So You Were Fired From A Job… Great Ways To Bounce Back!

Getting fired from a job is a scary experience. For many people, it is the scariest thing that can happen to them. Nasty thoughts on how you are going to manage without money, how to pay for your mortgage, what to do about all the expenses you are used to having, start plaguing your mind. It is not the time to let yourself get overwhelmed. It is time to get back in the saddle and win back your life!

Tip 1 -> Do the things you longed to do but couldn’t

You do not have to see you being fired as a life-ending event. Actually, think about the free time you now get as an opportunity to catch up with all the things you wanted to do but couldn’t because you were always busy with your work. Take a long walk on the beach, read a book, or have lunch with someone you have not seen in years.

How will that help you? You need to reconnect with your life and with yourself. From there, you will gain the necessary strength to start searching for a job again.

Tip 2 -> Manage your expenses

The biggest fear people suffer from when they are fired from their job is that they will not be able to cope with all the expenses they have, now that they no longer receive their monthly salary. Instead of letting fear wash over you, get in charge. Place every single expense you have on paper, and see where you can cut down costs; you will be amazed to see how many things you are used to spend money on without really needing them.

Do not hesitate to lay down in front of your eyes the worst-case scenario. Chances are it may not be as bad as you think. As long as you are prepared for the worst, it will be easier for you to come up with a plan and put it in action.

Tip 3 -> Think up new ideas

You are only without a job, and not without a brain. The ideas that made you good at what you do are still there, and the same brain that came up with them is still there. You just need to get it work once again. After getting some rest to recover from the shock – anyone is entitled to freak out a little – you must think up new ideas. These will get you closer to a new job that will reward you.

Tip 4 -> Connect with people from your industry

There are many reasons for being fired. Whether the company had to cut down on employee costs, or they needed to shrink their activity, your expertise may have nothing to do with these reasons. Now, seeing that you can be a valuable asset for a company, it is time to connect with other people working in the same industry as you (or another industry if you’re looking for a change).

While you may take the traditional path of searching in newspapers for a new job, this approach can often bring you closer to a new workplace fit for you.

Tip 5 -> Polish your job hunting skills

Now that you are on the hunt for a new job, you should invest some of the free time you have to polish your hunting skills. There are now plenty of resources on the Internet on how to do that, so you will have some serious study time to consider.

Tip 6 -> Catch up with novelties of your target industry/function

In order to increase your chances of getting a new job – and possibly, better than your former one – you should invest some time in catching up with the novelties of your target industry/function. This way, when you will be called for interviews, you will be able to show the interviewers that you are up to date.

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