Well-being & Advancement – Programs And Pricing

Here are details on the process and pricing for our executive/career coaching program.

The program is prepared to help you develop professionally by learning more about yourself, in order to build on your strengths and address your weaknesses.

Career Coaching Program for Professional Development [SGD 380]

  1. We have a discussion to understand the skills/requirements for performing well in your current and/or target job. We also talk about your situation, goals and any specific areas of concern.
  2. You receive access to our online system to complete a career assessment.
  3. We prepare two professional development reports for you, Personal Report (view sample) and Development Report (view sample).
  4. Up to 60 minute session with a career coach in order to:
    1. Explain the assessment framework.
    2. Discuss your results keeping your job requirements and goals in mind. This will include a discussion on building strengths, managing overplayed strengths, addressing weaknesses and managing limitations.
    3. Provide guidance on preparing an action plan to achieve your general and development goals.
  5. After the session, where relevant and possible, we will also provide information on the best academic research for your situation and development areas.

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