4 Handcrafted Singapore Resume Templates (And 3 Proven Samples)

Whether you’re looking for a job, or applying for an internal position in your existing company, the process of resume writing and updating is painful in itself.

The last thing you want, is to spend time and effort finding/designing impactful Singapore resume templates for yourself.

While we prepare many different types of resumes depending on the context, to help you along here are some of our favorite Singapore resume templates, which you can download:

These Singapore resume templates can be used in other countries as well.

However, depending on where in the world you are located, there will be some location-specific resume writing practices that you would need to take into account. These are typically things such as:

  • Whether you should use a photograph on your CV.
  • How much detail is included in descriptions of job responsibilities and achievements.
  • What personal information/particulars are provided (nationality, race, marital status and so on).

To add some other perspectives, here are a few external sources for good resume templates (some free, others paid):

  1. 280 Resume templates from Hloom
  2. Resumup
  3. KukookResumes
  4. QuintCareers

An important thing to remember when using such templates is that you should use them to make your life easier.

However, you should make some customization in design and structure, so that your resume does not look like many others out there.

You need to own it and make it yours.

It is also useful to know what a good finished product looks like. Therefore I am including some Singapore resume samples/examples, that we have tested in the market and which have shown good results.

If you have limited experience, have a look at this post for an entry-level resume template/sample .

Again, please feel free to make changes to the structure and design as you see fit. That will also ensure that your resume doesn’t look like everybody else’s.

Just make sure that you don’t stray too far from the original versions I’ve included. In the end, keep in simple, clean and easy to read.

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  1. hi , i am Sheharyar and i am looking for the scholarship program at singapore. They require me to write the curriculum vitae. Can you kindly share the best CV templates that will help me in grabbing the scholarship.

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    this is narendra i am looking jobs at singapore i am m.b.a graduate tell me how to get a job in singapore any consultancy address r websites. through websites i am searching but no reply for me.

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