LinkedIn Status Updates That Lead To Great Job Opportunities

In a recent video – Expert Strategies for Success by LinkedIn – there are a variety of tips for writing LinkedIn status updates that attract valuable job opportunities.

To help those in need of this information, here are a few of the finer points made in the video.

  1. LinkedIn users become 10x more likely to be contacted by recruiters or employers when they share content at least once a week. Just make sure your status updates are always strong!
  2. Keep your statuses professional and relevant. LinkedIn is not a place for gossip or personal to-dos. Stay relevant to the industry you want to be employed in by sharing industry statistics and innovations that you find fit/interesting.
  3. Keep statuses positive. It is unprofessional to criticize co-workers or past employers on this social network. If you do this, you will quickly become unattractive to the potential recruiters searching out your profile.
  4. Post consistently. Whether you are posting multiple times a week or once a day, it is important that you stay to a schedule with your posts. Doing so will help you become more visible on the network, and allow potential employers and recruiters to find your profile more easily.

Now that you know how to go about writing status updates, and the benefits of doing so, it can be useful to learn about some do’s and don’ts or writing status updates on LinkedIn.


  • Never ask directly for a job. It is too direct, awkward and doesn’t show the value you have to offer.


  • Share relevant professional activity and associated insights. Such as a convention you have recently attended.
  • Pose business related questions that can start a discussion that might gain the attention of recruiters/people.
  • Keep your feed filled with articles that make you look intelligent and refined in your area of expertise. Recruiters love when you do this.
  • Comment on others statuses. Think of this practice as a form of networking on LinkedIn. This practice will also help to keep you more visible on the social network.

Have a look at the video for more context and examples.

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