How to use the Top Job Sites in Singapore

18 Jan 2011

Most of us turn to job sites in Singapore first, when we are looking for a new role and most us of have faced the frustrations of using them. While job boards are not the best way to look for a job and have a low success rate, they can still be useful.

You never know through what source you might land a role and so it makes sense to use all the job search methods available. When using job boards the main thing to keep in mind is that you should not spend too much time on them, because they are not the most productive way to search for a job.

Below are some of the top job sites in Singapore:

Here a few tips for using job sites in Singapore:

  • To save time and effort with job boards, you should use an aggregator, through which you can easily find all jobs in Singapore at one place. This includes all job boards, company websites and newspaper classifieds. It can save you a lot of time, as opposed to searching each site separately. I recommend Indeed.
  • I suggest using job sites more often, spending less time during each visit, as opposed to making long and in-frequent visits. This is because there is evidence that people who apply first, are more likely to be selected for interviews (see Apply For Jobs Early & Ye Shall Succeed).
  • If you are a senior professional, then you will find fewer job listings, so your time spent on the job sites mentioned above, can be on the lower end of the scale.
  • For early/mid career professionals, you will find more job advertisements, especially for roles which are popular in Singapore. Therefore your time spent on job boards can be on the higher side.
  • Many job advertisements provide an email address which you can apply to, in addition to the usual online application option. I always suggest using the email address option, since it saves time, doesn’t restrict you to a particular format and makes follow-up easier.
  • Be on the lookout for phone numbers and contact names, which are given sometimes as well (not as often as email addresses though). Whenever they are provided, make a note and ensure that you call the person to follow-up. This can help put you on the recruiter/hiring manager radar screen.
  • I’m not suggesting to follow-up for all jobs that you apply to on job sites, only to jobs which you really like

What has you experience been with job sites in Singapore? Which job site has worked for you? Which job site did you find the easiest to use? If you have any tips/tricks for using job sites, please do share them with me and other job seekers.

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Amit is an experienced career, business and HR professional. Previously, he has worked with organisations such as Bain & Company, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup. Amit has advanced degrees/qualifications in Career Counselling, Organisational Psychology & HR, Occupational Psychometrics, Career/Life Coaching & Business.

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