The Truth About Jobs and Working in Singapore for Foreigners

Singapore is an attractive destination for foreigners to work in and if you are one of the people looking for jobs in Singapore for foreigners, then the following questions will probably cross your mind:

  • How easy is it for foreigners, living outside of Singapore, to get a job here?
  • How does one go about looking for jobs in Singapore for foreigners?

The short answer is – It is not as easy as it seems for foreigners to get jobs in Singapore, especially as the injury rate among workers continue to increase. You can click here if you need a workplace injury attorney. Singapore does have/demand a lot of foreign talent but this is for specific skills/industries/levels and there is a good amount of competition from foreigners/locals already living in Singapore. You could manage your own business but that´ll be very difficult if you don´t get reviews like these.

If you search online job boards/sites for Singapore, you will notice most job postings state that only Singaporeans or Permanent Residents should apply. There will be fewer listing for jobs in Singapore for foreigners, on the job sites. The reason for this simple – It is easier and more cost effective for companies to hire people who are already in Singapore, especially when these people have the talent/skills they need.

Here are a few suggestions you will find useful, while looking for jobs in Singapore for foreigners:

1) I have come across many foreigners/people who just land-up in Singapore for a very short time and without having any meetings/interviews. They hope to get interviews while they are here and/or plan to attend a career fair. In my experience this approach does not yield much success to get jobs in Singapore for foreigners, unless you spend enough time here (a few months). If you are coming for a short visit, then it is much better to have a few meetings/interviews scheduled with potential employers and recruiters before you arrive. Also please be aware that career fairs are not catering to people living outside of Singapore and will not help much.

2) Don’t dismiss the online job boards altogether. You will find jobs where foreigners are eligible to apply, however, you will need to spend extra time searching for these. I recommend using a job aggregator, specifically Indeed, which will enable you to find all jobs for foreigners in Singapore at one place. This includes job boards and company websites. It can save you a lot of time, as opposed to searching each site separately. Use the advanced search form, so that you can conduct a specific search (for example – one which excludes job advertisements that contain the words Singaporean, PR, Citizen, etc.).

3) Use ALL your contacts (friends, family, colleagues, association members and so on). This is probably your best bet to get leads for jobs for foreigners. Make the process easier by using online networking sites like LinkedIn.

4) Be clear on your knowledge, skills and abilities and make sure that you apply to matching jobs. This will save you the time spent on applying to every job under the sun and also increase your job search success rate. Keep this in mind when contacting recruiters for jobs also.

5) Prepare your marketing material very well. Your resume, cover letter and other job search material must be relevant and of high quality.

6) Practice, practice and practice your interview responses and also what you will say during various other meetings.

7) Be ready to compromise and take jobs which may not be your first preference, or pay you as much as you want. It is important to first get your foot in the door.

Good luck!

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692 Replies to “The Truth About Jobs and Working in Singapore for Foreigners”

  1. Informative indeed and I hope it will enable people to see the each side of the coin when it comes to searching for a job in Singapore. It’s nice that this article enumerated the necessary one must know and prepare in job hunting and interview.

  2. I wish I had reader this before wasting my money. Am currently in singapore but no there jobs here for black people. I have gone to many walk in interviews but am always chasing before even listening to my skills and experience. I have run short of funds and I am currently staying on street until my departure day.

    1. Unfortunately many others have similar experiences. As stated in the article, it is not a good idea to come to Singapore looking for a job without first having made some contacts and arranging a few interviews. Furthermore, the hardest job of all to find is “any job”: You must be very focused in your job search and know exactly what job you are seeking. Your resume should then be focused on this job.

  3. Hi
    I’m parimala from Tamilnadu.i had completed my. M. C. A and. M.Ed in recognised university… I had 6month experience in bpo, 1year experience in development side, 2years working experience as school teacher and last 5years I’m working as assistant professor in education department…

    I’m seeking jobs at Singapore… Because I change my working environment and career into Singapore…. Last one year I’m seriously searching job but still I won’t get proper response and link from there… I have attached my mail I’d here… Is there any job vacancy match my profile please contact through mail…

    1. Our Singapore Job Search services are explained on our website – an overview of them can be found at:

      More specific information and our pricing can be found at:

      If you require further information, please let me know by writing to

    1. It is best to develop your job search strategy before you travel to Singapore, and to make tentative contacts about possible jobs. When you have some interest in your resume, then you could think about travelling.

  4. Hi ,
    I am software test engineer having 4.5 years of experience in both manual and automation testing,currently I am looking for a job in singapore ,what should i do to get a job in singapore

    1. In reply to those asking about how to get a job in Singapore, our Singapore Job Search services are explained on the website – an overview of them can be found at:

      More specific information and our pricing can be found at:

      If you require further information, you can drop me an e-mail via our Contact page.


    2. #same
      I did my masters from USA and currently working,3 years of work experience looking to move from usa to singapore.please let me the procedure.

  5. Hello I am Rajesh and working here in india for MNC as Database Administrator. I am trying to find job in singapore from last 2 years but no response from any company. I dont know what is the best technique to find jobs in singapore.

    Hope through this post I might get some help or lead to find job in my area.


  6. hi,
    I am pursuing my Ph.D degree in mechanical engineering in USA.I would like to move to singapore after completing my degree.I am a citizen of Bangladesh.I would like to know the job opportunity and PR opportunity in singapore after completing degree from USA.

  7. I am pakistani doctor , working in health managment , having more than 8 yeara of experience in hospital managnent, having degree of MBBS and diploma in health managment and lean health care , want to work in singapor, can any one support me by guideline or by referring job.

  8. Hi sir,
    I am Lakshmi I’m in singapore for past 2 months in dependant pass and I’m searching for job, I have been applying job for all available portals. But till now have’nt got any response. Am in need of a job very badly, please do suggest me regarding this. Am looking for in logistics as am having experince of 3 years in this field. Other admin jobs or other category jobs also I can able to handle.
    I have been completed my
    Bachelor of commerce (regular),
    Masters of business administration (part – time )&
    Bachelor of law (regular)
    Currently I’m searching job in Singapore eagerly, so kindly assist me to find a vacany as well as root cause to apply .
    Kindly give me a mail id of yours to post my resume .

    Thanks in advance for your kindly assist .
    Kind Regards,
    Lakshmi umashankar,

  9. Hello Sir,
    I’m Saravanan from Bangalore, India. I’ve done my Bachelor’s degree through distance learning from Annamalai university. I’m looking for a Storage Admin or IT Support jobs. Will my degree matters to get a job in Singapore. Because of distance learning, please advise.


    1. Hi Ky! I saw your post. Maybe you are also looking for a graphic designer? If you are can I also get your email address? I also plan to work in Singapore but find it hard to look online before going there. Thanks!

  10. sir , i am textiles experienced person more than 23 year in quality control & Production planning . i want to do job in singapore . during job searching one of consulting agency ( gobal india services Mr rahul sharma contacted me & arrange 2 telephonic interview & confirm for selection .
    for job offer he want to first deposit rs 38880 /- to complete IPA .
    can i belive him or is this scam .

    1. As a previous poster pointed out, it is a scam if somebody asks you for money in relation to a job in Singapore. The Singapore authorities take a very serious view of such illegal practices. Do not get involved!

  11. I am working as a medical transcription in Hyderabad,India. I have an experience of 6 years in this field. Now I want to move to Singapore for better opportunities. Please let me know the best employment agencies for foreigners in Singapore, so that I can contact them and move further. Also guide when, is it the right choice.


  12. If you are looking for any really honest, earnest, demure and punctual person for Your company in Singapore with ie. banking expirience, and much others manual abilities…and with communicative english just let me know to: I will visit Singapore at the begining of July.

    1. I am MBA marketing with 17years experience. I have a visiting visa offer from Singapore by my friend. Sir please advise , if I come and search a job in SP, suxes in short span of time?

  13. I am in Myanmar , I want to go to another country to improve of my knowledge and to leaning more of after experience in my life .I think I well done willy for the group of my benefit.

  14. The truth is that in this 21st century people stopped relying people. Serving in the position of manager and can say that, people what ask for job like experience and all doesn’t matter as it’s just a formality. No one see your knowledge and skills that you have. People see how big are your links and contacts and how much experience you show on paper.
    Experience is all equal to marks that you get in exams. Life itself is a exam and sometime you pass and some time you fail in 24hrs.
    So why people follow or believe the papers rather then having a discussion and knowing the right candidate.
    Ex: A mecahnic who repairs car or bikes at garage is much experienced then the one who have bachelor or master degree. He may not have degree but have skills and knowledge but still get 1000 to 100000 only where as a degree one get 30k or 50k as salary who don’t know anything much and consult a garage person.
    this is the truth and we must accept it.
    If you get a job you are lucky else you are unlucky.
    Formalities exist much in market not the reality. Corporate politics is the worst politics. who is winner can be the chief minister or prime minister of a nation.

  15. I am Indian national and Intermediate and Diploma holder in English Stenography. I am fluent in English speaking and writing. I am looking for a suitable job Canada/Singapore

  16. This Add is a scam. Please do not share any confidential information with this person. Sheraton or any other companies do not post vacancies in comments sections of any forums. This is not the way things work in Canada. Also, there really isn’t a shortage of labour force in Canada. I know this because I am a Canadian and I live in Canada. I would really hate to see these scammers take advantage of anyone looking for a better life in Canada.

  17. I’m not sure where you are getting your information, however good topic.
    I needs to spend a while studying much more or understanding more.

    Thank you for great information I was on the lookout for this information for my mission.

  18. Amit’s points above are really true. But i’d say the best approach to landing a job here in Singapore is by way of beating the odds in numbers. Apply to as many job posts as you can !!! Never bother walk-ins and career fairs. They really dont work for foreigners at all.


  19. Hi I am Lasith from Sri Lanka, i am looking job in Singapore. I have six years experience at Warehouse logistics in Malaysia. Working as a inventory executive, I hit my KPI targets and was promoted within two years. Please advise me to apply job, i look forward to hearing from your side.

    Thank You

  20. There is no chance of a career in any job in Singapore , as experience counts for little . Many experienced engineers have lost their jobs as they get older as management only looks at the salary costs , not the experience and knowledge of engineers .
    There is a management problem not just in SIngapore but in Asia in general

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Amit Puri for the above information. It has cleared our doubts and apprehensions regarding the job that we were being offered as the procedure was very lengthy. We are happy as the concerned authority is following a legal procedure and hence the delay. It is a promising job. We have cleared all the rounds of interview sucessfully. Thanks a lot for your information.

  21. Fact: PMET jobs are registered in the Singapore National Jobs Bank with strict mandate to offer jobs to ‘Singaporeans First’. It is very difficult for a non-national to find a job in Singapore.

  22. I am a B- tech degree holder in architecture with brilliant vision in archi-cad . auto- cad etc ,with 20year experience in construction

  23. hi
    I am sumon. I am from Bangladesh. I will be completed my bachelor of computer science(network technology and cyber security) in this year from Lincoln university college in Malaysia. I have got CCNA (Routing and swiching) certificate. so I am very interested network administrator or network engineering like this position. so I need your advice . can you give any idea how can I get a job in Singapur?

  24. Hi,
    I am graduated fashion design degree course in Singapore but I am from Indonesia. I would like to know the quick method to get a job in SG as a foreigner

  25. i am Jouhar
    i don’t have experience in any field . But i have completed diploma in electronics , MCSE CCNA. i have lost my more than two year eby rest, still i don’t have job…Now i can be ready to do any job ,,evev it is in Songapor…pls suggest anything

  26. hello sir , i am mohan from hubli @ Karnataka , i will job seeker, i am very interesting for aboard jobs for example ; Singapore, Australia, america, London, i am ready to join, how to go for america plz guide me, and your cooperation me
    i have gulf and mildest company worked 14 years experience, how to start placement job, thank you for your good understanding, i am waiting for, your good result thanks lord.
    thanks regards
    k .mohan.

  27. Hi..
    i am Abdul. i am from India. i have completed my MBA and i am looking for the opportunity to work in Singapore and i am fresher, so will i have any chance to get the job in Singapore related to my filed of finance and accounting .

  28. Hi Amit,

    I am a 10 years IT professional holding some niche skills. Fortunately, I have been selected for a job in Singapore, however it is a 1 year contract with a consultancy firm. The pay is good, however I am not sure of my future after the contract ends. I am being told that basis performance I will be moved to a perm role with their client. Can you please help me decide if it wise to take up a contract position with not much clarity of what will happen after the end of contract.

  29. Hi Mr. Amit,

    If ever I did not finish my contract and resigned on my job now here in singapore and go back home in my country can I still go and apply again in singapore in the few months or in the future?

    Thank you and regards.

  30. Hi Amit.. My husband got an offer from Singapore but we are settled in South Africa and here we both are working. But if we will decide to move to Singapore than Is it going to hard to find a job for myself. As i am from Finance background and having total experince of 6+ years.

      1. Dear Amit,
        This Zubair from UAE procurement professional and I am interested to find a job in Singapore if your share your email ID so I can forward my CV to check what best possibility to meet professional criteria for a work permit.
        Your support in this regards will be highly appreciated,

    1. Hi
      i’m thinking that i’ll complete my MBA program outside of my country. So can you please how it will be if i go for SIngapore? and their job opportunity for foreigner. Thanks in advance

  31. Hi,

    I am on EP and working in Singapore for past 3+ years. I am an Architect specialized in airport design and working in aviation design. I do have experience on other typology of building like residential and commercial projects as well. am looking for job to match existing EP criteria as I need to sponsor for DP for my husband as well.

    I also hold Masters degree in sustainable design from NUS
    can contact me for opportunities

    1. Hi. I am doing my B.Arch in India and would like to apply for Masters in Sustainability in NUS. I would like to know if you could guide me about the procedure for Indian nationals and the cost etc.

  32. I am an information security professional with 3+ years of experience. Currently, working in India. I have done my masters in IT from Singapore itself. I am very keen on taking a job in Singapore, but whenever I apply for a job, all I get is a rejection response. I have done research on payscale for my level of experience and I apply within that range only. I am also very confused, whether to ask for salary based on my current INR (if I ask for a pay based on my INR, I am not eligible for Employment/S-Pass, as per MoM government Self Assessment tool results) pay or I should go with the payscale that Singapore offers for 3+ years of experience. I have been applying for Singapore jobs since 1.5-2 years almost. Your guidance is appreciated.

  33. Hello guys..

    I am Krishna and currently i am on dependent pass holder in Singapore . I completed my Bachelors of engineering in Biotechnology and PG Diploma in clinical research I have work experience of about 4 and half years in clinical research field as Clinical Project Specialist

    Am searching for job, have been applying for on all available portals. But till now have got no response. Am in need of a job very badly, please do suggest me regarding this.


  34. Hi I am Priya, i am looking job over there. i have 3 years experience as a Admin Cum Hr Supervisor in Indai,
    Please advise me to apply job, i look forward to hearing from your side.

    Thank you

  35. Hi Amir

    I’ve been browsing your blog for quite some time now.

    I’ll be flying to Sg on the 21st with hopes to get employed while there.

    I have an appointment with a staff from my perspective company that I just met in linkedin, she’s not n HR but she said she will try to help. Her role is Social Media relationship Manager of that company. Can’t thank her enough to save a little time for me despite being a total stranger.

    Did an intensive research in Customer Service Industry.. it’s listed as an in demand skills in MOM but the competition is very tough.

    I already resigned to my current role here in the Philippine so I only my hope for the best.

    Besides, I will not find the answer unless I tried.

  36. hi i am an undergraduate but I already have a working experiences here in my home country. I’d like to work in SG. Is it possible for me to find a job even if im an undergraduate?

  37. Hi there

    How easy is it for people in the medical field to get a job in Singapore..I’m currently a senior radiographer in the UK trying to find a job in Singapore, but do not know where to start.

