Career Choice And Change – Overview

Our Career Discovery process is very effective to plan an individual’s career path and help them with finding the right career. It is useful for people with work experience looking for guidance on career choice/change, as well as students want to decide on an education/career path.

We spend a large part of our lives and the majority of our waking hours in the workplace. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to do whatever we can, to make this time as enjoyable and productive as possible.

In Kevin’s case, he pursued education and jobs, based on what was popular at the time and what his family encouraged him to do. However, he didn’t really like what he was doing and after a few years of working, he decided it was time to make a change.

To help Kevin know what career was the best for him, we walked him through our entire process, which is guided by simple, yet critical principles.

To start with, we helped Kevin identify all his preferences and constraints, which should be taken into account when deciding on a career path. This includes,  personality traits, interests, skills, values, desired work environment and various practical constraints.

Based on Kevin’s profile we helped him narrow-down a few career choices, which would be a good fit for him. This was done with the goal of matching his profile/preferences, in a realistic and financially viable way.

Finally we worked with Kevin to plan the exact actions and steps he would need to take, in order to attain his ideal career choice. He is now sure of his career path and is confident, focused, successful and happy in his new job.

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