How to use the Top Job Sites in Singapore

Most of us turn to job sites in Singapore first, when we are looking for a new role and most us of have faced the frustrations of using them. While job boards are not the best way to look for a job and have a low success rate, they can still be useful.

You never know through what source you might land a role and so it makes sense to use all the job search methods available. When using job boards the main thing to keep in mind is that you should not spend too much time on them, because they are not the most productive way to search for a job.

Below are some of the top job sites in Singapore:

Here a few tips for using job sites in Singapore:

  • To save time and effort with job boards, you should use an aggregator, through which you can easily find all jobs in Singapore at one place. This includes all job boards, company websites and newspaper classifieds. It can save you a lot of time, as opposed to searching each site separately. I recommend Indeed.
  • I suggest using job sites more often, spending less time during each visit, as opposed to making long and in-frequent visits. This is because there is evidence that people who apply first, are more likely to be selected for interviews (see Apply For Jobs Early & Ye Shall Succeed).
  • If you are a senior professional, then you will find fewer job listings, so your time spent on the job sites mentioned above, can be on the lower end of the scale.
  • For early/mid career professionals, you will find more job advertisements, especially for roles which are popular in Singapore. Therefore your time spent on job boards can be on the higher side.
  • Many job advertisements provide an email address which you can apply to, in addition to the usual online application option. I always suggest using the email address option, since it saves time, doesn’t restrict you to a particular format and makes follow-up easier.
  • Be on the lookout for phone numbers and contact names, which are given sometimes as well (not as often as email addresses though). Whenever they are provided, make a note and ensure that you call the person to follow-up. This can help put you on the recruiter/hiring manager radar screen.
  • I’m not suggesting to follow-up for all jobs that you apply to on job sites, only to jobs which you really like

What has you experience been with job sites in Singapore? Which job site has worked for you? Which job site did you find the easiest to use? If you have any tips/tricks for using job sites, please do share them with me and other job seekers.

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  1. Hi All,

    I’m Ebanezer from Kerala
    Currently working in Wipro as an
    Financial analyst I have 1.5 years of experience.
    Any one please help me to get job in Singapore.


  2. Hi

    I am 29 married and actively looking for job in Singapore . I hold 6+ years of experience into HR.
    My husbands is foreseeing an opportunity to work in Singapore of $4500 SGD for which he cant apply for my dependent visa. What if I apply for visit visa and then try jobs being there in Singapore ?
    Please suggest about the current market for HR.

  3. I am Yancy Pabalan, a Tourism graduate. I would love to be part of your growing
    company and apply any available position that suits my experiences.
    I’m willing to learn, adapt, and be trained once hired.
    Hoping to hear from you regarding this employment.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Amit,

    We are considering placing an advertisement for a high-earning executive sales director vacancy
    (in the Australian pharmaceutical industry) via a job board in Singapore. Which of the job boards would you recommend?


  5. Hi Amit,
    I will be completing my MBA – Marketing from James Cook University, Singapore shortly. I request you to kindly advice me on the job prospects. I have already applied on most of the job sites listed by you.

    1. Hi Amrith,

      In addition to job sites, you should engage in physical/social networking as well. This will help reach the source of jobs (i.e. companies/hiring managers) directly. Have a look at articles that we’ve written on the topic for more info

  6. Hi Amith,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I just got couple of calls, and they told that they will forward my CV to their clients. I hope they will get back to me. Here I have one more question regarding package. I have 6.5 years of exp on JAVA. So, asking 6000 SGD is reasonable or should I ask less to get short listed.
    I heard that 5500 SGD is base salary for 5 yrs guys.

  7. Hi,

    I am recently came to singapore on visit visa, and trying for job here. I have 6+ years exp on java/j2ee development. I registered with most of job sites. But i am got getting any calls. I will be here for next 45 days. Any suggestions on how to proceed.

    1. Hi Vikram,

      From the sound of it you need to take a more active approach with your job search. Just registering on job sites and waiting for people to call you, will not get you anywhere I’m afraid.

      Make sure you submit enough applications on job sites. As a thumb rule, expect to hear back from 3-4 employers/recruiters for every 50 applications you make.

      Also try contacting/cold calling recruiters in Singapore.

      And finally, try using social networks (like LinkedIn) to contact employers directly.

      You’ll find articles on how best to do all of the above on our site.

      Good luck!

  8. Dear Amit,

    Is there is ballpark time period which placement agents/ companies typically take to come back to you (if at all)regarding a job application.