  38. Hi Amit,

    My name is Ashwathi, I have pursued MBA in Finance and Banking and have worked with IBM (Bangalore-India) and Tetra Pak (Dubai) & I come with a Total experience of 5 Years from the Finance & Accounting background. When I first arrived in Singapore I found a job within 1 month of applying and decided to let that job go as the Salary was not as per my expectations and also there was a “PA” role attached to my accounting profile. Since then I received one call for an interview in which the recruiter was educating me about a perks of hiring a PR and ever since then I do get calls; However once I disclose my Visa status I do not see any responses or my CV proceeding any further.

    I am currently on a LTVP (Husband is a PR) and it has been 6 Months since I am on a lookout for a job & it’s getting hard everyday to find a job! Any guidance/ feedback will be of great help!

    Thank you.

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    1. Sir I am

      RajaRajeshwari interested I finished M.A after I have computer knowledge also. Past I work in private library india. I do any work can do well sir I send my resume your email. Thank you

  40. I am shan. From india but a PR in singapore, im going to study in india for degree, can i know if its possible still for me to find a job in singapore using ny india degree certificate

  41. Hi,
    I am Rini from India completed B tech IT and have an experience of 1 year in SEO works. I have been searching for jobs at Singapore for the past 7 months. I am getting many notifications regarding jobs but no responses from any of the jobs i have applied.

  42. hi
    I’m rajaul from bangladesh. i have 8 years experience in warehouse and logistics, and i have construction skill also. last 8 years i’m worked in singapore.
    help me to find job in singapore.

  43. hai i am ravi from india having 4 years of experience in banking and finance Sr.SAS programmer and i was not get related jobs from india. so i opted for some normal jobs from india like hotel management and my s pass is about to get approved . i have query here will there be any problem in shifting from hotel management side to software or banking side as i am about to get s pass mentioned as manager in s pass. if i try for banking jobs ,if i am selected will there be any problem from mom .i heard from one consultancies saying that once a pass issued means on hotel management u need to work in hotel management , is this true or false . i am confused ,plz help me out with this issue

  44. Thanks for update about relevant information for job seekers. In my views Singapore has lot employment restrictions for non-Singaporeans. Yes competition is very stiff and clumsy. Even if you are lucky to find employment and had a safe landing in Singapore, it is very expensive place to work and live.

    There are other places in the globe, job seekers need to move to other country rather than focusing on a country which has heaps of entry restrictions.

  45. Hi there

    Is it possible to find a temporary job in Singapore for 1-2 years Part Time or Full Time for 3 years experienced Chinese/Japanese baker. I am European.

  46. I looking for a job in singapore past 6 months. but till now i did’t get no job. I have good experience in recruitment. Totally i have 3 years experience. I’m in dependent pass holder

  47. hi,
    I am already living in singapore and doing PhD from NTU. My wife also wants to come here with me and is seeking for a job. She has good experience (5 years) in corporate sector and also worked for top brands like KPMG.
    Is it possible for her to get job in singapore?

  48. Hi Amit,
    I am an Indian citizen living in Dubai past 20 yrs and like to move to Singapore and settle down there, What are my Chances of getting a job in Singapore applying from outside the country, I am in IT industry and having around 20 yrs of experience in the same. Kindly suggest tips on getting the job there quickly.

    Best Regards

  49. Hello Amit,
    This is Vinoth from India. I have been applied for S pass and Visa for working in MEIDEN SINGAPORE PTE LTD., for past 3 months. But I can’t get any notification about my passes and Visa. Is it difficult to get S-pass & Visa from Singapore. Are any possibility to get soon.

    Thanks & Regards,

  50. Hi Amit,

    I am vinoth from India.I am in student pass. I am doing software development course(diplomo -1yr) it about to be complete by Feb -2016. . Previously I have 2yrs of experience in .net development. I applied jobs through online portal but I didn’t receive any response. Kindly suggest possible ways to fund a job in Singapore.
    I started the course too get a job in Singapore but nearly I am searching jobs over here past 8months.

    Thanks in advance.

  51. Hello Amit

    I am Permanent resident in Singapore having MBA qulaification. After marriage I am not staying with my husband in Dubai. Wouldyou please advise for jobs in Dubai related to SIngapore companies so that I could retain my SIngapore PR and continue to contribute my Singapore CPF
    My specialisation in MBA(From SP Jain Institue of Management SIngapore) is Marketting
    Roopa Bhavani
    Mobile 65-91528183

  52. Hello amit this is pushpa from india ….My sister lives in singapore and also i have refrenece from them for my job purpose.I applied for jobs in STjobs and jobscentral but havent heard from them till now.Im looking for contract based jobs ie 3-4months.Im planning to go to Singapore in September, can i go for direct walkin.I really need a job please reply.And also can i apply for job with visit visa and later convert it to work visa?

  53. i am from pakistan master education 30 years accounts and office work experience want to come singapore and work here but only through legal means i like very much singapore to work and live here peacefully i am extremely sensetive sencere and hardworker for the timebeing i want to do any small job like helper attendant salesman perhaps it will be avaible every time but some how reach here then will search if there is any employer who have such small type of job now avaiable give me chance i will serve them at the best level and he will be extremely with my perfomance as i will as allrounder writng drfting correspondence labour work and more and more

  54. Hi Amit,

    I got Married in May, i m a dependent pass holder. I have 4 years experience in Investment Banking Loan Operations. Will the Investment Bank consider DP for hiring. Since i m getting Calls but after hearing that i require Employment pass, don’t get any response. Please advise whether to stay back and search for jobs.

  55. Hello Amit Puri,

    i am kumar from india, i have 4 years experience in warehouse and logistics, i search my skill online,it showing lot offer so possible to come and find job in 45 days


  56. Hi Amit Puri
    Iam a welder black people from africa. can you tell me if can easily find welder job in singapore for a foreigner like me? thanks so much for all your contributions.

  57. I m a graduate from india having 10 years experience in clerical job for hotel industry. Can I get a job at singapore.

  58. Hi Amit

    My friend was working on S Pass and it is cancelled by the Employer after his probation period. As he received the cancellation letter which serves as a stay for a month in SIngapore. Can he travel with that cancellation letter and can do re entry in singapore within 30 days or he needs entry visa separately?


  59. Hi Amit,

    I’m a US citizen working in software development for about 20 years – I’ve worked for most of the big government agencies/contractors – Lockheed Martin, IBM, Fannie Mae, Swift etc . I’m in the US looking for a job in Singapore for the past 6 months without any success whatsoever. Would you suggest I move to Singapore for a few months on a visit pass (US citizens get a 90 day visit pass). Is there any way to estimate how long the search can take? Will employers take me seriously (given that I’m from the US)? My wife is Singaporean and we want to settle in Singapore permanently. Please advise..



    1. Hi Tanvir,

      It is helpful to be on the ground during the job search, since it makes things easier and quicker. However, before making plans to do that, I think it’s advisable to use LinkedIn and your contacts/network to speak to some people in your companies of interest, to get a sense of the demand/need for someone with your profile.

  60. Hi Everbody,

    Don’t lose hope if your planed to search s not easy to find job S’Pore, better got job from ur native itself,afetr getting job u can change ur job easily as ur wish.try to take driving licence in SPore.
    dont come and search job here with out reference.

    dont believe online marketers like recruitnick express gum tree and others.they are all only recruting mostly locals.

  61. hi sir/madam,
    Am rajendra. sir i don’t have any degree or certificate. am s pass but I have 16 years experience foe Administration and warehousing. can I get job in singapore. guide me please.

  62. Hello Mr. Amit,

    I’m a newly qualified chartered accountant from India. It was found in my bit of research that there is a Singapore Chapter of ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India).

    I’d like to know if the chapter would be hiring any CA’s. If not the chapter, Can I apply like in any other company ?

    Few of my family members are citizens of Singapore. Also, please guide me on the Visa procedure ?

    Thanks & regards,

    1. Hi Sanjana,

      You could search the ICAI website to see if any job openings are posted. Also search job sites (JobsDB, JobsCentral, JobStreet, etc) to see if there are any relevant openings. You can also get a sense of the types of profiles they hire, by looking at current employees on LinkedIn.

      For information on employment/work passes/visas for foreigners, have a look at the following:

  63. Hi Amit.. My friend came on Tourist Visa and got the job after 45 Days of Struggle on S Pass.
    He is entirely not happy with the company. Facing lots of Issues, I know by right, he should face everything as this came to him after long struggle. Could you please let me know If he applies for another Job, Will he get the approval of S Pass as the current job duration is around 3 months.
    I have heard MOM rejects the EP if we apply within 6 months. Is that the same case for S Pass holders?
    Can give your suggestions please.

    1. Hi Kavisha,

      Such things can be very case specific, so tough to provide a conclusive response.

      I would suggest that your friend arranges for a meeting with an MOM officer, to discuss his situation and get some guidance/indication.

  64. Hi Amit,

    At present, working as a VP of Software Quality Assurance in ABSPL in India ,interested to pursue my career in Singapore.

    I have 20+ years IT experience in USA & India in large & Mid size companies including Oracle Corporations, IBM etc , with M.Tech(Comp Sc) & B.Tech(Computer Sc) educational qualification.

    Not only that, I stayed in US and worked there for almost 9 years .

    I started applying in different Job portals but not getting responses. So need suggestion to move forward in job search.
    I heard now due to some new rule getting VISA is tough. Please throw some light.

    Thanks ,

    1. Hi Shubra,

      Yes it is harder for foreigners to get jobs in Singapore at the moment. This is because the eligibility criteria has been raised and also because relatively fewer employment passes are being given.

      However, there are still many job available.

      In addition to job sites, I suggest spending a lot of time tapping into your networking/contacts and also reaching out to hiring managers directly.

      For more tips and techniques have a look at our guide –

  65. hi amit,
    This is Vignesh , having 2 years experience in drug discovery and nanotechnology, currently im working in Beijing China. I Want to move to Singapore , please suggest me how to find the job there

  66. hi,
    i am priya. i am a Mca degree holder with 2 years experience in teaching and system admin. my husband is working in singapore with s pass. since i am in visit i cant able to get any interviews… please let me to know any consultancies providing help for job searching.

  67. Hi everyone,
    I’m more than 3 years experience in technical support rep I like to work in foreign country in Singapore,malaysia n any country ….i forward many resume to them I didn’t get reply…..pls help me to give chance work any forgein country… Pls reply to my email pls help me….Thanks much waiting for any one reply my suitation.

  68. I want yo go to Singapore I am a graduate fresher in bsc it I am from India I want to get a job there in a good company in any computer field what will I do to get a job.. ? pls help..

  69. Hai,
    I am the fresh graduate in Bachelor of Science(Hons.)-Statistics from Malaysia. I keen to work in Singapore. Between i have send many many resume via job street and JObdb singapore to the job that suit my knowledge. But i not getting any interview invitation. can i know the reason?? is it useful to change my address in resume to singapore address in order to get more chance?? normally what requirement for them to hire Malaysian worker? thanks.

  70. hi Mr. Amit

    I am from India, I have around three years of work experience in java development, I would like to work n Singapore for a change and get good exposure of work culture there.

  71. hi mr . amit m from india , m on student pass here doing 6 months advance diploma in tourism and hospitality and after course will go for 6 months on job training. I hv already dne MBA and hvng 6 yrs exp. is it legal for me to search for jobs and if i got selected can i surrender my student pass. plz help me as i m learning mandarin language also.

  72. amit sir

    Iam an post graduate fresher , I have completed M-tech in Biotechnology. I want to know whether it is possible for me to find a job in singapore according to my qualification.

  73. Hi Amit,
    I am from India .I have 3 years experience on data warehousing in reputed IT company ,I came to Singapore to search jobs since my husband is working here with s pass, I have registered my resume in monster, job streets etc, i am getting calls from recruiters they are asking about my visa type since I am holding visiting pass.they have not called for interview . My visa period is going to end within 10 days, atlast I have got a chance to work as Admin executive through consultancy with e pass ,shall I take this opportunity ,if I take this opportunity it may affect my IT experience, or I can try IT jobs even working as a Admin executive ? Can you please suggest some ideas. Thank you so much.

  74. hello mr Amit im aqualified dr in govt service in india ,my husband is singapore pr working there ,i would like to join him ,i heard i need to work under some dr there before practicing .whom can i approach for the same could you please help in this aspect

  75. hello im qualified dr in govt service in india my husband works in singapore and i would like to join him can anyone tel me how can i get there

  76. Hello,
    I have done my Masters in Accounting and Finance and I am looking for a job in Singapore. Could you please tell me which site or which recruiter would be more helpful.

    1. Hi Ravi,
      It’s best to ask doctors in Singapore about this, to get good and current information. Try contacting people using LinkedIn and request for their advice

  77. Hi Amit
    I’m from pakistan and i have completed my MBBS in 2014.i want to know what are my requirements for further continuing my career.i haven’t done my housejob what options do i have.looking forward to your reply.

  78. Hi Amit,

    I’m MBA – Finance (40 Yrs), living in Chennai having 13 years experience in Finance Accounts & Admin field, searching suitbale job in Singapore since March 2014. What’s procedure to apply EP?? Is it necessary to find a job in Singapore?? Can anyone help me to a job there plz??

    1. Hello Vara,
      After you get a job in Singapore, the hiring company will apply for an Employment Pass (EP) for you

  79. Hi Amit
    I am an Mechanical Design Engineer having Specialized in 2D and 3D Drawing and Assembly.
    I possess 8+ yrs of work experience. Presently I am searching for job
    in Singapore. How can i get Mid Range Employment Pass from Pakistan.?
    can anyone help me..?

    Best regards,
    Umer Farooq

  80. Hi Amit,

    I’m from Hong Kong and I’ve moved here with my boyfriend since Aug 2013 (he found a job here and I followed). I’ve found a job within 2 months since I moved here and unfortunately my team was going through restructuring and I was out of a job again since May 2014.

    I’ve used every resources I have to look for a job here (Linkedin – talk to strangers within my sector and meet up for coffee etc, send out cold emails to hiring managers or HR managers, get help from headhunters, traditional job applications, friends and local connections, or anything required HK network or Cantonese, etc). I’ve received some calls from hiring managers and I’ll obtain receive a question asking if I’m a PR or Singaporean; when I replied “No”, they will usually say to get back to me later and obviously with no response from them afterwards.

    That’s why I have the following question: I wanted to ask if the process for a company to apply a Letter of Consent for a Dependent Pass is as hard as sponsoring a Employment Pass for a foreigner? I’m thinking if I should get married with my boyfriend first and I can look for a job using a Dependent Pass to maximise my chance of getting hired in the job market.

    Thanks a lot!


    1. Hi Janice,
      Getting a letter of consent to work on a Dependent Pass can be hard as well. Tough to say which is the easier route unfortunately. I would suggest that you keep up the job search efforts, since you do seem to be getting interest from the market. You should com across some companies who have the bandwidth to hire foreigners eventually

  81. Hi Amit,
    I am an MBA having Specialized in International Business. I possess 6.5 yrs of work experience. Presently I am searching for job in Singapore. From my finding I realize that the MOM have made strict laws for foreigners seeking jobs in Singapore. For at least 14 days, the employer has to post the job in the jobs bank before they can apply for the EP. I have certain clarifications with regard to these.
    1. What should be my job search process ?
    2. Do I apply for jobs which have been posted before 14 days ?
    3. How do I know whether that job has been posted in the jobs bank ?
    4. Is the jobs bank portal of any assistance to foreigners ?
    Thanks in advance for your valuable time.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Sandipan,

      The new jobs bank ( is targeted towards Singaporeans and PRs. As a foreigner, to apply for jobs you could use the other/private job sites such as JobsDB, JobsCentral, JobStreet and Monster.

