I Quit! 10 Unbelievable Ways People Resigned From Their Jobs

i quit resign from job

While most of us resign from a job with a conversation and a resignation letter, there are others who prefer a but more drama.

Here’s how ten of these people went over the top, when resigning from work.

  1. Launching and sliding down a plane’s emergency exit slide.
  2. Making the announcement during a live advertisement.
  3. Leaving the premises and locking out remaining employees.
  4. Accusing the employer of spreading propaganda.
  5. Writing a scathing article in the New York Times.
  6. Getting drunk and throwing things.
  7. Dancing all over the office.
  8. Heading a cannabis club.
  9. Hiring a marching Band.
  10. Filing a police report.

Take a look at this video for more…..

Job interview train wrecks : Movie scene compilation

job interview train wrecks

Cinema has shown us a fair share of job interviews.

Many scenes have been proper and close to real life.

But let’s forget about those.

Instead, here’s a compilation of movie scenes, with job interview train wrecks.

It includes some classic moments from movies/actors such as Trainspotting, The Internship, American Beauty, Robbin Williams, Kevin Spacey and Tom Hanks.

The best jobs in the whole wide world

best jobs in the world

Who hasn’t has dreamt of that perfect job.

The job where everything is just how we want it.

The office from which you never want to leave.

Unfortunately, such a job/office only exists in our dreams.

But there are some jobs that actually exist, which come close to the dream job territory.

This video has a few of them (although we don’t think some of them are that appealing), including:

  1. Caretaker of the islands.
  2. Professional snugller.
  3. Chocolatier.
  4. Blower upper.
  5. Voice over actors.
  6. Water slide tester.
  7. Netflix tagger.
  8. Gumologist.
  9. Guidebook writer.
  10. Professional sleeper.