Apply For Jobs Early & Ye Shall Succeed

As a job seeker, when you apply for jobs using company websites or job boards, you might spend time applying for positions which have been posted up to a few weeks back.

This could be a waste of time.

Hiring managers and recruiters often receive hundreds of job applications, for each opening advertised. It’s a tedious process and they are always looking for ways to make it easier.

StartWire, an online job search tool, did a study which gathered data from over 6,600 hires and across 10 industries.

Of those hired 27% applied within the first two days after a job was posted. Nearly 50% of the hires were applicants who applied within the 1st week; approximately 75% of all hired candidates applied within three weeks.

“Job seekers underestimate the importance of being at the front of the hiring line,” says Chris Forman, CEO & Co-Founder of StartWire.

“Once a hiring manager or recruiter does an initial pre-screen of candidates and makes an interview list, they rarely look back at applications that come in later. To optimise your chances, apply as soon as you see a job, and seek out an internal contact within the company who can put in a good word for you.”

So it makes sense to use job sites more often, spending less time during each visit, as opposed to making long and in-frequent visits.

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