  82. hi sir i am having masters degree in English and recently not working any where .i am a house wife with two kids going to child care centre .now i want to do some job which is may be not paying much but be convenient with the kids and family.can u plz suggest some field or guide me regarding this .i will be highly obliged to you .thank you

  83. Hi sir i m arunkumari….i finished biotechnology and pg diploma in bioinformatics..i m a fresher now i m in Singapore only my husband wrking here so only i am searching job…so pls tell to me sir any openings s there means…i want to need one job for urgent… this s my mail id….

  84. Hi Amit,
    I am a doctor from India who has lately moved to Singapore on a dependant pass. I just completed my post-grad in ophthalmology from India but my college is not recognised by the SMC. I have a good surgical experience. I hav learnt that the only position I can apply for is that of a Clinical associate. Is that true? I find it next to impossible to find a job here. Could u please give your valuable advice on this.
    Thank You,

    1. Hi Aswini,
      For such information it is best to speak with people in the field in Singapore. They will be able to give you current and practical advice. Then you can decide what you would need to do in order to get your ideal job in Singapore

  85. Hi Amit, I worked in India as a software testing engineer for 4+ years. Also I am having good knowledge in C#.Net
    Applying for jobs related to testing and C# developer in Singapore. My husband is a PR and am in LTVP. Applied several jobs. No reply mails. My resume also speaks good. I am loosing my self confidence. Is market trend for foreign recruiters is low or am I lagging elsewhere? Please help me.

  86. HI,

    I am from India My husband is working in Singapore,He is PR i am in Long
    term visa.I have 4 years working exp in web development in india i want
    to be work in singapore daily i am applying many jobs but i didnt get
    any reply from employers pls can any oe can help me get the job in

    1. hi pavithra im bala frm singapore in webdesign online marketing is very high demand if ur dependant pass or long term visit pass holders or permanent residents easy to get job here spore

  87. hello sir,
    i am sivarasu from tamilnadu,here i’d MBA with three years of experiance in marketing and business development field..and iwish to intiate career with singapore so that i have planned to come singapore by visiting pass ..its possibel to get career over there…
    can i expect any referrals from your side??

    thanking you….


  88. Hi Amit ,
    I worked as physiotherapist in india. Currently I am in Singapore as my husband is working here. What is the requirements to get job as physiotherapist in Singapore. Pls send the details to my mail id
    If any jobs on physiotherapy please let me know

  89. Hello Amit,
    I am Bindu Reddy from India.I did my MBBS in china,completed by 2012 with 2 years of experience working in hospital in India.On 25th may,2014 i came to singapore along with my husband who is a job holder here in singapore.I just wanted to know whether i can get any chance to work here anywhere in singapore as a duty medical officer or medical records officer.can you jus lemme know the required things to follow up.Thank you.

  90. Hello Amit,
    I am mechanical engineering professional with 4+ years of experience with CIMA qualification . I have 3 years of shipyard experience . pls let me know is there a chance for me to get a job in singapore?

    1. You’ll have to start an active job search in Singapore to find out Darshana. I can’t predict the chances unfortunately

  91. Hello Amit,

    I am Mohit chopra from india working for playboy clubs in india. I have been working in hospitality industry from last five years. But I am not getting paid really well. Is there any chances to get work permit to singapore in hospitality sector.

  92. HI AMIT,
    TNX U

    1. Hi kal,

      Typically recruiters should not take any payment from candidates, or at the most they might take a nominal fee. $500 does seem like too much to ask

  93. Hi amit,
    I have a strange problem.I have 6 years of experience in IT industry.I work in India.I got selected in one of MNC in singapore .my question is does my education effect the visa ? I had 7 year completed it with lot of backlogs.does this kind of situation really effect work visa process? Not only Singapore even H1 visa?please let me know.if so I will stop thinking of working abroad.I am highly expertise in my area of IT skill set.

    Your suggestion will be highly appreciated..

    1. HI Raj,
      I Have 6+ years of IT exp . Please advice and guide me how to apply for jobs in singapore and get placed.

  94. Hi Amit,

    I am MBA in logisitics with 1 year related experience in Dubai, i have 6 months graduate certificate from Australia too. Do you suggest that i can get some opportunity in Singapore in my field. I am currently in Dubai but looking to relocate immediately. Thanks. Artee

    1. Unfortunately I can’t predict that Artee. Start applying and searching for a job and you’ll get an idea of how easy/hard it will be for you to get a job in Singapore.

  95. Hi
    I’m sri lankan banker having Diploma in Civil Engineering. 52 yrs old. Excellent worker. Can i work in s’pore for a short period. I love this country. Pl advise. Possible arrange some job.

  96. Hi Amit
    I am doctorate in Microbiology and living in Singapore since last one year on dependent pass. I am looking for better job opportunity in research & development field and in education sector as I have 6 years of teaching experience to post graduate classes also. I keep applying but getting no response. Is it worth to do any certificate course in Singapore to get a job?
    Please guide me.
    Dr Neha (India)

    1. Hi Neha,

      Before doing any courses, it is best to speak with people working in your field and also the educational institutions you are considering, to get details on which courses are most suitable for the purposes of increasing your employability in Singapore

  97. Hi Amit,

    Just came across your thread & really liked your insights on Job Search in Singapore.
    I am an IT professional in India with 6 years of experience in SAP. I have done extensive job search & know it’s very difficult to get job in SG for expats.
    But one thing I would like to know is; that if I get admission to SG University for Part time MBA then will I be eligible for working in Singapore? I already have GMAT score of 99.85 which is valid for 5 years & I’m sure of securing admission to MBA but then will the SG allow me to work during my MBA?
    Your help is appreciated in this.


    1. Hello,
      I am seeking for the services of a God fearing either
      male or female nanny for my 2kids to come and work for me in the U.K
      here in London, I am willing to offer 800 pounds sterling per week and
      will provide monthly shopping allowances as well as accommodation/air
      ticket..If interested or found someone interested, please send your
      resume (CV) to me @ ( so as to enable me send you the job details.

      Burch Ray

  99. Hi amit i am working for a bank in india as RM business banking working capital, what are my prospects do i have in singapore to work./ what type of jobs should i apply for?

    1. Ankur,

      You will only know your chances of getting a job in Singapore, once you start your search and get feedback from the market.

      When changing location, assuming your goal is to get a job quickly, the best option is to look for jobs which match your previous education/experience.

  100. Hi Amit
    m from Pakistan .. ive done my MBBS in 2012 and completed my housejob in 2013. i would like to know what are the requirements for continuing your career over there in health care .. im really looking forward to your guidance .. thankyou ..

  101. Hi

    I have a particular question regarding

    If a person goes to Singapore on visitor
    visa and looks for a job and finds a job and the employer applies for employment
    pass. Does the person have to leave Singapore and re-enter with the employment


    1. Hi Cam,

      My understanding is that you do not need to leave/re-enter. You will first receive an in-principal approval letter once the pass is approved and then the actual Employment Pass needs to be collected in Singapore.

      These links should be helpful –

      It’s always better to confirm such things with the MOM though. You can call or send them an email, and they are quite response/helpful.

  102. Hi Amit.

    Thank you for the insights.
    I am an Architect from India and residing in SIngapore since last one year . I am on a Dependent Pass and its been very tough searching for a job, even with my Master’s degree. I keep applying and get no response. I haven’t received a single interview call.
    Is there any specific avenue that I should go through? Is it worth getting another degree here for a job?
    Please help me in understanding this.
    Warm regards.

    1. Hi Vedashree,

      If you’re not getting any response, it could be because:

      1). Your resume is not impactful enough.

      2). You are going about the job search in the wrong way.

      3). Your education/work background is not competitive enough.

      For points 1 & 2, have a look at our job search books/services:

      To get a better sense of point 3, you would need to speak with architects in Singapore and people in your target companies, to learn if you background is competitive. If not, then you can ask them what upgrading you need to do. The best way to go about this is to use LinkedIn:

  103. Hi Sir,

    I have experience in office administration for the period 6+ and i am looking opportunities abroad. Are there any chances for people who complete only graduation and have work experience in particular field. do recruiters consider them or their cv’s will remain in data base.

    : ( : (

  104. Hi Amit,
    Have heard a lot about you.. and would want to ask certain career related questions to you. Your help would be truly appreciated.
    I am a SAS professional working in India with 3 years of experience in SAS programming and Analytics. There are quite limited opportunities in India for SAS and I look for a career in Singapore. But I do not have a visa.
    Could you please help me understand what chances I hold to get a job and a visa sponsorship for a company in Singapore? And If you have any suitable profile in your mind and could you please help me interact with them?
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Hi Akanksha,

      Unfortunately I cannot predict the chances of you getting a job in Singapore. The best way to get a sense of how your competitive your profile is, would be to start an active job search and get feedback from the market

  105. Hello mr.amit
    1 of my friend from india looking for staff nurse job at singapore. She has done Bsc in Nursing with 11 years of experience as ICU staff nurse at india and the rest with teaching experience as a nursing lecturer at india and also malaysia.
    We tried to apply in many recruitment area but most of the recruiters not accepting her because of the teaching experience.
    Hope u could help her.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Ranjini,

      Recruiters often give less preference to a candidate who does not closely meet the requirements given to them by their client (i.e. the employer). This is because the closer the match, the quicker they can place a candidate and get their fee.

      I would suggest asking your friend to also try and speak/communicate with people in her target employers directly, to get feedback on how competitive a candidate she is. She will then have a better idea of where she stands and how she can increase her changes of getting a job in Singapore.

      To contact employers directly, she can use LinkedIn. This article should be useful –

  106. Hi Amit .bhaia .. I have complected my graduation from BD .. I am interested to work in Singapore through S pass visa…If i get S pass visa in Singapore than can i study in masters in Singapore university ……

    1. Hi Ahmed,

      Yes, if you are living and working in Singapore, you can also study for a masters degree here

  107. Hi Amit. I have an MBa and a year experience in financial services -mortgages in mumbai. Of these 2 years have been as a Branch Manager. I have been in Singapore for 2 1/2 years now and all my efforts to land a job have failed. Do you think a. EMBA from S.P. Jain Singapore can help? Please advice.

      1. Hi Pritam,

        Further education can be helpful in getting a job in Singapore, depending on whether your target schools will help you meet your career goals. The best way to ascertain this is to contact the schools directly and ask them for placement statistics. You can also speak with alumni of the school to ask about their first-hand experiences

  108. Mr Amit,
    I heard that singaporean prefer hiring local degree in acc. than malaysia ACCA fresh grads?
    it is true? Im malaysian and currently studying ACCA but wish to work in SG after i graduated.

  109. hi Mr Amit,
    im deepa from india.. i had completed my masters in computer science and nw im wrkng in an institution as an assistant professor.. would i able to get any relevant job in singapore.. i wish to work there.. plz provide me sum tips to get job there..

  110. Hi Sankar,

    It would be best to contact the MOM for this. They are very responsive and will let you know all the options, either over the phone or during an in-person meeting.

  111. hello Mr Amit sir,

    i am shankar from son who did bachelors in engineering in india and his masters from NTU was appointed in a company in Singapore with an S pass with a probation period of 3 to 6 months.He is under a tuition obligation to work in singapore for a period of 3 years.But it seems like this company is not likely to confirm his appoint,ment.what happens to his Spass and how can he stay in singapore and search for a job.
    Seeking your advice.


  112. Hi Amit,
    Thank you for writing such a nice insightful article and answering questions. I just wanted to know if there been additional scrutiny or additional paperwork involved in hiring a foreign employee recently? One of my friend got affected by retrenchment exercise at his company after working for more than 2 years in Singapore, but finding it tough to find a new job here. Most of it ends at the screening process from the client side (having said that the consulting / job agency is fine with the resume). Please advise.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Pradeep,

      Yes, the requirements for foreigners to get jobs in Singapore have become more stringent in the recent past. You’ll find a few articles about the development on our site.

  113. Hi Amit,

    I am currently holding Spass and working in Singapore as Admin Manager in construction company. I would like your advise , I joined my company in May month , I got this job by recruiter but now that company not paid my salary timely even though last two month they don’t pay single penny.

    I want to change company .What steps i have to take or how can i find direct company because recruiter charge service charge already once I paid . or any consultancy who never charge from candidate only charge from company.

    pl advise i am in trouble

    hope to receive soon advise from your end .

  114. Hi Amit,

    My name is Reza, and I need your advice..

    I am currently an E-Pass holder, and working in the Financial Services
    Sector, with the AIA Insurance. I had to go through a whole range of
    Module Exams to earn the RNF Code of MAS – Singapore, although by trade I
    have been an Environmental Health and Safety Professional from
    Australia. But I noticed that with the insurance industry, they set very
    unreasonable ‘Sales Targets’ in the shortest duration possible, whilst
    one is still in a position of learning and being trained for the various
    products that are both complicated and in depth.

    My query is, fearing of termination due to not meeting the intended Target,
    if I were to seek for another employment that perhaps renders me only
    with an S Pass, would this taint my image and subsequently result in
    disapproval by MOM upon processing the S Pass, knowing that I have been
    an E-Pass Holder?

    Please advise,

    Thank you kindly,

    1. Hi Reza,

      I do know of people who successfully switched from an EP to SP. However, each case is different, so it’s hard to say what might happen

  115. Stumbled upon your post by chance. Very interesting insights. You should consider writing a book 🙂 …..One more thing that could help is how you can contact hiring managers directly rather than applying to job adverts, the latter being often pointless

  116. Hi Amit,

    This is Karthik from India. First of all, I am a Singapore PR. I have 5+ years of Indian IT work experience.I was working with an Indian MNC ( a CMMI level 5 organization), in India from May 2006 – Aug 2011. Then I had to take a planned career break (for 2 years) from Sep 2011 – Aug 2013 due to exigent personal reasons. I have been taking care of my parent to recover from her prolonged illness. During this period, I have been working as a free-lance Java-J2EE tutor with a private Institue in India. I am planning to return to the IT industry now and to do the same I would kindly request you to advice, being a Singapore PR, how this career break of mine will have an impact on my job search in Singapore. Any inputs on this will be highly appreciated.Thanks in advance.


    1. Hello Karthik,

      Taking a career break can have a negative impact during the job search. Employers are often concerned about the reasons for the break and whether the candidate has relevant/up-to-date skills.

      How much of an impact it will have on your job search is hard to say. You’ll know once you start your job search. You can improve your chances by showing employers that you’ve been working and have kept your skills updated.

      Having a Singapore PR will be helpful as well.

  117. Hi Amit,

    Please help me to get Job in Singapore. I had more then 8 year experience in coordinating job, 2 year 5 months experience in banking reconciliation job. so please guide me to got any job in Singapore.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Do have a look at our articles and books on finding jobs in Singapore. They will be very helpful. In case you still have any questions, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer them and/or see if any of our services might be of use.

  118. hi Amit
    i have above six years experince in telecom is there any jobs in Singapore or any other country pl help me……….

  119. Dear sir/madam

    I have attached my resume and i have 6+ experienced in telecom in CDMA and GSM please give me feedback thank you


  120. Hi Amit,

    I am currently here in Singapore since the last two months on deputation as a Business Consultant for a client. I have applied to various jobs across different job portals. But until now haven’t been able to land up an interview. Some of my friends have said that contacting job consultancies could help. What’s your view on the same?

    Thanks & Regards,

  121. HI,
    am home maker as of now.but i wanted to work in singapore.i have experience in mainframes for about 2 years.what can i study or in what way can i improve to fetch a job in singapore.please suggest me the steps also how may i proceed.need your valuable suggestions

  122. Hello Amit
    I am doing my masters in international business in Singapore. I will be graduating in October 2013. what approach should I take to find and get a job here in Singapore?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Prashant,

      All the usual techniques i.e. job sites, recruitment agencies and physical/social networking

      1. Hi Amit,

        Good day to you! Hope you are doing well. Myself Mahalakshmi from Chennai/India. I have 4+ years of experience in HTML and CSS Developing field. Currently am looking for Singapore jobs very eagerly.

