Power-Up Your Profile With LinkedIn’s New Recommendation Dashboard

As you know, your LinkedIn profile can really connect you with great career opportunities. And with LinkedIn’s recent update of its recommendation dashboard, it’s now even easier to give and receive recommendations.

Keep reading to learn about the recent updates and how to take full advantage of them.

Give, Receive & Organize LinkedIn Recommendations

Do you want to be able to feature your best LinkedIn recommendations? Now with LinkedIn’s recent update, you can highlight the best recommendations you’ve given or received in moments.

When you’re ready to get started head to the dashboard. From here you can see your current received, pending, or given recommendations. Click on the received tab, and you’ll see every recommendation you’ve ever gotten.

With this LinkedIn Recommendation update, you can now choose to organize your recommendations in any order you want. Simply drag and drop. You can also make them invisible on your profile by clicking the box next to the recommender’s profile picture – in case you don’t want to show a particular recommendation for some reason.

Getting More LinkedIn Recommendations

It’s never been easier to ask people for recommendations on LinkedIn. Simply click the Ask for Recommendations link on the new dashboard and follow the instructions to get your request out there. Just select which position you want a recommendation for, the people you want to ask, how you know one another, and a friendly/professional request.

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If you want to successfully get more LinkedIn recommendations choose one person for each recommendation request and personalize the message. Also, if a recommendation request is still pending after a while, you can send a reminder.

Giving More LinkedIn Recommendations

People in your professional network like getting recommendations on LinkedIn as well. So it’s your turn to return the favor and share the wealth. As a bonus: if a review is visible on another user’s profile, you might get some traffic back to your page from there.

Get Started Now and Give Your LinkedIn Profile the attention it deserves

Your LinkedIn profile is like an online resume that potential employers and business partners can view 24 hours a day. So make sure to give your profile the attention it deserves.

And as you know, recommendations can go a long way towards increasing your credibility and sending more opportunities your way. Since LinkedIn has made their recommendations dashboard even easier, now is the time to take full advantage of this great feature.

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