Well-being & Advancement

Her career/executive coach in Singapore started the process by understanding exactly what Karen was looking for.

Karen was already performing well in her job. However, she wanted to perform even better, in order to earn more, move up the career ladder and prepare herself for taking on a managerial/leadership role.

We started the process by discussing the key skills and requirements, needed to perform well in Karen’s job. Then we used career assessments and career coaching to help Karen:

  • Get a detailed understanding of her behaviour, strengths and weaknesses; relative to the key requirements of her job and the main elements for overall success in the workplace.
  • Learn how to build on her strengths and grow in areas she was already good at.
  • Identify potential weaknesses, and think about ways to develop and build her capabilities.
  • Better manage limitations by being aware of risks and avoiding problem situations/behaviours.
  • Create a detailed action plan to achieve all of the above.

With the support of her career coach in Singapore, Karen was able to achieve her goals and enhance her performance, advancement and well-being at work.

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