Most Successful Ways To Find A Job In Asia

According to a survey by Hays, a recruitment firm, online job websites and personal networking have been the most helpful mediums for finding a job in Asia.

54 percent of Singaporeans claimed that job websites are more successful than contemporary methods of finding a job.  Other ways individuals found jobs include personal networking (referrals and word of mouth), and social networking sites like LinkedIn.  They came in at 33 percent and 13 percent, respectively.

The findings were similar across most of Asia.

Malaysian job seekers also had the most success with online job postings.  Sixty percent of the respondents claimed that online job sites/advertisements were most successful.

In Hong Kong, personal networking was the most successful form of landing a job, with 37 percent of the respondents saying they found a job through this medium.  China’s respondents showed that 36 percent of them found a job through personal networking.

China led the way for respondents looking for a job through social media , with 21 percent finding a job using this method. Japan came in second at 17 percent.

“Employers are determined to cast a wider net to engage with potential candidates, and the results prove that online recruiting techniques work. The Internet is an integral part of everyone’s daily life, so it’s not surprising to see the success of jobseekers finding jobs online.  Online recruitment strategies and job search factors are essential to attracting potential candidates,” according to Lynne Roeder, the Managing Director of Hays in Singapore.

According to Hays, here are a few tips to keep in mind, when hunting for a job online:

  1. Don’t provide personal information, such as bank statements or personal ID numbers online.
  2. Only give your CV to a company that has a privacy policy in place.
  3. Don’t pay for any recruiting service, or background check.  It’s not your responsibility, and you shouldn’t have to pay to apply for a job.
  4. Go through and look at your old social media posts.  Anything detrimental or questionable may prevent employers from hiring you.  Make sure your social media profiles are up to date.
  5. You can store your CV on your mobile phone, which can come in handy.  You’ll never know when you’ll need it.

While there has been plenty of success with online recruiting tools, referrals and professional/personal networking are important as well.

The best possible way for job seekers to land a role, is to use all the resources available and attack the job search from multiple angles (including job sites, recruiters and networking). The more you expand your reach and visibility, the greater the chances of you getting a great job quickly.

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