Why Employers Reject Or Hire Candidates, After Looking At Their Social Profiles [Infographic]

Employers are using social networks to research job candidates and find out:

  • Whether a candidate presents himself/herself professionally.
  • Whether there is a fit between the candidate and the company culture.
  • More about a candidates qualifications.
  • Whether a candidate is well rounded.
  • If ┬áthere are any reasons why they should not hire a job candidate.
Employers said they did not hire candidates because of the following discoveries:
  • Posting inappropriate photos or information.
  • Drinking alcohol or using drugs.
  • Display of poor communication skills.
  • Bad mouthing previous employers.
  • Discriminatory comments .

Hiring managers made a job offer to a candidate thanks to:

  • Getting a good feel for the candidates personality.
  • Candidate conveying a professional image.
  • Finding consistent background/qualification information.
  • The candidate appearing well-rounded, with diverse interests.
  • Evidence of good communication skills.


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