ExpertDB, An ‘Uber for experts’ launches in 150 countries worldwide

ExpertDB, is an online marketplace, which is like Uber for experts/consulting.

The service just launched in 150 countries. In Asia, at the moment, it is available in Singapore, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Korea and Japan.

The idea and process is simple.

  1. Companies, both large and small, often need external experts to solve problems, provide insights and drive deals.
  2. These companies can use ExpertDB to create confidential projects, that get matched to relevant experts around the world.
  3. The companies can then vet the experts (and vice versa) and if everything works out, hire their services for the project.
  4. Projects can be tracked/monitored and once complete payment is made.
  5. Companies don’t pay anything to ExpertDB. They pay the experts for their services. The experts in-turn, pay 10% of their fee to ExpertDB.

The company was founded by Phalgun Raju (an MIT and Harvard alum), who stated:

“During our private beta, we were working with Fortune 1000 companies and top management consulting and private equity firms who were hiring experts in our marketplace across an amazing array of topics.

Managers and investment professionals at these firms were hiring experts to do everything – from solving engineering and data science problems to providing industry insights or driving small M&A deals.

But finding the right expert efficiently was next to impossible and is a very inefficient word-of-mouth process.”

According to Phalgun, ExpertDB is different from traditional expert networks such as Expert 360, HourlyNerd and Gerson Lehrman Group. The main differences are that ExpertDB does not charge a fee to companies and is 100% online, completely self service & greater in scope.

The company raised USD 500K in seed funding, which it used to get ready for launch.

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