How to dress for your job interview. Great tips on fit, colors, grooming and appropriateness

First impressions are important for pulling off a successful interview.

When you are chasing that dream job with benefits that are out of this world, you want to make sure you are doing it right.

One good way to ensure you impress and strike a chord with your interviewer is through the clothes you wear.

Here are a few factors are useful to consider, when  deciding what outfit you will wear.


There are certain colors which employers tend to prefer and recommend.

Many employers suggest being conservative and wearing colors such as black, grey, blue and brown. These colors are safe and professional.

Orange denotes just the opposite and should be avoided during interviews.

The colors you wear can influence the way interviewers think about you. Different colors project different attributes/things:

  • Black – Confidence, Leadership, Exclusivity, Sophistication, Coldness
  • Blue – Team Player, Communicator, Trust, Calmness, Aloofness
  • Grey – Logical/Analytical, Dampness, Lack of energy
  • White – Organized, Clarity, Cleanness, Simplicity, Efficiency, Sterility, Coldness
  • Brown – Dependable, Warmth, Lack of sophistication
  • Red – Power, Warmth, Energy, Aggression, Defiance
  • Green – Harmony, Refreshing, Boredom
  • Yellow – Optimism, Confidence, Creativity, Anxiety, Fear, Irrationality

A good approach is to stick with neutral/safe colors and perhaps add a hint of other colors.

Fit & Grooming

Even the most perfectly constructed color combination will only take you so far.

If you want to impress a recruiter, you want to wear clothes that fit your body well and look dapper. Too tight or too loose and you give a negative impression straight away.

You also want to ensure that you’re well groomed.

For more tips on style, fit and grooming, check out these great sites -> Men, Women.

Also have a look at these ideas for interview outfits -> for men and women.


You should always dress appropriately for the job you are seeking.

A laid back graphic designer job won’t want you in a full business suit, and vide-versa  for a super-serious political consultant job.

You want to dress for the job you want, so make sure your outfit shows that you understand the fashion sensibilities and needs of the job you are seeking.

Keep it Simple

Don’t overdo it with glaring patterns, crazy ties or too much bling/jewelry. Keep it simple so that the interview can focus on you, rather than be distracted by what you’re wearing.

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