        Am looking for Admin jobs also. If any job opening for Admin jobs. But I don’t know how to get the job in Singapore.

        However am applied Many jobs in Singapore portal. No one response for me.

        Job Portal:, indeed, recruit express Singapore, Jobsstreet, and St. Jobs etc.

        Even I sent My Resume to Company Mail id.

        I worry about that it. Last year onwards, am looking.

        Please help me Team to get the job in Singapore.

        Waiting for your positive reply.

        Kind Regards,

  123. Hi Amit,

    Thank you for the informative article and sound advice for potential job-seekers.

    I’m currently based out of India and looking for a job in Singapore. I’ve sent you a short message and attached my resume on the ‘Contact’ page for your kind perusal.

    I completed MBA from the Australian National University (ANU) in December last year.and also hold degrees in economics from Indian universities. I have around five years experience in India in market research, business planning, economic analysis.

    Could you please guide me on whether my skills, education and experience are suitable for a job in Singapore?

    Thanks and best regards,


    1. Hi Swarnava,

      You’ll only know once you start an active job search and receive feedback from the market.

  124. Dear Amit,

    Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions,i am from India seeking employment in Singapore since so many days through websites and applying jobs.I did`t get any responses from employers and agencies so far,so i decided to visit Singapore on student pass for 1 year and get through the job. I have six years of work experience in accounts and finance as a managerial level with enough educational credentials(Bachelor of commerce, professional degree from institute of cost accountants of India and Advanced diploma in management accountancy from CIMA,UK).So please advice on this whether i can get good job over there with these qualifications in one year span of time.

    Immediate response should be highly appreciated.

    Poornachandra rao

  125. Dear Amit Sir
    Your Message is absolutely Right. Iam from India now staying with my brother here . he and his wife got Singapore p.r . But That too doesn’t help to find jobs . All shops and retailers or even logistics company ask for Citizens or P.R. Last day i go for a walk in interview in a container company for general workers post as their advertisement shows no specific requirements and it was an immediate vacancy too. Then i went their but in gate the security stop me and told the vacancy is applicable to citizens , p.r and malayasian ‘s only . Iam totally disappointed on that day . I have got 30 days staying here and try to extend for one month too. Now always trying via online and direct.

    Sir do you know any manpower agency is here for helping foreigners to find jobs ??

    thanking you
    jobin paul

  126. Hi Mr. Amit,

    Thanks for the great post. I am from India and I am SEO professional with 8 years experience, I applied to job related to SEO fields to more than 100 companies which i did through job sites. Its one month now and after doing that also i never get email or response from the employer in singapore. Is it difficult to get job in singapore for foreigners now days?

    If i visit singapore for two months on visit pass can i expect to get interview response if i am physically present in singapore rather than applying form india.

    Looking for kind reply

  127. Hi Mr.Amit Puri,
    Hope you doing great and thanks for sharing such useful information on the blog.

    I am Indian and working since 3 years at China as a Consultant in jewellery field.

    I am planning to move to Singapore for empoyment, Can you please advise or suggest is it possible to get job in this field overthere ?

    I can speak English and Mandrin.

    Looking for your reply Please suggest.

    1. Most welcome Harshal. I’m glad that you like our content.

      The only way to find out is to do some research and see if relevant companies and roles exist. Check out advertisements on job sites and try some Google searches.

  128. Dear Mr Amit Puri

    Greetings. I hope you doing great.

    I did my MBA-HR in James Cook University, Singapore and had a working experience of about 1.5 years as a Recruiter in an EA in Singapore. Now I am in India. My company had cancelled my EP since the company had shut down.

    I am planning to move to Singapore again for employment. Is there any way suggestion would you like to share with me regarding my query.

    I hope I will get a reply from you.

    You have a great day ahead.

    With Regards


  129. Hi amit

    Can you tell me as to what are the academic requirements for freshers to get jobs in financial field after completing masters degree??

    1. Hi Archit,

      It varies depending on what specific roles you are looking for. One way is to have a look at profiles of people in your target jobs in Linked and see what qualifications that have.

  130. Hi Amit,

    I am looking for a management position in the disability field? Do you have any suggestions around organisations / employment agencies to target.? I am Australian, and have extensive experience in the sector.

    1. Hi Mark,

      None that come to mind specifically for that sector unfortunately

      1. Hi Amit sir,

        I request you to write a article on how to optimally utilize social networking sites like linkedin to get a proper job in Singapore.Many job hunters are unable to optimally utilize Linkedin to the fullest due to lack of awareness.


  131. Hi Amit sir,
    First of all i would like to thank you for all the useful information that you are providing. I have done my PGDM from IMI Belgium/IIPM in finance and marketing and have also done professional certifications like CFA and FRM.I have two year work experience as equity analyst.What are my chances of getting a finance job in Singapore??

    1. You’re welcome Rahul 🙂

      Hard to predict these things, since there are so many variables involved. You should get a sense of where you stand after you start applying for jobs in Singapore and interact with employers/recruiters a bit. Such feedback is the only way to know your chances and what you need to do to tilt the odds in your favour

  132. HI sir how are you i hope you are fine i need info about power plant job in singapore so i have 6 year,s expeince in power sector i have also work in iraq 2 time in power plant so can i got job in singapore esy plz sir adivce me if i come 2 month visa to singapore i can got job our not let me sir

  133. Hi Amit,

    This is Alice from Malaysia. Thank for the very useful information. I was planning to put up a few weeks in Singapore to search for jobs as I heard from my friends that it is much easier this way.

    Anyhow, I am a fresh graduate from the field of Marketing. Do you have any career options for me in Singapore? I am interested in the Hotel Industry but like what you have said. they are mainly looking for their own citizen/PR/ experienced people.

    I do also have interest in Marketing organization or banking. Please do advice me.

    Thank you in advance =)


    1. Hi Alice,

      If you can spend the time/money to stay in Singapore during your job search, then that certainly helps and makes things easier.

      You’ll find a number of jobs related to your fields of interest, where the citizen/pr requirement is not mentioned. It is also recommended to contact employers directly, using LinkedIn, Twitter and physical networking. Have a look at articles on these topics on our website, to get more info on best practices.

      All the best!

      1. Hi Amit sir,
        First of all i would like to thank you for all the useful information that you are providing. I have done my PGDM from IMI Belgium/IIPM in finance and marketing and have also done professional certifications like CFA and FRM.I have two year work experience as equity analyst.What are my chances of getting a finance job in Singapore??

      2. Hi amit sir this is Gopinath .am completed B.ECSE 2012 IN chennai Anna university and I have only 1year of exp in .NET ,SQL,C#,stored procedure . and currently am doing oracle developer and DBA course OCA certification in Singapore. Currently am working here as supervisor in one electrical company .But I want put back my carrier in IT sector here.its possible to get job here in IT and am in EP .if I apply job in job dB n job street and job rabido the employer call me and ask details if say not in IT and EP pass they saying no quota for foreigners..still I have 1year visa .within that I have to find job here in IT sector. Can you suggest me for get job here .

  134. Hi Amit, I am srilankan studying Business Administration in the USA. I really want to do an internship in Singapore and i have tried too many websites but none worked out. Is there any effective method of search you would recommend me? Do Singapore employees offer internship opportunities to international students? Please reply me. Thanks.

  135. Hi Amit,

    Very good and informative blog! Much appreciated!

    I have done my MBA from UK and have been in UK for three years, working with Shell Uk (Retail) as Area manager for retail operation. I am in a sponsorship VISA from my employer (basically from India). I am planning to migrate to singapore as my contract is getting over with my employer and do not want to extend. I also have three years of basic technical experience in computer software applications. But , I am totally into management position now.

    Can you please suggest me about my career option for my profile in singapore?
    Any reply is much appreciated. Thanks Amit!

  136. Hi Amit,
    your blog is interesting providing tips for the job seekers of singapore. I am from engineering background. i have 6 yrs of relavent experience. Currently working for HCL in chennai. I am working in networking domain. I have valid ccna certificate also. How is the job opportunity in sigapore for this domain. How can i apply for those jobs and also suggest me some of the reputed consultants .

    1. Hi Deepa, I am also from Networking back ground, started my searching . Did you get any update from him or someother way to get a job. Please let me know

    1. Most welcome Myls – Good luck with your job search in Singapore!

  137. Hey Amit,

    I have been to your blog and its quite interesting to know the facts about short term visit visa for Singapore,there few doubts in my mind want some clarification

    I have studied and done my Master in Electrical Engineering from UK and worked there for a couples year in the Offshore drilling industry,Currently i am in INDIA planning to visit Singapore, what do you suggest is

    My profession is in demand there ??
    what would be the probability getting job on visit ??
    Is employer can easily sponsor or is there any constrains ??

    I look forward to your replies

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Mohammed,

      You’ll find a few articles under the ‘News’ section of your website, with information on demand for various functions/industries.

      If an employer (especially a big company) decides they like your profile and want to hire you, then usually getting an employment pass is not a problem.

  138. Hi Amit

    I would like to know how difficult it is to find a job in Singapore on
    dependent pass. I have been in here since 2010 and very soon will be graduating
    from NTU (Master of Science in Embedded Systems). I also have 5 years of relevant
    work experience back in home country. It’s just that I took a break in my
    career because I had a baby and later decided to pursue higher studies. Would
    like to know how would Singapore based companies consider such profile? Are
    there any such company policies which work against such profiles? It’s been few
    weeks I am applying for jobs and to my surprise not getting any interview
    calls. Is it because of DP or the gap in my career? Do you have any advice for


    1. In general, it is easier to get a job if you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent resident, and have a continuous work history. Having said that, there are many jobs available for foreigners as well. I have also seen people with breaks in their employment getting good jobs in Singapore.

      So it really depends on your profile and circumstances. If you are not getting enough interview calls, then either your resume needs to be better, or, you are not going about the search in the right way, or, your profile needs upgrading.

      Perhaps you can send us your resume, so we can have a detailed look and provide some more guidance. You can use the contact form on our website for this.

  139. Hi Amit, I’ve been applying online for jobs in singapore but I never got a reply, I would like to go to singapore and look for a job .Do you think I can have higher possibilities if I go there or should I just keep trying to find something online? I cannot afford spending too much money but if there is a better chance to find a job by going there I am ready to try. Please answer. Thank you so much…

    1. Hi Natacha,

      I usually suggest applying for jobs and contacting employers directly, without visiting Singapore first, in order to get a sense of the demand for your profile. Based on the feedback you get, you can then make a call on whether a visit to Singapore would be worthwhile.

  140. Hi,

    I am Ajay. Iam currently employed with BNP Paribas global securities opereations in chennai. I am as a fund accountant. My key responsibilities are to calculate accurate NAV,s fr a client. I want to know if there is a good scope for fund accounting jobs in singapore?


  141. HI Amit!
    Please advise me. I want to live and to work in Singapore. I`m graduate technical and economic degree. I have a working experience as a marine seismic observer (oil and gas prospect deposits). Also i worked as a foreman of minor mechanization.

  142. Dear Amit, I am a medical postgraduate in pathology and am working as a consultant since last 14 years in private. i am also working as a blood bank incharge of a large maternity cum peadiatric hospital. am looking for a placement in singapore. can u please help ?

  143. Hi Amit,

    Nice article, very informative indeed.

    I relocated to Singapore last month. I am on a dependent pass that is valid for 2 years. I have 2.5 yrs of experience in ETL/IBM datastage. I have been applying for relevant jobs on job portals, but unfortunately haven’t received any interview call so far.

    Could you please suggest me some job consultancies names with whom I can register. Also, the approach I have to follow.
    Heard that Dependent pass holders can work in Singapore with a Letter Of Consent which is absolutely free of cost. Awaiting your suggestion!
    Thanks in Advance,

  144. we have been trying for singapore quite since a husband is digital media specialist and marketing specialist,,can u plz tel us is this skill in demand in singapore and what i sthe righ tway to apply..or search

  145. hi Amit, I am a fresh graduate student who does looking a job in Singapore by this may 2013. it difficult to get a job and rooms due to the immigration status barrier. any guide of how to get a pass to stay longer in Singapore? Malaysian passport normally can last long until 14 days only.

    1. Hi Sophie,

      You could apply for a visit pass to have some more time.

  146. Dear Mr.Amith,

    Iam a degree holder and foreigner ,I appied for S pass here recently.but it was Avoid first time because mistakenly I applied wrong passport details.its my fault,then they ask me to reapply it online at the same time.So im expecting a result now.Sir can u please tel normally how long it will take,I am praying always and expecting it sir.

  147. Hi Amit

    I just read your article and I found that truthfully related to my situation. I am a Hong Kong who studied in the UK for 8 years and I had a year of working off and on in HK. In the meantime, I company with my girlfriend to Singapore, as she has got a job in the NUH, and that now I am trying to look for a job. Please give me an advise for my status. Thank you so much

    My email address:

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Tim,

      Why don’t you send us your resume/background info, using the contact form on our website and I will get back to you with relevant services that might be useful for your job search in Singapore.

  148. Hi Amit

    Iam professional Medical Representative deals with pharma products marketing is there any demand for medical representatives

    1. Hi Awais,

      You’ll just have to apply/start your job search and find out. Tough to predict the demand for a particular role, since it is very individual specific. There are some reports on the expectations/demand for jobs in Singapore for various sectors that you’ll find under the News category. Might be too general for your purposes though.

  149. Hi Amith,

    Good Evening !

    I hope you are doing good and hope you should be !
    I am a graduate from commerce & i have got 4 years of experience in Customer service altogether well i am planning to apply for a job in singapore . I want to move out of India.

    Can you please suggest me how to approach there and how much percentage i will be succeed out there.

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. Hi Dinesh,

      You’ll only know your chances of getting a job in Singapore once you start applying and get feedback from the market. I can’t predict that unfortunately.

      The usual job search methods apply here as well i.e. job sites, recruiters and online/physical networking. Have a look at our job search articles for detailed tips/steps.

      All the best!

  150. Dear Amit Sir,
    i m agriculture graduate n completed my MBA in (Agribusiness) n i have one year experience as sales promoter in pesticide company .Please tell me agriculture sector job opportunities in singapore.

  151. Dear Amit
    i hold advanced diploma in fire&safety engineering&NEBOSH having 2 years of experience.I am trying to get job in singapore.But do not have idea how to go through….plz advise me genuine and proper channel..

  152. Hi Amit
    my name is vani , m from chennai, i have 4 years of experience in banking industry 2 years in HDFC BANK LTD & 2 Years in CITI BANK NA. my husband is in singapore so by april end i will be flying to singapore. just wanted to understand how do i apply for a banking job in singapore wat are the procedures for the same.
    My email id is

  153. Dear Amit,
    I am currently looking for a job in the hotel sector in Sngapore. However, it seems like the fact that I am a foreigner (Ukrainian national) makes the search quite difficult. I have relevant education and 3 years of experience as a sales representative in the hotel sales department. Could you please advise any specific hotel HR firms or web sites which are recruiting foreigners?
    Thank you for your help and consideration.
    Best regards,

    1. Hello Julia,

      I’m not aware of any firms specialising in that area unfortunately. If you search the job sites for jobs you’re interested in, you’ll get a good idea of which recruiters are advertising and handling type of jobs you are looking for.

      In addition to recruitment firms, it’s also a good idea to use LinkedIn to get in touch with employers directly.

  154. Dear Amit ,

    i am working a s Manager International Marketing handling sales and marketing of my company products in 11 countries . I now want to explore the career opportunities outside India and Singapore as usual is one of the destination i am looking at .

    Can u guide me regarding how to secure a job in Singapore since i am a Marketing person .
    Do you think recurotment consultants would be helpful ? if Yes can u suggest some ??


