Use Twitter To Find Jobs In Singapore And Separate Yourself From The Flock

In a previous article on how to find jobs in Singapore, we talked about how you can use Twitter to find employment agencies and develop rewarding relationships with them.

The reasoning is that an increasing number of recruitment agencies in Singapore are using Twitter. However, at the moment not many job seekers think of Twitter as a way to get jobs in Singapore. And that creates an opportunity for a few industrious job hunters, to step away from overcrowded job sites and attempt to get themselves noticed.

The same logic applies to employers and hiring managers as well. I have been seeing many more companies in Singapore creating a presence on Twitter and even specific hiring managers/individuals are getting on board.

So I think Twitter is worth exploring as an additional technique for finding jobs in Singapore.

what do recruiters, employers and hiring managers in Singapore do on Twitter?

1). Post articles they have written or read.

kelly singapore recruitment agency twitter

adecco singapore-employment-agency-twitter

2). Promote their initiatives and events.

adecco singapore twitter

3). Post Their Job Openings.

hiring manager job singapore twitter

sap singapore jobs twitter

headhunter jobs singapore twitter

As a job seeker you can use Twitter to get yourself noticed By:

  • Replying to posts with articles, along with your own thoughts and maybe a link to a related article.
  • Taking part in the events and replying with a Tweet that praises the organiser and mentions what you liked.
  • Replying to posts with a job opening and expressing your interest in the position.

In all your Tweets make sure you include a link to your LinkedIn profile, so that people have easy access to your educational and work history. Also mention the recruiter/employer username (e.g. @Kellyjobs_SG) in Tweets – it helps promote their brand and message, which they’ll appreciate.

To find relevant Tweets for jobs in Singapore you can:

1). Search by recruiter or company name + Singapore.

To make life even easier for you, here is an initial list of employment agencies in Singapore, who use Twitter.

SG Recruiters Group!/SGRecruiters
Singapore Recruit!/SingaporeRec
Faro Recruitment SG!/FaroSG
Adecco Singapore!/AdeccoSingapore
Robert Half Asia!/roberthalf_asia
Jobs in Singapore!/jobsnsingapore
Kelly Services!/Kellyjobs_SG
Michael Page SG!/MichaelPageSG
Achieve Group!/AchieveGroup
Talent Logic Pte Ltd!/TalentLogic
Randstad Singapore!/randstad_sg


2). Search by keywords or hashtags.

For example- singapore jobs, #singaporejobs, singapore careers, jobs in Singapore and so on.

Happy Tweeting! Let me know how it goes.

3 Replies to “Use Twitter To Find Jobs In Singapore And Separate Yourself From The Flock”

  1. Hi Sir Amit,

       Thanks for responding to my comment on your article 
    after reading for comment, I immediately browsed through the links and all of them were very informative. there’s one in particular that I have to thank you specifically and this is your article
    This is actually the first time that I’ve heard about twitter being used as a tool to look for a job. specially now in my case I need all the help that I can get to land a job here in Singapore. As a foreigner staying now for 5 days, until now I haven’t had any feedback about my applications. It’s been more than 2 weeks (since I already sent my application before I went here hoping that by the time I arrive I will already have a slot for an interview). After finishing the links, I immediately opened by barely used twitter account and use the links you’ve provided. To my surprise I was able to see jobs that didn’t come up when I’m doing  my search (or maybe I just doing my keywords wrong).  Anyway, this will be another tool to help me in my quest in eventually landing a job here in Singapore. Hopefully with your tips, this will happen. If you have any other tips for me, feel free to comment 🙂 Thanks Sir Amit (hopefully my next comment will say “I finally got a job.”

    1. Yes, Twitter is a good tool for finding jobs and one that is overlooked my most people.

      I hope you find a job soon and will eagerly wait for that comment! 🙂

      1. Yes Sir Amit, I will definitely inform you if I will be successful (fingers crossed). Thanks for all your tips 🙂

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