Find High Quality Part-Time Jobs In Asia Through This Website

Flexing It is a startup that matches individuals and organisations for flexible, part-time and on-demand projects.

The projects typically require strategic, consulting and advisory related expertise, in functions such as Marketing/Sales, Strategic Planning, HR, Research, Finance and Analytics.

At the moment the platform has around 31,000 professionals and 1,600 organisations registered. The company launched in India and recently opened an office in Singapore. It plans to expand to other countries in South East Asia, including Malaysia and Indonesia.

According to Flexing It, they are different from other freelance marketplaces because of the focus on experienced consultants and professionals, who’s deep expertise can be useful for more strategic projects.

So far, individuals using the platform include young parents, entrepreneurial freelancers and independent specialists. Essentially anyone with sufficient expertise in an area, who is looking for flexibility and variety.

On the employer side of the equation, there is representation from large corporations, SMEs, startups, professional services firms and investors. Projects can be as short as a few weeks, to up to a year or so.

So if you’re interested in a good part-time job in Asia, check out their website and while you’re at it also take a look at ExpertDB, which is like an Uber for experts/consulting.

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