    I have lately applied to some jobs in the data analytics domain which suit me in terms of number of years of experience and previous work exp – but havent still heard back from anyone (its been close to 10 days now) :(.

    Is it common for placement agents/companies to take this long or should I kiss my chances with these applications good bye!

    Looking forward to your reply!


    1. Hi Ameya,

      It’s easy to get lost in the crowds with job sites and recruitment agencies. There are hundreds of jobs and even more applicants.

      In some cases you’ll hear back and in others you won’t.

  9. Hi,

    I am a management professional with nineteen years of experience in IT and Telecom sectors.
    I have been granted an in principle approval for PEP (Personal Employment Pass) in Singapore by MoM recently and hence legally authorized to work in Singapore. I am also open to come to Singapore for interviews if required.. I am currently occupied as the Business Head for Glo1 Submarine Cable of Globacom Nigeria Ltd. I had long stints with IT & System Integration firms and major Indian Telecom Company like Reliance.

    I am looking for a senior management position in Singapore ideally in Telecom/IT sector.
    I just started using job boiards like jobsDB, but I understand the difficulty in getting the right kind of attention for the right job since the positions I can I can apply for will be few in number.Is there any consultancy firm which can extend help in not only identifying the right opportunities, but also positioning me properly to bring to the attention of prospective employers please.

    Can you suggest any other alternative path to land a good position in Singapore.

    Pradeep. K

  10. Hi Amit,

    I am an instrumentation engineer having 6 years of experience in SAP ABAP.
    Want to search job in Singapore.
    Many times I tried applying to the job using website but dint not have success.

    1. What should be the approach to apply to Singapore recruiters?
    2. Do you know a good SAP recruiters to whom i can approach directly?

    Your help is appreciated.


  11. Hi Amit,
    Right now I’m working in Bangalore as a software engineer, planning to come singapore for job search with visiting visa. Following are my question please respond.
    1. Is it legal to search the job with visiting visa ?
    2. On average how much time will it take to get work permit after getting the job offer ?
    3. Is it commonly used channel for searching job in singapore ?

    1. Hi Sekhara,

      1. Is it legal to search the job with visiting visa?

      Yes it is

      2. On average how much time will it take to get work permit after getting the job offer ?

      ~2-3 weeks

      3. Is it commonly used channel for searching job in singapore ?

      You mean the social visit pass? Yes, people do search for jobs using that

  12. Dear Amit,
    my query is little related to the job search partly to the work pass. I have a PEP work pass whiich i got in Sep 2010. unfortunately i could get any job till now in Singapore. recently i got a call for ITIL opening from a big aviation giantand i gave my first interview and was selected for the second round. Mean while my six months time to secure a job has elapsed.
    my question is, how long is my PEP valid for the first job? to be precise my PEP work pass started 14th Sep 2010.

    1. Hi Kalyani,

      My understanding is, that while on the PEP you cannot be unemployed for more than 6 months. This would apply for the first job as well.

      You need to speak asap with an officer at the MOM to evaluate your options. Also contact some work pass processing firms for advice (PWC, AsiaBiz, Rikvin, etc.)

      If you get this job offer, then you might be able to request the MOM to keep your PEP (or the employer can just apply for a new EP for you). If not, then I think you will need to get a Social Visit Pass to stay in Singapore and continue your job search.

      1. Dear Amit,
        I am currently working in US as a SENIOR CONSULTANT. I am a mechanical engineer with 25 years experience. I am a US citizen.
        I am looking for a Program/Project Manager or middle level manager position in IT or engineering domain in Singapore since Oct 2012. Now I am planning to apply for PEP. I have applied at company web sites, talk to quite a few recruiters frquently, contacted 3-4 of my network members in Singapore. Still no job interview.
        Can you please suggest how I should search for a job?

        Putarjuna Subramanian (PV)

  13. hello sir,

    I am right now in bangalore (india) working as a receptionist in a company for past 5 yrs.I am 37/married women/graduate want to apply for any suitable job through consultants. I even was offered a cashier job for a indian restaurant but my EP application was rejected. I want to know wat would be the my consultant told me it was because others who had applied would been og master degree so they would have considered….Can you help me out being more clear in this

    Thank you

    1. Hi Praveena,

      Only the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) would know why your application was rejected. Perhaps you can ask your consultant if they spoke with the MOM to get feedback and whether you can call them yourself (take details, case reference numbers, etc. from the consultant, if possible).

      In my experience, the MOM uses various criteria when deciding whether to approve/reject an application, many of which are not disclosed. So you may not get the answers you are looking for.

      Keep trying and I hope things work out for you.

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