Employment Agencies find people for jobs, not jobs for people

This is probably the best piece of advice I can provide, to help you understand how to deal with employment agencies -> Employment Agencies in find people for jobs, not jobs for people

In other words – an employment agency is hired by companies, to find people for specific jobs. They are not in business to help you find a job and you are not their client.

So when getting in touch with agencies as part of your job search, make sure you state your interest for positions which are a very good match for your past experience/education. That will help you get more success from your dealings with a job agency.

It is also good to remember that relationships are important  – People help people they like and know. Therefore, I would  suggest calling an employment agency, after you have sent them your resume. The purpose of the call is to start developing a relationship with them and to get on their radar. Ask them when is a good time for you to explain your candidacy in more detail and let them know why you are well suited for particular roles you are applying to. In conversations with people, I often hear that employment agencies are rude, never call back, cancel/delay meetings and so on. Sure, some might be like that but not all. So I would still recommend getting in touch with them because you will have success with a few and they can be a good ally during your job search.

Have had positive/negative experiences with employment agencies? Do leave a comment with information about what you faced and which agencies to approach/avoid.

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  1. i am a indian , as part of job search now in singapore with my cussin . lots of online applications are send but no one is responding . am electronics and communication engineering graduate. how to get job ? is agency is better ? then which one is better.

  2. Hi Amit

    I have moved to Singapore 3 months back and on dependent pass. My husband is on EP. I have been looking for job opportunities in life science, biotech and pharma here. Im a Ph.D. having tough time. No reponses from where i have been applying. I am sure my CV and cover letter are good. Need your suggestion

    1. Hi Madhavi,
      If you send us your CV using the contact form on our website, we can provide some feedback and suggestions to help with your job search

  3. hey Mr Amit puri
    Here i am writting about my visa process which was going on from diwali.actually what happend my agent said that u ll get E Pass directly and you need to pay 5 to 6 lacs for both means me and my hubby. now what happend we got tap pass in jan n that time agent said to pay money we paid 4 lacs than before a day of departure he said u cnt go as still we need to pay 1lac than he refuses and stopped both of us.and he withdrw my file and my hubby’s tap visa is still there he did multiple vistitor visa for me and said we ll do Epass or entreprenure visa from visitor visa aftr reaching there so now we r confused for all ..so plsss suggest me will it work as he is saing all things r true or just cheating kind things, pls amit help us ..as we wasted a lot of time behind him and still he is doing same…now what should we do ??? in this case pls pls pls help..
    we are not that much strong on finance base we borrow money on interest n gave him…so kindly suggest and if u need any details than pls mail or contact me my mob no is :-
    Email id :- sonuj2712@gmail.com

    1. Hi Sonal,

      It sounds like this agent is a cheat.

      5 to 6 lacs is a very large amount of money!

      When you say E Pass, are you referring to Employment Pass? Because you can only get that once you have a job in Singapore.

      To verify information on the requirement and process for Singaproe visas/passes, please check the Ministry of Manpower website – http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/Pages/default.aspx

  4. Hi, just got back from an interview with a headhunter (which was organized by the headhunter) for a role which I was enthusiastic. Turned out when I went there this morning the headhunter told me that the role does not fit me and that they are in the midst of interviewing!

    I felt like I clearly wasted my time being there.

      1. I have moved to Singapore 1year back and on dependent pass. My husband is on EP. I have been looking for job opportunities in Procurement SAP MM.Im a B-tech graduate also have 4years 10months experience in India, No reponses from where i have been applying. I am sure my CV is not bad. Need your suggestion

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