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We encourage you to partner with us and take advantage of our program, to find your preferred jobs in Singapore. Due to the number of variables involved it is hard to make any guarantees, however, most of our clients find a job of their liking within 2-5 months. In fact, many clients start seeing initial results quite fast, in the form of numerous job leads and interview calls, within a few days of implementing our techniques.

Advanced Program For Finding Jobs in Singapore (SGD $1,600)

Part 1: Laying The Foundation

The first part of our process for securing jobs in Singapore involves the preparation of an impactful resume and cover letter. You will also receive our video-based interview training.

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Preparation

  • Step 1: Discussion to understand your situation and goals, in order to plan the overall strategy for your resume.
  • Step 3: You receive an electronic copy of our resume writing book, along with supporting materials such as workbooks, resume formats/templates, resume samples/examples, action word lists and industry & functional competencies.
  • Step 4: You answer the structured questions in the resume workbook, which provides us with the base material needed to prepare your resume.
  • Step 5: We provide feedback on the workbook content and request for additional information via email, a phone call and/or an in-person meeting.
  • Step 6: We discuss and finalise the best approach for the different sections/sub-sections of your resume.
  • Step 7: We prepare the first draft of your resume and send it you for review.
  • Step 8: You provide feedback on the new resume and let us know if you’d like any changes.
  • Step 9: We revise the resume until you are completely satisfied with the output (which is usually quite quick).
  • Step 10: We prepare a cover letter and LinkedIn profile to compliment your resume.

Job Interview Training

  • Step 1: You receive our comprehensive interview book and supporting material/workbooks.
  • Step 2: Initial phone consultation to provide an orientation to the program and material.
  • Step 3: You complete our ‘Career Achievements’ workbook, which draws out your key strengths and accomplishments in detail.
  • Step 4: We provide feedback on the workbook content and you make changes accordingly.
  • Step 5: You move on to our ‘Interview Questions’ workbook, in which your accomplishments are used to draft responses to expected/common/difficult interview questions, specific to your background and job targets.
  • Step 6: We work with you to dramatically improve and finalise your interview answers.
  • Step 7: Practice interview with career advisor (~1.5 hours; video recorded)
    • ~20 minutes for first round of interview practice
    • ~30 minutes to review first round video and receive feedback
    • ~20 minutes for second round of interview practice
    • ~15 minutes to re-iterate critical interview best-practices
    • ~10 minutes to wrap-up and resolve any questions/concerns

Part 2: Job Search Technique Training

You will then go through training to ensure you are able to generate enough job leads and opportunities.

  • Step 1: We take you through a comprehensive one-to-one training session (45-60 minutes) to learn the best techniques for finding job in Singapore. The session is interactive and detailed.
  • Step 2: Depending on your background and job search targets/goals, we suggest a daily/weekly schedule of activities you should spend your time on.
  • Step 3: You receive our job search book, along with templates to organise, track and measure the success of your activities for finding jobs in Singapore.

Part 3: Tracking & Ongoing Support

For a period of 2 months (starting from the end of Part 2 of the program), we will review your progress on a regular basis to make sure you’re on the right track and provide advice for changes that need to be made. We will also help you with guidance for ongoing needs, such as tips for upcoming interviews and dealing with various job search situations. This is usually through brief phone calls and/or in-person sessions. This support ensures that you ingrain all the best practices for a good job search and that you execute a quick/effective search.

Contact us now to learn more about our Singapore job search services. All our transition and job search services, can be delivered in-person or remotely, and are used by people residing in Singapore as well as foreigners looking to get a job here.

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