Career change options for people with your background

With a new year comes new beginnings. If you’re interested in changing (or choosing) careers but aren’t sure where to start, here is are some great resources:

This is pretty useful data provided by LinkedIn.

When considering a career change, a big part of the process is researching, to figure out how easy or hard it will be to enter various careers. Some people want a change but cannot spend too much time or money (for education, training, etc.) behind the process of switching careers. Others have the luxury/flexibility of spending even a few years to prepare for and enable their career change.

LinkedIn has made the research process easier for you, by analyzing millions of member profiles, to provide information on the career paths and profiles of people with a background that is similar to yours.

This is a good indication of how easy or hard different career switches will be for you. The more common the change, the easier it is to execute.

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