4 Ways Career Counseling Can Help IT Professionals

The IT world is extremely competitive, but it can also be very lucrative as well. There are several fields within the IT industry growing rapidly and that means great opportunities for IT professionals. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the software developer field has been growing at an astonishing rate of 22 percent since 2012. In order to take advantage of that kind of career opportunity, IT professionals need to work with career counselors to map out a plan that will allow them to achieve all of their goals.

Define IT Career Goals Clearly

In the IT world, many professionals gain certifications and experience that allows them to cross over into several different fields. The value of an IT professional increases dramatically when that professional builds up an impressive list of certifications, especially in platforms that are dominating the corporate world.

Career counseling can help an IT professional by mapping out career goals that will dictate what certifications and experience the professional wants to pursue. It is easy to get off-track in the IT world and start pursuing certifications that may not have any value in the future.

A career counselor will help an IT professional to develop a career path that will dictate what kind of certifications the professional will pursue, instead of allowing the professional to get side-tracked by wasting time and resources on experience that will never add value to their career.

Stay In Tune With The Changing IT Job Market

Technology changes quickly and the industries that support technology change quickly as well. Career counseling can help an IT professional to stay in tune with the changing IT landscape and help the professional to make sure that they have the proper educational background to take advantage of the newest and most lucrative opportunities.

Persistent Assessment Of Talents

One of the more important tasks a career counselor will perform for an IT professional is helping that professional to assess their talents and make sure that the professional is up to date and competitive.

For example, if a major platform manufacturer changes their technical certification requirements, then a career counselor will be able to guide the IT professional on what they need to do to stay up to date in the IT world.

Help Maintain Emotional Balance

The IT world has many emotional challenges that can be easy to take for granted. For example, IT projects tend to run around the clock and can be emotionally draining and demanding. The desire to move into a new area of IT work can be intimidating, but it can also be necessary when it comes to advancing a career.

A good career counselor also acts as emotional support for an IT professional who can feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated. By helping the IT professional to maintain a good emotional balance, career counseling can keep the professional focused on their career goals.

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