Dyson technology, in close collaboration with our team in the United Kingdom.” – Scott Maguire, Dyson’s Global Engineering Director.

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