    1. Hi Ankit,

      It’s hard to say how helpful recruitment consultants will be. Depends on the mandates they have from employers at a particular point in time and how well you match those roles. The job search process is the same for most professions – use job sites, contact recruiters and use online/physical networking.

  155. Hi Amit,
    Really very useful informations for the foreigners who r searching jobs in singapore. I just want to know about the consultancies. how can we find a best consultancy or how can we know whether a consultancy will fraud or not?

    1. Start by aiming for the usual suspects i.e. the big international recruitment firms. When using firms that are not well know internationally, check reviews (if available) on the internet and don’t use any firms that ask you to pay them a fee or any other payment.

      1. Hi Amit,
        I need your help, i am into recruitment and live in India. I am looking for opportunities in Singapore, i tried applying through Monster, JobStreet, and JobsDB, but no result, let me know whether you can advise.

  156. Dear Amit, I am Procurement/Logistics professional wt 18 yrs of experience currently in UAE.
    Looking out for good job in GCC but no success for past 6-7 months. I would
    like to know how is the job market for Procurement/Logistics professionals in
    Singapore & Mid aged person like me hold any chance to get a job in
    Singapore as i noticed here in UAE/Gulf they give preference to young people
    aged between 25 to 35..Pls revert. Thanks & Regds

  157. Hi,
    I’m living here in Singapore on my husband’s dependent visa since last 6 months. It’s really disappointing to hear from employees that I don’t qualify for jobs as I’m not a PR. I liked the suggestions put by you for foreigners looking for jobs in Singapore. Thanks ! I have already started following your suggestions and hope to get a job soon 🙂

    1. Hi Dipika,

      You are most welcome :).

      I hope you find something suitable real soon!

  158. Hi Amit,
    I am a Law graduate from India with just 1year experience and planning to move to Singapore in matter of months for job. How is job prospect for legal jobs for foreigner in Singapore. Please help.
    Thanks and Regards

  159. Dear Amit,

    I have seen a lot of IT job in difference job portal in Singapore.
    How can I get this job or get interview, although I am now in Bangladesh but have a valid visa to come to attend interview. Would you please help me regarding this.

    Thanks / Rahman

  160. Hi Amit,


    I am a post graduate in Economics (Banaras Hindu University , India ) ,39 years of age & have an experience of 12 years , mainly as a recruiter in recruitment firm in India. Is it possible for me to get a job in Singapore ? if so what would be the salary package ?

  161. Hi Amit,
    Can I know how are the opportunities for Banking Industry. Planning to come on a Visit and trial the market. Please advise…is it fine or any risk involved.


    1. Hi Narender – not the best job market right now. However, it really depends on your job target and your background.

      As long as you don’t quit your existing job, not much risk the way I see it.

  162. Dear Amit,
    I am currently into Software development in Microsoft Dynamics Ax2012. how is the market for Microsoft Dynamics in Singapore and how bright are my chances specially when i have 2 years exerience as Automation tester and 6 months as Developer?

    1. You’ll only know your chances of getting a job in Singapore once you start applying and get feedback from the market. I can’t predict that unfortunately.

  163. Dear Amit,
    I have completed my Bachelors degree in dentistry and wish to pursue a career in Singapore. Kindly advise on the best way to find jobs that suit me, or how to make myself eligible for a work permit in SG. Thank You

    1. Hi Aneen,

      The usual job search methods apply here as well i.e. job sites, recruiters and online/physical networking. Have a look at our job search articles for detailed tips/steps.

      I’m not aware of all the requirements for practising as a dentist here. It’s best to speak with someone in the field to get a good idea.

  164. Dear Amit,

    I am an Indian Nation , done MBA (finance) currently working an as an Accountant in K.S.A. Now i want to relocate to Singapore . what is the scope for MBA (finance) in Singapore . Please suggest me from where i have to start .

  165. 2 years of experience?Most Asian countries have part-time jobs,but visas are problems,thats why you cant get job while you are in,basically its not Asian countries,most of world countries,no offense.
    Its true,who would knew that high school diploma is practically hard to get,i am optimistic no need to advice for that.Most important how you get that experience,if none of employers would accept you without it?It is shame how tough world become,not the one i knew before i graduated school.

  166. Hello Amit
    I am doing my masters in international business in Singapore. I will be graduating in October 2013. what approach should I take to find and get a job here in Singapore?
    Thank you

  167. dear amit,

    i heard there is lot chance in hospitality industry i did course and having a good experience.please advice which consultancy will be good i am living in hyderabad india thera is a chance of me to get a job and after a time period i can apply for pr please guide me

    regards waheed

    1. Hi Waheed,

      Most of the job advertisements posted on job sites in Singapore are by recruitment consultancies. So if you have a look at the ads, you’ll get an idea of the recruiters that deal with the jobs you are interested in.

  168. Thanks for this Amit. I really needed this right now. I have been here in Singapore for the past 3 weeks and have been looking for jobs. You’re right, it really isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s a good thing i have been granted an extension for my stay here. I find jobs matching my credentials almost to a T but you really need to get a little aggressive with some to get yourself out there. I hope I get one soon. Thanks again. I hope to read more from you.

  169. Dear Amit,

    I want to get in Singapore in Electronics.Can you suggest me,how to make cover letter and resume more attractive and may i have linked in networks for carrer related queries in Singapore.

  170. Hi Amit,

    I am searching for job in IT related,last year i visit to singapore (aug 2012) in that time all recruiter agency looking only Singaporeans or Permanent Residents should apply…..if u have EP then u will get the job.

    But now i am having depantdent pass,i am getting cals from consultancy they asking work in dp,they are not applying for EP? what should i do?

    1. Hi Ravindar,

      You could work on a DP as well, if your potential employer gets a Letter of Consent from MOM. One way would be to do that, so at least you get a job and then later you can talk with your employer directly about getting an EP.

  171. Hi Amit

    I am a Canadian lawyer and want to come work in Singapore, do you have any suggestions as to where I can start looking for job in the law field for foreigners.,

    1. Hi Sara,

      The usual job search methods apply here as well i.e. job sites, recruiters and online/physical networking. Do have a look at our job search articles for detailed tips/steps. All the best!

  172. Hi Amit,

    I’m a student radiographer and I will be qualifying in June this year. I will be looking to work in singapore if this is possible. My partner who is also a radiographer with 3 years experience will be moving too. Do you know of any reputable recruitment agencies? Or the best way to make this happen?



  173. Hello Amit,
    I’m Rares from Romania, Europe. I want to ask you if there is any standard CV? in Europe is euopass CV, but something tells me that the european CV will not work in Singaopre. Thanks for hell. Take care. 🙂

  174. Hi Mr. Amit,

    Have a nice day, I’m Asaduzzaman, live in Bangladesh, Diploma in Computer Science & IT Achieved overall band score 6.5 in IELTS, and have more another skills. I’m interested to getting a job in Singapore. Can you help me or suggest me how can I getting a job in Singapore ? Please mail :

  175. Respected Amit,
    I am working at Kabul International Airport. Is it Possible to get job in Singapore at Airport. Please advise me if there are chances. How can i apply for the jobs in Singapore? Thanks & Regards

    1. Hello Irshad,

      You will only know once you start applying and get feedback from recruiters/employers. You can apply for jobs by contacting hiring managers directly (using LinkedIn), using job sites (such as JobsDB, JobsCentral and JobStreet) and by contacting relevant recruiters,

  176. Hello Sir, I am Rohit, looking for Pharma Marketing jobs in any foreign countries such as singapore, malaysia etc… Could you please help me out to get some good web portals or can you guide me…. I have more than 4years experience in pharma

  177. Hi Amit,

    I am Syed Kaleem from India. I have 8 years of experience in Microsoft technologies (.Net). Past 2 years I have been searching for a job in Singapore through all possible job portals. No Luck and feel very disappointed. Please let me know the best way to get a job in Singapore. Many told me to go to Singapore and start continuing the job hunt. Is it a right way? Please advice.

    Syed Kaleemullah
    My email ID:

  178. hII

  179. Hi Sir Amit..

    just wanna ask if do you know any site that aggregates job?? the one you have mentioned in #2.. I’m from Philippines and currently looking for a job related to healthcare/nursing in Singapore.. Your answer will be a great help.. Thank you..

  180. Hi Amit,

    I am a software engineer from India with 4 years of experience in .Net technology with back end oracle and SQL server. My domain is Oil and Gas. I am looking for jobs in Singapore so that I can shift
    Could you tell me the current senario there and any scopes that I have. I as have a H1B visa valid till Sept 2015.
    Thanks for your help and guidence.

    Prachi Bhattacharya

  181. Hi, i am working in INDIA, I have 2 experience in HR. I want to get a job in Singapore. Can any one help me how to get job in singapore now? and how to start the procedure for the same.first i want to know , Is it possible to get job in singapore from
    INDIA?. Plz i am waiting for your reply…. and my mail ID:

    1. Hi Reni,

      It is possible to get a job in Singapore from India. However, your success rate will depend on your background and the demand from the market, amongst other variables.

      To learn more about the best ways to get jobs in Singapore, you can have a look at the following resources on our website:

      1. Articles/videos under the Transition & Job Search Strategy section –

      2. Our job search books –

      All the best!

  182. Hi Amit,

    A really pragmatic article on jobs for foreigners in
    Singapore! I have seen many who think that once they land here, they can
    crack a job! Thankfully I am one of those who came here only after
    getting an offer and have also been able to successfully change a job.

    I am on EP (for last 2.5 years) and my wife
    is on DP. She completed her Masters here and is now searching for a
    suitable position. Is there any particular trend on the hiring of
    persons on DP? Do DP holders have any advantage given that they can work
    on a letter of consent?

    At present, the only problem I see in
    my wife getting any interview calls is the written (and many times
    unwritten!) condition of “Singaporeans and PRs only”.

    1. Thanks Abhijit and congratulations on a successful job search in Singapore.

      Companies do still need to apply for a letter of consent for a DP holder and many times this can be rejected as well. Often, they just apply for an employment pass for the person. I don’t think a DP holder has too much of an advantage, other than being present in Singapore during their job search.

  183. Hi Amit,

    I am into IT industry for past 2 years expertise in Data warehousing field which include technical proficiency in Data warehousing tool like Informatica PowerCenter 8.6 and 9 with Unix and PLSQL as well. I am located in Bangalore and now I am looking for a switch. How shall I approach for jobs in Singapore and for my qualification is there good job market in Singapore please advice.
    I appreciate your help which you have put over here

  184. Hi Amith,

    This is Govind MBA holder and having 8 years exp in marketing,operations and general Admin looking for job in Singapore and planning to visit singapore in the month of DEC and JAN …pls advice me which month is right for searching jobs in Singapore….

    1. Hi Govind,

      December, January and February are not the best months for a job search in Singapore, because activity slow down due to Xmas/New Year and Chinese New Year.

  185. Hi, i am working in INDIA, I have 5 experience in C, Linux, and Set-top box domain. I want to get a job in Singapore. Can any one help me how the job market in singapore now? and how to start the procedure do get job in singpore? are there any consultancies to get job in singapore? first i want to know , Is it possible to get job in singapore from INDIA?. Plz i am waiting for your reply…. and my mail ID:

  186. Hi Amit,

    I got married recently and my husband is a Singapore PR. I am employed in IT in India currently, but as a start I am looking for any admin/part time jobs in Singapore so that I can land there with an EP. Could you pls tell me where exactly I need to apply, and what my chances are in securing a job within the next month?

    1. The process of getting a job in Singapore is the same as anywhere else. There are three methods you can use:

      1. Job sites

      2. Recruitment firms

      3. Online/social and physical networking

      You will find lots of information on best practices for each of these, under the Transition & Job Search Strategy section of our website -

      Good luck!

  187. Hi Amit ,

    I interested your article and your experience very useful for us. Could I ask
    your advise about our situation? We are family with a little baby (9 month)
    from Ukraine thinking about immigration in Singapore now. My husband have good experience import-export manager with port machines. We haven’t big amount money (approximately 70-100 thousant). We
    would like to buy any flat there and find a job for him. I alerted your last message concerning new law since July 2012…. and little scary… What do you think should we try? I appreciate your time!


  188. Hi Amit

    Myself Rahul from india, currently working as HR executive in a reputed IT Company,its my childhood dream to get a reputed job in singapore and to settle there itself, i tried many ways to accomplish my dream but all went on veins,,i have more than 2 yrs of experience in the same field, so can u please help in accomplising my dream…

    Thank you


  189. I am working as an investment manager in Dubai t present and even I have worked as an wealth manager in Dubai for more then 2 years.I am in Dubai from last 3 years and now looking for a Job in singapore.. Can You please suggest how can I proceed , I have total 9years experience

  190. Hi, I am Georgi from Bulgaria.I graduated industrial management and later e-business and e-management and now I am searching for job.Already I want to work outside,because in my country is using one model called “friend to friend” ,but doesn’t matter in this case.I had 6 months intership one years ago in Portugal in Erasmus and this year had experiance in programme for transport in one month in UK.

    My work experiance is really poor , but I am optimist that will find some good job for me.Singapore is one of my choices ,because really I like country,climate and high-tech development. Now I am checking what is necessary as document for work there and if is possible to take it. I read the text above and my case is the worst,I don’t have friends in Singapore ,distance between my country and Singapore is more than 11 000 km and don’t have possibility to spent money to go there and spent a few months. But have desire to try it.Iwill continue to collect information ,but want to see and other opinions by people who know what actually is there,what is possible ,if is possible to find job and what salary can expect.

    I have and alternative for UK , where according me is easier “maybe” to find job and ofcourse UK is only 2-3 hours by flight and is part of European union ,but my desire is focused to Singapore.

    So,please give me advice what to do and what is possible on this stage.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Georgi,

      It’s always great to see such an optimistic attitude!

      You never know what is possible till you try. The same applies for finding jobs in Singapore as well. You won’t know till you start your job search and give it a real good shot.

      I would be happy to help and provide some advice. Do give us a call or send an email.

      Wish you all the best!

  191. Dear Mr. Amit,

    I am Solomon S Paul From Chennai -South India. Can I get any Hotel/supervising Jobs in Singapore? Also My daughter finished Bsc Visual Comunication and my Son In Law finished one can get Job in Singapore. Our family all are poor in financial, atleast one or 2 geting job in Singapore,we can manage our Family. We are all7 people in one family. I can cook,I have experince in Security field as a Field Officer, and I can operate System.This is my qualification.I finished ITI itter .My Age is 45 But Looking 32,Good and healthy structure figure.

    I Traveled and stayed 4 months in Netherland and I Have experiance with Abroad people.

    If is not possible for getting job in Singapore.Can you can get me a links for the Restaurents?companies etc for manpower suppliying from India. I have adomestic manpower company in Chennai. If I get a direct likns with Singapore companies, I can recruite Labours from India.

    Kindly help me.

    1. Hello Solomon,

      Once you actively start looking for jobs in Singapore, you’ll get feedback from the market on how competitive your profile is. That is the only way to find out the chances of you and your daughter getting a job here. It is hard for me to make any predictions.

  192. Dear Amit,
    I have heard that there is a lot of demand for automation engineers in Singapore. Can you tell me which will be the best consultancy that I should approach to, who deals mostly on the automation engineering field apart from indeed?

    1. Hi Rinim,

      None specialising in that area that come to mind unfortunately. Most of the recruitment firms deal with a variety of industries and functions. When looking at job advertisements you might get a sense for which firms handle more of the type of jobs you are interested in.

