Industries That Hire People Making A Career Change

If you’re thinking about moving to another industry, then LinkedIn has some useful career change advice and information for you.

Here’s what they did:

  1. They identified LinkedIn members who got a job in a new company in 2014.
  2. This list was then narrowed down to people who moved to a company in a different industry.
  3. They calculated the number of industry / career changers as a percentage of total people working in the industry.

Based on that, these are industries that hire the most number of people who are making an industry / career change.

industries hiring career change

Some additional insights on this information on industry / career change:

  • Other than technical/engineering professionals, the Internet industry hired Retail brand specialists and business development/strategy talent from Management Consulting.
  • The E-learning industry hired people making an industry / career change from Education and IT industries, to use their expertise in content development and partnership management.
  • Venture capital brought in people from almost all industries. It wasn’t just limited to ex bankers and consultants.
  • Online media grabbed talent from traditional media industries, for writing, editing and creative positions.

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