Considering a Job in Singapore?

Singapore is a beautiful and convenient city to live in, but it also offers job seekers some of the most robust opportunities globally. Due to that, it is a sought after destination by people from places such as America, India, Europe, Malaysia and other Asian countries.

What Other Industries Are Strong in Singapore?

Technology is the way of the future, not just in Singapore, but also across the world, so it would make sense that Singapore has a burgeoning technology sector that is always looking for professionals, both experienced and those interested in entry-level and training positions. Banking and biotechnology are also growing industries, while chemical processing and processed food stuffs continue to bring in large revenues for both established companies and startups.

The First Steps

Like many job openings across the world, Singaporean employers will likely require you to submit your resume and cover letter prior to being considered for employment. This process may take a bit of extra time when compared to submitting information for employment locally, but depending upon your experience, education, and other information, your resume may be expedited. From there, your potential Singaporean employer will likely want to offer a preliminary interview. This may be held by phone or by video conference through your computer, and in some cases, you may be required to show up in person.

Moving Forward

Once a potential employer in Singapore is interested, they will typically bring you in for a formal interview. The cost of the travel arrangements may be covered fully or partially by the potential employer, and the cost of sleep arrangements may follow suit. It’s important to work out the specifics of your arrangements prior to setting out, in order to avoid any unnecessary surprises. Your potential or confirmed Singaporean employer may offer relocation benefits, and it would be a good idea to take advantage of such benefits if moving overseas, as the cost of doing so on your own may be quite prohibitive.

Work Visas Are Important

Prior to working in Singapore or accepting a permanent, full-time position you will need to obtain a work visa if you are seeking employment as a citizen of another country. There are a number of different types of passes offered by the Singaporean government for different classes of works, so you’ll need to know which one applies to your needs. Applications for a visa will typically be completed by your employer.

Request More Information

If you’re considering a career shift to Singapore, we can help you with the job search, to make the process as easy and effective as possible. Our foreign clients usually find our resume writing services and job search books to be the most useful.

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