  193. HI amit sir
    Iam Motor claims assessor/adjuster [in generel insurance sector]with 8 years exp and i noticed no of jobs in singapore in this field ,but most of the jos are PR only .i dont have PR please advice me where to start

    1. Hi Suri,

      You would need to find the jobs which don’t have the ‘Singaporean Citizen or PR’ requirement. Also you can try to apply for jobs that have the restriction but are being advertised for some time. That often means that the company cannot find the right person locally, so they will be more open to foreigners

  194. Hi Amit,

    Wanted to know few things, and will be very really helpful if you can guide me thru:

    1) I hold a work permit, thats been raised by my Indian IT Company for whom I am working with and is presently at Singapore working for its client, Can you please let me know whether I can directly apply for Job here in Singapore as I already hold a Work Permit.

    2) My wife has dependant Visa, so can she apply for Job out here in Singapore.


    1. Hi Nick,

      If I understand correctly, you’re asking if you can apply for jobs with other companies, if you already have a work permit with a company in Singapore. The answer is Yes.

      You wife can apply for jobs in Singapore as well.

  195. Hi,

    Can you please tell me whether I can apply for jobs in Other Company in Singapore. I have a work permit issued from one of the IT companie(XYZ) in India and presently working for a banking firm in Singapore ( one of the client of XYZ firm).

  196. Hi
    I am air-conditioning tech.5 years of working experience.good in english. I am also graduated.i am 24 years old.i am trying to get a job.So help me please.
    PH-85916416 ok.please.

  197. hi Amit,
    i am commerce (PG) having 1 years of experience.I am trying to get job in singapore.But do not have idea how to go through….plz advise me genuine and proper channel…

    1. Hi Deep,

      The process of getting a job in Singapore is the same as anywhere else. There are three avenues you can use:

      1. Job sites

      2. Recruitment firms

      3. Online and physical networking

      You will find lots of information on best practices for each of these on our website –

      Good luck!

  198. Hiii Mr.Amit,
    i have completed mba and 5 year experiance from Bhrain as a director of the company. one of the agent care of i got a s pass to singapore and i came to singapore by s pas but they mention Occupation ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE in the visa but i was here loading unloading and driving last three days i told them that i cant work then the agent cancel my visa yesterday (4/10/12 ) and told me i have made for you two month visit so you try any other job and he take me out from the company accommodation came out, i had paid 3.5 lakhs for agent fee now am staying as 10 doller per for room. i dont know what to do and how to find a job here.

    I believe that I can make a valuable contribution in any
    organization’s future projects and initiatives and because of my
    success in various multiple environments I am confident I can do the
    same as a member of any team.

    In my current employment as a managing director for WAAD building
    material trading w.l.l. I have achieved on average a 20% sales growth
    increase over three years. As a Director I feel that my biggest
    strengths are my ability to grow revenue per customer as well as
    retaining existing clients by motivating sales teams and ensuring they
    focus on the needs of our target audience.

    plz help me


  199. It’s not easy to mix into the multi races & religions of what Singapore already has.
    It’s a culture shock when these people comes, adapt to OUR culture, not we to adapt foreigner cultures.

    The cost of living in Singapore is getting higher and higher. Go elsewhere please.

  200. Hi Amit,
    Iam master degree in Science holder from India and have 5years experiance in warehouse and Logistics field in india .Now i want to move and settle in singapore,Pls advice & Provid us good Opportunity in warehouse and Logistics field at singapore
    Thank you

  201. Hi Amit,
    Iam Srinivas from India and have 5years experiance in warehouse and Logistics field in india .Now i want to move and settle in singapore,Pls advice & Provid us good Opportunity in warehouse and Logistics field at singapore
    Thank you

  202. Hi Amit
    Iam Ganesh from Chennai,India and have 7 years experiance in Logistics field in chennai,india .Now i want to move and settle in singapore,Pls advice & Provid us good Opportunity in Logistics field at singapore

    Thank you

  203. Hi Amit,

    I am a master degree student in Conservation. I have finished my bachelors in sculpture and painting. I am an artist and a conservator both. I want to work in Singapore, as my degree is finished. I have a fairly good resume. I am looking forward to work as a lecturer in any college. Could you tell me how to start or do I need to find someone who can help me to get me a job here.

  204. Hi Amit, I am based on Chennai and planing to travel Singapore and stay there for 6 months and search for Job in IT. Do i need to get visa before i travel or can i get it at the time of entry ? Kindly let me know. also suggest what is best visa that suits my case.

  205. Hi Amit ,
    I am a student from Australia studying part-time Bachelors of Commerce at a Local University. As i am going to finish my degree soon , i was looking for Jobs or Internships.I have 3 years experience in Customer Service/ Accounts Field, I am still finding it difficult to get a job due to the language barrier. Please advise me where to start .

    Thank You

  206. Hi Amit ,
    I am a student from Australia studying part-time Bachelors of Commerce at a Local University. As i am going to finish my degree soon , i was looking for Jobs or Internships.I have 3 years experience in Customer Service/ Accounts Field, I am still finding it difficult to get a job due to the language barrier. Please advise me where to start .

    Thank You

  207. Hi Amit,
    Currently im working in a restaurant in Sri Lanka as a cook and a kitchen helper and i have more than 5 yrs of experience about this field.
    Now I want to move and settle in Singapore. Please advise where to start

  208. Dear
    hi i am manish from india at mumbai, i had working at export company in mumbai as a labor supervisior , now my company is now company is closed. also i am a indian musician instrumental ( ( ( Sitar) playerand singing hindi, i want job in singapore, can u give me seggeation, how can possible plz rlp. i can do any type of job as a helper .
    Best regards

  209. hi Amit, i am anju Paul from India. i have 5 years experience in the field of office administration , cash and packing, i like to work in Singapore. can u help to find any jobs in i am in Malaysia.

  210. Hello,
    The replies are really very good. I am Phani Sekhar from India. I have 10 years of experience in international call centers where in 8 years is as Manager. I am coming to Singapore soon on TE pass for 3 months. Do you think I can get a job on this job experience? Kindly suggest me on this. My email id is :

  211. Singapore’s dream for foreigners has ended in July 2012 with the new EP regulations. Seem that this country is confident with the local talent (mostly Chinese probably) reason why you should seek for more job stable countries like Australia or Canada.

  212. Dear Amit sir,

    I am Ravi Singh. right now I am working Bharti Airtel as a Tech helpdesk support engineer. and I want to go singapore (Malaysia) so please tell me that what I will have to do for this. sir I am awaiting your positive Response. 

    Thanks & Regards
    Ravi Singh
    email id: ravisinghjmd@gmail:disqus .com

  213. Dear Amit Sir,

    I read ur all the answer regarding the job search at Singapore, I would like to ask you few things regarding the same as I am a sales manager based at Mumbai having nearly 17 yrs of selling experience in building materials, I am at 40 can i get any suitable job opportunity over there. 

  214. Dear Amit

    I have finished my Masters from the London School of Economics in HRM. I have been working in the capacity of Research Analyst with a Consulting firm in London and have recently secured the role of HR consultant with a large media corporation in London. I have, however asked for a fixed term contract as I want to move to and work in Singapre. What do you think my chances are of finding a job keeping in mind my credentials.

  215. sir i recently did ma diploma in hotel management i did sum aprt tym jobs aso– but i neva got any gud jobs taht was realted to my studies na ll i am livin here for like 14 months but m not satisfied yet—:((

  216. Hi Amit,

    I am an architecture graduate from Bangladesh and have 7 years work experience in architecture in Bangladesh and 3 years work experience in construction project management in Australia.
    Now I want to move and settle in Singapore. Please advise where to start.


    1. My brother worked for many years in Singapore as an Architect. He has begun his own business now in Shang Hai but is going back soon to Singapore. He couldn’t get work when he first graduated in Australia and needed to become registered and hence he went to Singapore. I think he found it quite easy back then to get work and he loved the lifestyle. He specialises in large projects like hotels and hospital etc. I think you will find it easy with your background from what I have heard but I’m not sure where you start from. Goodluck

    2. My dear sister, why do you want to live alone in Singapore. Get married and work if your hubby prefers to to live in Singapore as well.

  217. Thank u sir for sharing ur valuable information. Recently i have completed graduation(B.A Hons in ENGLISH) If  i want to get a good job in SG. How will i process it? or How my subject will help me.

  218. hello sir , thanks for sharing such informative and useful article, i am a graduate (BTech-IT) going for MBA-MIT dual degree  from James cook university Singapore  . I just want to know that do a local degree will boost  my chances of getting a high paying job in Singapore .

    1. Most welcome Hari.

      That depends on a number of variables (university, course type, job market, etc.) and it hard for me to answer.

      The best indication is to see previous placement records for the course you are studying and to speak with alumni.

  219. Hi Amit,

    This is rajasekar from chennai,india.I’m having 5 yrs of experience in software testing(manual&automation) and i’m looking for same in singapore.Can u guide me how to get job in singapore?….i’m ready to move singapore for attending interviews…..Please help me to find a job in singapore….

  220. Hi Sir Amit.
          thanks for sharing the article 
     by Ms. Lisa Burke. It is very timely in my situation since I’m currently looking for a job here in Singapore. Being a foreigner who’s been here for 4 days now, I’m basically torn between waiting for feedback on my applications or seeking the help of a recruiter (which according to most people I’ve spoken with) will entail a certain amount of fee. I would just like to ask your thoughts about this (considering the questions I’ve asked of you about this application journey) – would I be better off seeking the help of a recruiter but paying rather than spending my time submitting tons of applications but for free

    1. Hi Arsie,

      While some recruiters might ask for a small ‘processing fee,’ the vast majority of them DO NOT charge job seekers anything. They get their fee from employing companies, once a hire is made.

  221. Hi Sir Amit,
     I just came across your page while I’m browsing some jobs and I find your tips very informative and useful for these tips, thank you. I just landed in Singapore yesterday to look for a job, but before I went here, I already sent my application to various portals and sites with singaporean details like address and phone number (I’m from the Philippines). My background is with customer service primarily handling financial accounts. I was affiliated with JP Morgan Chase and just recently with Citigroup handling Australian accounts. The sad new is that until now I haven’t had any response from my applications. Any tips that I can do? I’m planning to search for a job for 1 month. thanks

    1. Hello Arsie,

      With job boards it’s really a volume game. You need to send in enough applications to get a response. As a thumb/general rule, if you send 40 applications, you can expect to hear back from 3-4.

      In addition to job sites, you need to try approaching recruiters and engage in online/physical networking as well. You then cover all the job search methods available. Have a look at these articles for more information: 

      Wish you all the best!

  222. hi Mr.Amith,please help husband doing Singapore related degree in our country and he can go final year to Singapore and finish his degree on Jan 2013.I have a degree and im looking to apply Singapore EP.finally we wants to settle down in there.Please advise us to how to reach our goal.

    1. Hello Chatufm,

      To get jobs in Singapore, I would suggest that:

      – you spend enough time behind the job search. approximately 2-4 hours a day.

      – use all job search methods available, including job sites, social networks and recruitment agencies.

      – read the articles in our Insights >  Transition & Job Search Strategy section to get more detailed tips & tricks.

      You cannot apply for an EP before you get a job. Once a company decides to hire you, they will apply for the EP for you.

  223.  Hi Amit
    I’m a ACCA member with 5 years experience in Sri lanka ,like to find a job in Singapore.
     my email- ramidula@yahoo:disqus .com
    Please help me for this


  224. Dear Amit,                                                                                                                                                                                                 I would like to ask if you can help me to a job here in singapore i came here to search for a job but until now i cant find i am a Bs. Pharmacy graduate in the philippines any jobs related to health will do ,hoping for your response.

  225. Dear Amit,

    Please advise me on the questions below,

    1).  I am an indian national, currently living in KSA, and looking
    for jobs in RF engineering, Electronics, Telecoms they all belong to my
    field of education, although i dont have experience in it. Now, I can
    come to singapore on WHP pass for six months to work and find job as
    well. Would you suggest me to go ahead with it?

    2) Does normally employers in singapore offer work permit quite easily like in UAE or is it difficult? ( for the above profile).

    3) How much does it cost monthly if one lives in singapore including
    food expenses, and , here I am not talking about eating out everyday,
    just to eat at home? for example, if one lives in sharing where he/she
    pays for rent including food, how much does it cost?

    4) six months of WHP pass, is it enough to find job in Singapore?

    5) Finally, if I get employement in singapore under WHP program, how much time it will take to get PR.

    NOTE: My qualification is MSc Communications sytems Engg – United Kingdom.

    Your advice means a lot for me , Please help.Thanks in advace.

    1. Hi Goodie,
            Nice to know about your plans. I am Sheetal from Mumbai and wanted answer your one query about living expenses is Singapore. Many of my friends lives in SG and being in contact with them, I at least know staying (preferably in hostel) and food expenses per month will be at least $ 300 to $ 500 per month (including few days of outside food).  But overall depends on your expenses. This is normal expenses one need in pocket for stay and no one can guarantee about specific expenses of any person.
          Hope this will be helpful to you. 🙂

  226. Hi Amit,

    Reading your article has given me an idea of employment opportunities in Singapore, Thanks you. I am planning to do my MBA in Singapore and settle down there. Is there any employment problem in Singapore and is Singapore a good choice to study.

    How is the career development in Singapore ?



  227. Hi Amit,
    This is a great article. I hope to read all the comments but I’m very
    busy looking for a job. I hope someone could just hire me right away. Just
    Kidding.I have total 3 years of experiences  I’m currently working in Maersk Global Services  destination as vessel coordinator in shipping export section for 1 year  and i have 2 year experiences in Barclays bank as customer services executive . I’m very much interested to work in Singapore . If you could refer me
    here’s my email
    itpraveenkumar@gmail:twitter .com
    God bless us all job seekers!
    The best of luck.

  228. Hi Amit,
    Your Article is really informative for Job hunters. Besides,  Its very Painful process and try your patience really hard. I hold around 4yrs of exp. in Marketing Communications and I everyday see plenty of openings on job portals. But huge obstacles for me are Local language and my Dependent Status. Its been 3 months now and I received only 2 calls from Placement Agency so far who then never returned to me.

    It would be helpful if you put up some tips for DP holders, too.

    Thank you in advance,
    Vrunda M

    1. Hi Vrunda,

      I will write an article with tips for Dependant Pass holders soon (hopefully in the next week or so).

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  229. Hi Amit,

    This article is very insightful and very useful, thanks. I was just wondering how the real estate industry is in Singapore and if they allow foreign licensed real estate brokers to practice in Sg.

    Thank you,


    1. Thanks Patricia.

      I’m not very familiar with the requirements to become a real estate broker Singapore. 

      However, I do know a few foreigners who are brokers in Singapore, so it certainly is possible.

      You could try contacting the relevant government agency for more information and also try getting in touch with some brokers in Singapore for advice.

  230. Dear Amit,

    I have a dream since
    childhood to live in this country so to pursue my dream I have quit my job to explore
    various job opportunities.

    I am a graduate, female, age 39
    yrs. from India (Mumbai) having 14.8 yrs of experience in admin support and in
    my last job I held the Designation of Manager – Administration.

     It’s been 2+ months since I quit my job and I am
    spending nearly 4 hrs everyday applying for jobs in Singapore at JobsDB,
    Monster, EFinancial, etc. In the month of March alone I have applied for more
    than 4,000 jobs.  One company even called
    me to Singapore for an interview at my own expenses and they rejected me to
    find my experience to be very high. There are companies who show real interest but
    on knowing my Singapore work status they turn me down saying it will be very
    hard to process my work permit for this job scope.

    I need to understand…

    Where have I gone wrong is it my approach, my drafting of
    Resume or Covering letter?

    Are there some other job portals where I should be

    Is it really not easy to get a job in admin even when I
    am ready to join at a junior level?

    Sir, I have tumbled
    upon this site and got in touch with you is definitely for a right reason. You
    will not believe just this morning I had prayed to god to guide me to see the
    correct approach to this job and here I am writing to you for guidance. Please
    guide me.

