An Excellent Entry level resume template, with important best practices built-in

Preparing your entry level resume is essential to getting and performing well in an interview.

For those with limited experience, making your job/other experiences seem impressive is of utmost importance.

Here are a few ways to better describe your positions and also an entry level resume template, which incorporates these best practices (and more!).

Use Specific Examples

Offering up stories and tasks that specifically build up your positive qualities and experience is essential.

Discuss the times when you helped get projects in before deadlines or helped point out solutions that none of your superiors thought of.

If you want to impress from the get go, it is extremely important that you use these positive incidents to paint yourself as a valuable asset.

Be Descriptive

After bringing up specific feats that make you look valuable, you need to elaborate on any situations that employers will be interested in.

Bring in stories of customer service and other self-assuring qualities to make you appear even more appealing for the company/role you’re gunning for.

Include Descriptions from Your Superiors

Including testimonial esque praise from your superiors at previous positions can be a great way to make your entry level resume shine.

If you want recruiters to remember your resume among the stacks of similar applicants, this quality can help make your application much more visible.

Talk About Your Co-Workers

If you want to get hired, you have to sell your personality as much as your usefulness.

After all, these people will have to interact with you nearly every day from now on.

By including examples of good interactions with co-workers, you can show that you are great to be around both in the office and out.

Use Statistics and Numbers

Stories only go so far when selling yourself to a company.

Adding some hard statistics that build up your work abilities is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

For example, putting the sales numbers of your previous position on your resume can be fantastic for showing off your ability to succeed in diverse environments.

After you get these qualities down on your entry level resume, you can be rest assured that you will be prepped for an exciting and potentially successful interview.

To see examples of how to implement these tips, have a look at this entry level resume template.

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