5 tips to get your profile noticed on LinkedIn

Donna Serdula, author and speaker, specializes in the topics of job hunting, LinkedIn and executive branding.

In this video she shares 5 tips for getting your professional profile noticed on LinkedIn. Have a look at the video or read on for the highlights.

1: Make your profile sensitive to the LinkedIn Search Engine Ranking by taking advantage of the Headline, Summary, and Job Title sections of your profile.

These are the sections that are going to be most prominent when people search for people/businesses on LinkedIn.

Make your profile easy to find for people who don’t know your name, by wisely filling these sections with relevant keywords and information.

That way, when people search for businesses/people to accommodate their needs, your profile will not only be more visible, but also more appealing.

2: Add a Benefit Statement.

Give people a bit of an extra incentive to click on your profile.

Tell them what makes you unique and what impact you can make.

Make your profile as appealing as possible in a short space, so that people want to click and learn more.

3: Actively Post Content.

Keep people updated on what you’re doing. Post relevant content and updates.

Keep your profile in their feeds, so if an opportunity does come up wherein your skills or services would be beneficial, your profile will come to mind and they will give you a call.

The content you post doesn’t even necessarily have to be content you created. Sharing articles and relevant stories will keep you in the back of people’s minds.

4: View Other People’s Profiles.

On LinkedIn anyone whose profile you view, will see that you viewed them and might be interested enough to check out yours.

This is a simple way to get your name out there and make people notice you.

Use this feature to your advantage.

Stay active, show an interest in other’s work and they will most likely show an interest in yours.

5: Give Recommendations.

Don’t just ask for recommendations, show that you want to actively help others and give recommendations to benefit them as well.

When people come across the opportunity to give a recommendation to someone, the person who gave them a recommendation is going to seem to be the more appealing choice.

It’s a symbiotic relationship, concern yourself with helping people in every way that you can and it will come back around.

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