    Thanks & regards

    1. Hello Chinmaya,

      – I recommend using, since it includes all Singapore job sites and many employer job portals in one place.

      – 4,000 jobs in Singapore is a lot! Are you applying for jobs even if they request that only Singapore PRs and Citizens should apply?

      – You could try focussing your efforts on contacting employers directly using social media tools like LinkedIn and Twitter. Do have a look at relevant articles we have written on how to do this.

      – Why are you applying for jobs for which you are overqualified?

      I noticed that you sent us an email with your resume as well. I will have a look and provide some feedback on that.

      1. omg! if indians shits  live there i will never work there :)))))
        this is my rules no indians and happy world 😀

  231. Dear Amit, It is great and very useful article.  This is Vinayagam from Chennai, India.  I have 7 years experience in Java/J2EE technology in Banking domain and looking for Singapore opportunity more than a year through some job portals like “jobsdb ,jobstreet, naukri, monster”. But no luck so far. 

    I am planning to find any suitable consultancy for any lower level jobs using S pass and from there I am planning to search openings in Singapore.  Though I have a confident to n find a job in a month period time. But I am having confusing, is the right way to do it. What are all the difficulties/drawback on my plan.

    Vinayagamoorthi R

  232. Hello amit ,

    First of all thank you very much for your valuable inputs for job searching . expecting much more value addition from your side . great work ! i myself vigneshwaran , finished my B TECH in fashion technology and havin 2 yrs exp . interested in working in singapore and i have been to singapore once in short term visit pass for job searchin bt unfortunately couldnot find any . i tried wit registering with recruitment consultancies and even then no use . now i am eager to shift to singapore and ready to work hard to find a suitable job . wat are your sugestion towards it ? if i want to register in consultancies wat sort of agencies you would recommend ? not alone job in fashion/garment/textile comprising the retails also i am ready to take up any conducive job as you said “It is important to first get your foot in the door ” . any possibility of meeting you in ur office ? kindly help me . thanks in advance !

  233.  hi amit….
    i reached singapore on 20th in visit visa for one month…..the purpose is as usual to find job i finished my B.E (e.c.e) 2010 passed out … today is may 2nd  already 10 days gone……till nw i didnt even step to company for a  interview too…till nw am daily applying in all online sites like jobstreet,jobscentral,jobsdb… and daily seeing the straight times cats recruit and am applying too..   i said to all ma relatives regarding my job matter,  i jus went too three consultancy and i gave ma resume tats it …tis wat i did in this 10days……please guide me where am lacking what should i do to find a job in another 20 days which i have……..

  234. Great Topic! My point of views this article is very interesting
    and informative for youth. And I also know Singapore is very charming and
    beautiful country in nature. I have some low info on SINGAPORE FOREIGNERS JOBS!!


    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for the details, really helpful.

    I have an overall experience of 6.5Yrs in IT-Banking Domain,
    working as a Business analyst (BA) for an Indian IT giant currently deputed to
    Sydney. I have been working in Sydney for around 2Yrs now and am on the verge
    of completion of my assignment, thereby, will be travelling back to India by
    Mid May.

    I have long term aspirations to settle down in Singapore and
    I currently possess the Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) for
    Singapore. I have been applying through various Job portals (JobsDB,
    eFinancial, Monster, JobStreet, etc) consistently for the last 2months for a BA
    profile. I am planning to stay back in Singapore for around 2weeks during my
    transit to India. Needed your quick advice on the following:

    What are the Job opening scopes for a BA?

    What should be my Action items during the 2weeks
    stay in Singapore?

    Should I approach Consultancies physically for a
    quick catchup?

    Any other advise?

    1. 1. What are the Job opening scopes for a BA?

      It’s person specific, so can’t really comment on that. You should get a feel for the demand for your background when interacting with recruiters/employers though.

      2.   What should be my Action items during the 2weeks stay in Singapore?

      2 weeks will go by very fast. So try and fix as many meetings/interviews as possible, before you arrive. I would suggest trying to contact people and hiring managers in your companies of interest directly, using social networks like LinkedIn. You can search for relevant articles on our website, to help with that. 

      Try contacting a few recruiters before you arrive and apply for jobs on their sites as well. Try Twitter is useful also to get on a recruiter’s radar.

      3.  Should I approach Consultancies physically for a quick catchup?

      I don’t recommend walking into a recruitment agency’s office without an appointment. Most of them do not entertain walk-ins.

      1.  Thanks Amit.

        Does having a EPEC play a important role in the selection process?

      2. It did give an indication to employers that the Employment Pass would be approved.

  236. Dear Amit:

    I completed my M.Tech (HRD) in 2010. Then I started my career with one IT Consult as HR Exe (Recruitment) for APAC region (we have clients in SG and Malaysia), even I went to singapore for one month to my head office over ter. Totally I ve total 2 yrs of exp in Recruitment and Training. Next month I planned to visit singapore. Is it feasible for my qualifiaction and exp to get a job in HR domain.. Please give ur valuable suggestions…

    1. You will only know how feasible it is for you to get a job in Singapore, once you start your search and get feedback from the market.

    1. Hi Nadeemzeb,

      Yes you can.

      Any reason in particular, why you think you might not be eligible to apply for jobs in Singapore? I can then address that specifically.

  237. Hi  Amit,

    Hope you are fine, My query to you is if  any job sources for me in Singapore, I had completed my MBA with Marketing as specialization (2009-2011), currently I am working as a International marketing consultant for a top corporate Hospital group in Hyderabad, AP. I am planning to visit Singapore in the next month, Please guide me to get a job in Singapore  with your valuable suggestion. Also please guide any good consultancies which provide jobs for expatriates in Singapore.

    Expecting for a positive feedback…….
    Thank you….

  238. Hi

    I am working with telecom company GTL Ltd. last 7 year as a project coordinator. i have done diploma in Electronic and communication. i want to do work in Singapore. Plz suggestion me.

    Br//Amit Kumar Kaushik

    1. You’d need to be a bit more specific with your question Amit4338. In what areas of the job search are you looking for suggestions?

  239. Dear Amit,

    This is Lopa here. I am in Singapore since Feb,2012, exploring job oppertunity here. I have total 9yrs of experience in IT out of which 3yrs into project management in insurance domain. I keep on applying around 10-20 application almost on everyday, but unfortunately things are not working out. Haven’t even got an interview scheduled in these 2.5 months. There are JDs which so much matches with my profile and these are also not exclusively for PRs or Singaporeans. However, I don’t get calls even for these openings. Could there be a reason that my approach is not correct? I have registered in all the prominent job sites as well as in some of the headhunt agenices. Currently I am here on Dependent Pass. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Lopa,

      If your background is a good match for the jobs and the PR/Singaporean restriction doesn’t apply, then either:

      1). Your resume and cover letters need improvement. You can send us your documents using the contact form on this website and we’ll provide you with some feedback.

      2). You need to try other job search methods, such as contacting a few recruiters and online networking. There are lots of articles on our site with detailed guides for this, which you’ll find useful. Try searching using terms such as ‘recruitment’ ‘linkedin’ ‘networking’ to get some relevant ones.

  240. Dear Amit 

    I am into website designing and development running my own small  business in india . Looking for opportunity to work in singapore . My wife already working in singapore got the SPass .
    But her company not applying for my dependent pass . I have applied jobs here but all posting have requirment of Singapore PR. One company offered me you use our office and take the website design work and send it to india . They will going to apply for extension of my social visit pass and when they will get the website design projects they will apply for mine Emplaoyement pass .

    Please advice what to do ?? bit confused 

    1. Hi Mitesh,

      Thanks for your comment.

      It would be great if you could be more specific on the advise you are looking for?

      At the moment I’m not sure what your question is.

  241. I personally think that not in Singapore every country
    always prefer their own permanent residents first. No one able to trust easily
    any foreign applicants. But I must say that Singaporeans have really strict
    rules for foreign applicants rather than any Singaporeans.

    1. Hi John,

      I agree.

      All countries give preference to locals and that makes sense.

  242. dear amit
     i am a 3d artist with 4 yers of exp.
    i am willing to cum to singpore for masters in my feild.
    can u tel me wat r my chances of getting job there after studing there.
    plz help..
    thanx in advance

    1. Hi Partth,

      I have no idea what the chances are, of you finding a job in Singapore. That depends on way too many things and I can’t predict the future (unfortunately 🙂 ).

      What you need to do is to:

      1. Short list a few courses/institutions in Singapore, where you would like to pursue your degree.
      2. Get in touch with them to find out details of historical job placements. Most will have lots of information on this, which you might even be able to access from their website.
      3. Ask them for contact details of a few alumni who you can talk with to find out how the course was and how easy it was to get a job after.

      Good luck!

  243. Dear Amit, Thanks for the above. I am a Chartered Accountant (ACA, India) presently working in Dubai, UAE. I was planning to visit Singapore for 4 – 5 days to check about the employment opportunities there. How ever after reading your article, I have decided not to do that. Now my plan is to build networks through websites like Linkedin and try to get one or two interview calls – which I can come and attend in Singapore. How is the market for Finance/ Accounts? Are foreigners welcomed in these areas? 

    1. Hi Vinod,

      Yes, it is a good idea to test the market a bit first and ideally have a few meetings lined-up before you visit Singapore. 4-5 days will go by real fast.

      Financial services is big in Singapore and foreigners are certainly welcomed in the industry.

  244. I am currently working in Canon,Japan working as a VLSI Engineer.I am thinking to relocate to Singapore.Can you please suggest me the procedure.

  245. Hello,

    I am cameroonian, I would like to go live in Singapore.
    1- I want to know if i need visa or not for Singopore?
    2- What are jobs possibilities there?

  246. HI,

    Myself sachi & i did my MSc in Microbiology. I had 1 year experience in microbiology lab as Lab incharge & aware of all microbiological tests, standards, ISo 17025 and along with this i had 2.5 years of experience as QA in charge, which includes BRC, ISO 9001:2008, HALAL, MSC. I am very well aware of EU, US & Japanese regulations.

    Now i m looking to work in singapore for the same positions. Can you help me in this? If you have any suggestion please send me a mail on

    1. Hello Sachi,

      We do have job search services that you might find useful.

      It’s hard to give detailed advice through comments :), but in general I would suggest that:

      – you spend enough time behind the job search. approximately 2-4 hours a day.
      – use all job search methods available, including job sites, social networks and recruitment agencies.
      – read the articles in our Insights >  Transition & Job Search Strategy section to get more detailed tips & tricks.

  247. Hi,
    I’m applying for the position Accounts Executive or other related job on Accounting and Admin. I have 7 years experience as an Accounting Supervisor in the Philippines. I am proficient in maintaining all sets of accounts and using Microsoft Office and Accounting Software as well. I have all-in package with regards to Accounting work starting from analyzing source document up to interpreting financial data. I have good communication skill developed in liaise with internal and external auditors. My work as an Accounting Supervisor is multi tasking, I do admin and operational job like payroll, submission of collection list to government agencies, support operation during peak season like posting as receptionist and kitchen crew. I am hardworking, eager to learn, open minded and result oriented.

    If you are interested with me you can reply in this article and will give you my details.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Analyn,

      We don’t provide employment agency services, so I can’t place you in a job in Singapore.

      We focus on career and job search counselling/advisory, to help people finds Singapore jobs quickly.

      1.  Dear Amit,

        Please advise me on the questions below,

        1).  I am an indian national, currently living in KSA, and looking for jobs in RF engineering, Electronics, Telecoms they all belong to my field of education, although i dont have experience in it. Now, I can come to singapore on WHP pass for six months to work and find job as well. Would you suggest me to go ahead with it?

        2) Does normally employers in singapore offer work permit quite easily like in UAE or is it difficult? ( for the above profile).

        3) How much does it cost monthly if one lives in singapore including food expenses, and , here I am not talking about eating out everyday, just to eat at home? for example, if one lives in sharing where he/she pays for rent including food, how much does it cost?

        4) six months of WHP pass, is it enough to find job in Singapore?

        5) Finally, if I get employement in singapore under WHP program, how much time it will take to get PR.

        NOTE: My qualification is MSc Communications sytems Engg – United Kingdom.

        Your advice means a lot for me , Please help.
        Thanks in advace.

  248. Hi,

    This is a great article. I hope to read all the comments but I’m very busy looking for a job. I hope someone could just hire me right away. Kidding. I’m currently in SG and a specialist in Customer Service mainly Telecommunications and Health Care Insurance. If you could refer me here’s my email
    God bless us all job seekers!
    The best of luck.

    Ann =)

    1. Thanks Ann :). There are quite a few comments in this article.

      It’s good to see that you are spending a good amount of time on your job search and I hope things work out for you real soon!

  249. Hi,
    I am here in Singapore on dependent pass. i am having 5+yrs experience in Pharmaceutical Industry. Looking for a job from last 1 year but did not get any opportunity.


    1. 1 year! 

      That’s quite a bit Sonia. How exactly are you going about your job search?

  250. Dear Amit
    hope you are doing well. i would like to do masters in social work from NUS, singapore.i want to know is there any job prospect after completing the study.
    waiting for your reply.
    thank you very much in advance.
    take care.

    1. Hi Sushama,

      You would need to ask the university for these details. Also check if they can put you in touch with alumni (or alternatively find some through social networks), to ask them what types of jobs people got after graduation.

  251. Hi Amit

    Your article is very insightful.Thank for the info.I am from Ghana and will be in Singapore on march 21st,2012.I need your help.I have a degree in Chemistry and a teachers certificate.i want a job as a science or chemistry teacher.I have about 5 year of teaching experience.
    i will like to be in touch with u.let me know also if the are any job openings you are aware off.

    My email is
    Hope to hear from you.

  252. hi! I’ve been working as a store manager for almost 3 years. i plan to go to Singapore to look for a job. by any chance could you recommend me or do you know any job that is available. i’m a college graduate (BSN). please do email me tnx.

  253. Hi Amit..
    thank you for very informative article.. i will be going to singapore on march 21,2012. HOpe to find better carrer out side my country Philippines..
    ive been working for 5 years in Kingdom of saudi arabia, im equiped in Hotel and Restaurant management.

    Please do let me know if you have any available jobs that will best fit my qualifications.

    Thank you.

  254. hi amit
    this is manikandan from tamilnadu..i have finished my B.Sc chemistry and ave one year exp as a quality i finished my B.Tech chemical engineering.i plan to go singapore for searching job by tourist visa..can i get job for my qualification..plz give some suggestion to mail id is


  255. Hi, Respected sir I had done MBA in Marketing /Hr and want to come to Singapore through Consultants he is assuring me that i will definitely got some job in hotel. kindly suggest me by which Pass i can get job and easy settlement in Singapore Please reply at my email id .I shall be very thankful to you for this kindness.

  256. Hi, i have got experience in accountancy and audit and I will be in singapore in March,
    Mr Amit and the team kindly help me in getting the job over there.


  257. Hi

    My name Candy and age 25yrs studying in Singapore and will be completing by end May 2012. As such, I am seeking for employment in Singapore. I am studying Advanced Diploma in Business Management. I have 5 yrs working experience in an Import & Export Trading Co. I wrote tenths of resume but no respond. Hence, any kind soul out there will help or guide how to go about getting a job here. Many thanks of your help.

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. Hi Candy,

      Are you applying for jobs that closely match your qualifications/experience? How many applications are you making in a day?

      Are you using social networks, especially LinkedIn as well?

  258. Hi there..

    I am currently in Singapore. I arrived last February 11 in hope to find a better career out side my country, Philippines.

    I’ve been working for 5 years now and have strong background in Sales, Marketing, Events Management & Customer Service..

    I had several interviews with direct companies already but most of them are asking me for a fee to process my work permit.

    I already extended my pass till April. Please do let me know if you have any available jobs that will best fit my qualifications.

    Thank you.

  259. Dear Amit,

    I am currently based out of India. My last assignment was with a small Boutique Corporate Advisory firm in India.

