Rising Unemployment & Surplus Job Seekers In Singapore (2Q2016)

The Ministry of Manpower released their report for the job market in Singapore during 2Q 2016.

These are the highlights:

  • For the first time since 2012, the number of job hunters was more than the number of job openings available.
  • The unemployment rate increased in June 2016 to 2.1% (1.9% in March 2016). The rate was 3% for residents and 2.6% for citizens.
  • The number of people employed grew by 4,200 during 2Q 2016. This figure was 13,000 in 1Q 2016 and 9,700 in 2Q 2015.
  • 4,800 people were laid off during the quarter, as compared to 4,710 in the previous quarter.


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