With employment agencies it’s all about timing and background

I often hear complaints that employment agencies are rude, unresponsive and do not revert with matching jobs after an individual has sent them a resume.

How friendly employment agencies are when you get in touch with them, depends on two things – 1) Timing 2) Background.

Two important considerations when dealing with agencies

1) Timing

A recruiter’s work is often very immediate and transactional.  When you contact them, if they have clients who are looking for people with your profile, then recruiters/employment agencies will show interest in you. If, at that point in time, they do not have job openings for which you are a close match, then it is likely that they will ignore you. A popular belief is that employment agencies will hold on to your profile, look for jobs that suit your preferences and get in touch when relevant openings emerge. While this is true in some cases, many of the times if there are no immediate openings for you, then your resume will simply get lost amongst the hundreds a recruiter has in their files/system.

2) Background

If your work/educational background is very impressive, then the case might be different. Even if the recruiter does not have immediate job openings for you, they might still proactively market you to their corporate clients. Also, the chances that they keep your resume/profile on their ‘watch-list’ are higher. This is because they know that organisations are always on the lookout for good quality people and might hire you, even if there is no urgent need.  Another situation where this might happen, is if your background closely matches the type of jobs from which they derive a vast majority of their revenue.

So the next time you don’t receive the response you expect from employment agencies, don’t take it personally. Follow-up with them later and/or contact the next recruiter on your list and at some point your timing/background will be just right.

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