    My profile is closer to the entry level analyst and I don’t want to be too specific in my job search in Singapore. I have composed my resume and it is suited for an Investment Banking Associate/Analyst kind of openings.

    I want to know what are the changes I should make to the Resume and Covering Letter to appear flexible (suitable for other banking/research jobs also).

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi Karan,

      Depending on your job targets, you could probably have 3-4 different versions of your resume when applying for jobs. Each resume should focus on showing how you meet the key requirements to perform well in a particular job type.

  260. Hi,

    I have Master in Aviation Management and I am Australian citizen. I am planning to relocate to Singapore as my husband is sent there for work. I will try to get work permit before I arrive in Singapore and will start looking for jobs there.

    I am interested in Aviation industry – airlines, industry regulators or other aviation service providers.

    My question is:
    Do these type of companies require the candidates to hold Singaporean Citizenship/PR or they also welcome foreigners with work permit to apply as well? Do you think I will be able to find a job just with Work permit?

    Thank you and looking forward to your response


  262. Hi
    Im here in the Phils and im already submitted my resume thru online luckily 3 companies replied and sked me for interview. Jas wanna ask if I have a big chsnces thst I can get a job in Singapore though I am a tourist if I will decide to go to Singapore.


    Ria viajar Uy

  263. Hi
    I am in Singapore working in construction under work permit
    Now I want to work in hotel or restaurant here, as I have degree
    In hotel management certificate n have an 3 year of working experience
    In best of the 5 star hotels in India. I want to know if I can change my
    Job and, if yes then is there any consultant who can help me or how do
    I proceed.

  264. Dear Sir,
    I am an B.Sc.Electrical engineer with 6 years experience from Bangladesh,Now I am planning I will come Singapore by visit visa and start searching for job, So please advice me regarding my plan.

    Have a nice day


  265. Hi Amit,

    Request you to please let me know how much expensive Singapore is?

    I have got a job offer from Singapore. I am just worried about monthly expenses (Rent, Food etc)in Singapore.

    And what are the things shall i take care of.

    Thanks & Regards

  266. Hi,
    I am a fresh engineering graduate from India.I recently moved to Singapore with my husband.I am a DP holder.How are my chances of getting a job here? I am flexible to any kind of jobs.Is ther any short term courses which provide me job oppurtunities?
    Please help me out.

  267. Dear sir,

    I have 3 years experience with CNC Machinist.Presently working with workpermit in Schlumberger (singapore) and looking for S pass jobs.

  268. Hi,
    Thanks Amit Puri for a very informative article.
    Can anyone suggest me some good recruitment agencies for experienced Healthcare IT profesionals for senior roles?

    I have done my B.E(Medical Electronics) and M.Tech(IT) and currently have 10+ years of experience in High-end Healthcare Informatics.
    Thanks and Regards,


  269. Hi I am a graduate in civil engineering & post graduate in construction maangement. I am visiting singapore on March. Is there any chances of getting a job there? how is the construction industry there? Is there any specific requirements??

  270. Hello Amit,

    My name is Aleya and i am staying in singapore since one year and till now i have not got any job .Everyday i apply for many jobs online but get no response. I am a graduate and have 4.5 years of experience in Human resource. I am here on dependent pass and my husband is holding EP. I am desperately looking for a job. If you can advice something that would be of great help.
    I am open for any hr, admin , back office or retail position.

    Aleya Bhattacharjee

  271. Hi Amit,

    Iam Neha Singh, I did my BTech(computer science) from India and currently I am doing Masters MSc in computing and information technology from UK Northumbria University. I have completed all my semesters and doing my final stage dissertation. I will finish my degree in May 2012. I do have 1.5 yrs of experience in IT industry.

    Iam looking for job in computing or information technology sectors.
    Will I be able to get suitable job in Singapore? I am planning to move Singapore in May 2012.

    Can you suggest me suitable way to move to Singapore. Am I eligible to apply for EPEC?

    Awaiting your response.

    Neha Singh

  272. Hi Amit,

    Greetings for the day!

    My name is Rishi and I am an EPEC holder. I come from Mumbai, India and I am currently in Singapore and have been applying for jobs since 3 weeks but still no response. I did stop by once and handed over my resume to a professional in a bank. I come from a background of Marketing and Customer Service. I have pursued my Masters in International Business from Australia. I have proven experience working with Audi Automobiles and have worked for 1.5 years in Australia in customer service. My LTVP is valid till May 2012. Do you think I should be patient and wait for more and try more, as staying here is expensive? Or should I go back to my country ?

  273. Hi Amit, I am a foreign student, and have just completed my MBA in Singapore from EASB. presently I am desperately looking for jobs but it don’t seem to work out applying online.
    I have work experience of 2yers as an operations executive in India and 6 months work ex as a student trainee in my college.
    I am interested in talking up any job position in Management field or Finance and Sales
    please advise if there is any thing suitable for me.

  274. Hi Amit,
    Nice to e-meet you here.
    I am working as online advertising account manager in Internet(website) industry and in China. and i was working as AE for Ogilvy&Marther, one of the best advertising agencies.

    Now I’m applying the Master degree in Marketing Communications at De LA SALLE university in Manila, Philippines. I would like to find a job in Singapore. Is it difficult to find a job related to Marketing or Communications?
    Thanks and Regards

  275. Good day!

    I am currently doing my Master of science in Economics and Finance of Aging and Pensions at the University of Tilburg in The Netherlands and I am wondering what the chances are of finding a job in a pension-fund or Insurance company for fresh graduates in Singapore?

  276. Hi Amit,

    I have just moved to Singapore from London in search of a Job. i have a dependent pass. I have my MSc and BSc degree in international relations. I have one year working experience as a business development officer/client relations officer in a bank and other experiences as trainee administrator and consultant.
    please what are my prospects in Singapore and what kind of companies should i be applying to?

    thank you.

  277. Hi,

    I am interested in taking up teaching profession. Request you to kindly provide more information about the requirements necessary to join as a trainee or as a teacher in Singapore. I have 2 years of teaching experience in a Degree College in India. Also I have 3 yrs of teaching experience in a School in Chennai(India).

    I hold a Dependant pass in Singapore and My Husband hold an Employment Pass. I have completed Master of Computer Applications(MCA), from Indira Gandhi National Open University, India.

    Thanks and Regards.

  278. I just wanted to reiterate my earlier comment, to address all the questions which follow the format:

    “I am working as _________ in _________ industry and in _______ country. Please provide advice/suggestions/ideas/opportunities for getting a job in Singapore for foreigners”

    To answer the question -> To find a job in any place (including Singapore), the things you need to do are:

    1) Do some initial research to get information on your target job/sector (requirements, prospects, etc), types of visas, procedure for visa application, etc. Make any required preparations accordingly.

    2) Prepare a good resume/cover letter and practice your interview responses.

    3) Search and apply for jobs on local/niche job boards.

    4) Contact recruiters/employment agencies to see if they can help.

    5) Contact hiring managers and other people in your target companies directly. Use your existing contacts for this and also engage in online networking, using tools like LinkedIn.

    6) Diligently track/monitor all your job search activities, so you know what’s working and what isn’t. Change your approach accordingly.

    7) Keep getting feedback from the market i.e. whenever you manage to speak with a recruiter or hiring manager ask them how competitive your background is, get suggestions for companies/roles you could target, ask what you need to do in order to be more competitive (e.g. get a particular certification), etc.

    8.) If you are not seeing much success, then it might make sense to put the job search on hold and based on the feedback you get from the market, do whatever needs to be done to become a competitive candidate.

    I can’t provide all the trips and tricks to search for jobs in the most effective way through a comment. However, if you look under our transition and job search insights, you will find many detailed articles/videos there to help.

    You might find our job search books useful as well. They are detailed and Singapore specific, with all the information you would need to conduct a quick/effective job search in Singapore [click here]

    Hope this helps.

  279. Hai Amit,

    I am looking for such a site,thanks for providing this.
    Currently it is very difficult to get a government job in our country(India).So after trying a lot I decide to leave and to get a Job overseas.My choices are Singapore and Dubai.My first preference is Singapore.Can you please tell the chance of getting a Job there with my qualifications.I will try for a maximum of 6months or If I try I will get or not.
    -Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (India)
    -With 2years Experience in.
     Testing mechanism elements using Universal Testing Machine (UTM).
     Inspection of Aerospace components using 3-D Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).
     Generation of design drawings and 3D modeling using Autodesk
     Handling stores and record keeping
     Preparing monthly report of team activities

    How to search a job there from India.One of my friend’s friend is working there,He can help me or not.If help how?

  280. Hi,

    I have planned of visiting Singapore with the Visiting pass next week (mid of Feb).

    I have 6 yrs of experience in networking. Pls suggest..
    Is this the current time to come there and search for a job. Can u pls help me out..

  281. dear amit,

    hi there i just came last Feb.2.2012 for a visit but i have 1 month here to stay . First and formost I really wnt to work at Singapore since the environment is good. I am graduated of Industrial Engineer but shifted my career to banking and finance when I go to Dubai for 5 Years. Can you advise me how can I easily find job here at Singapore I really need one.

    Thanking you for immediate response

  282. Hi Amit,

    I’m Indian and I have solid 5-6 years of experience in customer service. Currently i’m working as a Associate Team Leader in one of the MNC in Chennai.

    Do let me know the chances of finding a Job in Singapore.
    Please do contact



  283. Hi Amit,

    Iam indian and and i have solid 3.5 years of experience in quality assurance areas relevant to manufacturing sector.I have tried through several job portals in sg and have come back empty handed.what are the chances of getting a job related to my sector if i come down there and start searching for a job on a visiting visa????Please advice..Please mail me on
    This website has been of lot of help to me.Thanx a lot for the useful information posted here

    1. Hi Rohit,

      Unfortunately I really can’t predict your chances of finding a job in Singapore, since there are too many variables involved.

      Before you visit, it is better to get some feedback from the market on the demand for your background and also setup a few exploratory meetings/interviews. In addition to job sites try using LinkedIn for this.

  284. Hi
    Im janet looking for job,but im working us a sales lady at BHG shopping mall at Tampines.And now im started looking for new job.Im Study for 2 years in phillipines.I hope you can help to find new job..Just contact my number 82716771 our e-mail me

  285. hi amit,
    i am kenyan and i would like to work in singapore.i have a degree in economics business and cpa from kenya.
    i have over 5 yeras experience in oil and gas in finnace.
    i am looking for a job in it possible to help email is

  286. My name is sushant and I have 5 years of exp as oracle DBA. Can someone let me know any pointers for jobs in singapore for foreigners? my contact no is +919665015744

  287. Hello there,

    I am in India. And I am looking for a job since one yr. I am using Jobstreet / jobscentral / ST701 / JobsDB since then in Bio Technology related section.

    I have a Girlfriend that is Singaporean. And I wanna find a job in Singapore so we can be together. Send out over 150 applications. And I get no replies.

    It’s really hard for a foreigner to find a job. I don’t know who ever told me it’s easy. Because it ain’t.

    I have been working in India in an BT( Lifeceicenc ) company for over 1 years. And it was kinda said when I quit my job. But I wanted to risk it.

    And now I can’t get my feet on the ground of Singapore.

    If someone can help me out. Feel free to email me:

    Thanks in advance


  288. Hello,

    I have two main questions. First question is regarding work visas. I may have an opportunity to work in Singapore, which my company may sponsor visas for myself and potentially my wife as well. However, if my company does not provide my wife with visas, is there a possibility for her to obtain working visas?

    Second question, assuming she gets working visas, are there companies looking to hire Marketing candidates? My wife has extensive beverage and package goods experience.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hello AP,

      If you get an Employment Pass from your company, then it usually pretty straightforward to get a Dependent Pass for your wife, based on that. She can only get an Employment Pass after she gets a job in Singapore.

      There will always be companies that are looking to hire 🙂 – she’ll just have to start looking for a job and see how it goes.

  289. Dear Amit,
    How are you doing? I am glad hearing all your comments and advisers here. Please am a Nigerian, and a safety engineer. please i want to move to singapore, can you advise me on what to do and how to get job there when i come in. What are the percentage of getting job as a safety personnel? I held somany safety certifications like NEBOSH and OSHA, hold bachelor in Material and Metallurgical Engineering. Worked as safety engineer in Doha Qatart and currently now in Nigeria. Please advise me.
    Thank you.
    You can write me for easy contact on
    God bless you

  290. Hi,,

    Am desperately looking for a banking / accounts related job in Singapore.As of now am working in Banking industry in India supporting for Singapore clients.I have 4.5 years of experience.

    Please contact me at 9962005502 or mail me at for the respective openings.Looking positively for a response from any one who are looking in to this site..Your help be highly appreciated.


  291. Hello there,
    I’m looking for a property/condominium job in Singapore. I have over 7 years experience managing around 70 properties in the heart of London, UK.
    Please let me know if you could help me to find a job. I’m still currently located in UK but I’m very keen to relocate to SG.
    Please email me on:
    Many thanks,

  292. Hi,
    am looking for a job in banking and finance past 2-3yrs in Singapore .i have applied for a numerous jobs via jobsdb for suitable profiles and yet no replies.
    kindly advise me on the best possible way to find a job in Singapore for foreigners.Also am planning to settle there on permanent basis.

    Technology: oracle pl/sql
    Domain: Finance(Banking,sme loans and personal loans)


  293. Dear ALL,

    I am Srilankan looking for a IT job in singapore. I am a Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS). I’m currently employed at Insurance company in Srlanka (HNB Assurance Plc) which is an industry leader in Sri Lanka.
    I have gained valuable hands on experience working on IT Systems support, Quality Assurance and Business Analysis areas over a period of 7 years.


  294. Hi Amit,

    I have moved to Singapore from Bangalore post getting transferred here and have come along with my wife, who was also working with the same firm (IT Consulting). While I am on an EP, she is on a DP. She has more than 6 years experience in the IT field and has experience with top IT firms only. She is a Bachelors in Technology from an institute in the MOM list.

    We need help with her employment, as I am here for a very long term (basically moved headcount to Singapore rolls). Since we are here for long, willing to spend time here and be available for face-to-face interviews. We have applied on multiple portals, forums for the past 4 months and have been approached by consultants to no avail – probably because she is on a DP.

    Would really appreciate any guidance/help.

  295. Hi Amit,
    I am a medical technologist and I want to try my luck in Singapore this Feb.I have 3 yrs hospital experience and I already have an EPEC.Could you give me some advice on how to get hospital jobs easier?
    your urgent response will be very much appreciated.Thank you.

  296. Dear All

    It looks like the Indian sub continents wants to work in Singapore? Why? India is booming as well? I have a different problem after reading indepth on this forum.

    We are living in Europe (not UK) and we have a balance lifestyle envied by others. We do not drive around in flashy cars nor influenced by designer outfits except our leafy neighbourhood speaks for itself already. We go on regular long haul destination(s) when the school vacation period is on.

    To cut it short, my wife is in LOVE with Singapore and wants to work here for the vibrant environment and FOOD paradise. She knows Singapore well as a regular tourist and knows that our lifestyle will change if we work here. She is back at home by 5pm daily with the children. Head hunters is more than willing to answer her call.

    Any suggestions on how to convince her not to come other than getting the lawyer involved?

    Constructive feedback is welcome

  297. hi amit,
    Well i have 2+ years of experience as a Business Development Executive in IT…I was keen on getting a job in singapore..what do you think would be my monthly Approx. salary & how much money is required to have a decent life..Hope i’ll get my answer soon….Pretty good Forum,learnt a lot in this….thanks in advance….

    my email :

    1. Hi Sandeep,

      Thanks for appreciating our website.

      Have a look at this article – Singapore Salary. It provides details on various salary surveys/guides, which will give you some benchmarks by function/industry/experience levels.