Job Search Services – Interview Practice

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily show interviewers that you are perfect for the job and get them trying to convince you to work for them?

With a bit of preparation and practice, it is actually possible to achieve this. That’s where our Singapore job interview training program comes into the picture. It is  designed by experienced career counsellors & recruitment professionals and can help you to:

  • Master pre-interview logistics, including ideal scheduling, proper research and crucial questions to ask before the interview.
  • Understand exactly what employers look for, the interviewing techniques they use and how to approach each one appropriately.
  • Predict interview questions you will be asked.
  • Prepare and practice well crafted answers to expected, common and difficult questions.
  • Convey your skills, strengths and accomplishments effectively.
  • Convincingly deal with weaknesses, objections and other interviewer concerns.
  • Improve your body language and presentation.
  • Perform significantly better than other candidates during job interviews.

Master Singapore Job Interview Questions & Interview Answers: Training Program With Video-Based Feedback (SGD 450)

  • Step 1: You receive our comprehensive Singapore job interview book and supporting material/workbooks.
  • Step 2: Initial phone consultation to provide an orientation to the program and material.
  • Step 3: You complete our ‘Career Achievements’ workbook, which draws out your key strengths and accomplishments in detail.
  • Step 4: We provide feedback on the workbook content and you make changes accordingly.
  • Step 5: You move on to our ‘Interview Questions’ workbook, in which your accomplishments are used to draft responses to  expected/common/difficult interview questions, specific to your background and job targets.
  • Step 6: We work with you to dramatically improve and finalise your interview answers.
  • Step 7: Practice interview with career advisor (~1.5 hours; video recorded)
    • ~20 minutes for first round of interview practice
    • ~30 minutes to review first round video and receive feedback
    • ~20 minutes for second round of interview practice
    • ~15 minutes to re-iterate critical interview best-practices
    • ~10 minutes to wrap-up and resolve any questions/concerns

Contact us now to learn more about our Singapore job search services. All our transition and job search services, can be delivered in-person or remotely, and are used by people residing in Singapore as well as foreigners looking to get a job here.

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