Top Skills Employers Are Looking For in 2017

As people get ready for the New Year, one of the most common resolutions isn’t just to lose weight, learn a new language or start a new fitness routine.

Many people want to leave behind their old job, the one that causes stress, pays too little or makes someone feel underappreciated, for a better career and more stable financial opportunity.

LinkedIn recently issued a press release noting that the number of job applications spiked in October, showing that people are looking in anticipation.

However, with many individuals looking for jobs and many companies wrapped up with year activities, hiring trends aren’t as consistent and might not be a high as they typically are after January.

That makes now an excellent time to get an early jump on your New Year’s Resolution to learn a new skill, by honing some of the top skills to get hired when 2017 rolls around. These skills, as identified by LinkedIn, are the ones employers most need in candidates at the moment.


  • Cloud and distributed computing, for the second year in the row, has topped the list of most desired skills, with the demand increasing around the world. With so many technological advances and the expansion of many data centers moving their hosting to cloud-based platforms, companies are looking to hire experts in the field. Also important in 2017 will be skills in understanding and managing storage systems.
  • Finding, analyzing, and presenting data and statistics are crucial skills as companies look to grow and stay relevant and competitive in their markets. Due to this, statistical analysis and data mining skills are being sought after. Globally, data presentation was eighth on the list which shows that companies want to make information usable.
  • Technology development showed up on the list in a variety of countries, indicating that companies are still looking for employees with expertise in this area. Mobile development showed up seventh on the list of most important skills, and it will continue to be important as the number of mobile phone users is expected to reach 7 billion in 2019.
  • User interface design is the fifth on the list, while web architecture and development framework is third.
  • Middleware and Integration Software experience also made the global list.

Some of these skills, like the demand for employees with user interface skills, have increased through the years as companies make sure that their users are able to properly interact with them.

If you have some of these skills, start working on deepening your knowledge and experience. If you’ve been waiting to learn something new, picking one of these off the list could help you land your next job.

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