Is it pointless to search for jobs in Singapore at the end of the year?

For job seekers in Singapore, the time around the end of the year is often referred to as the “quiet” quarter.

Many recruiters see it as a slow period due to companies putting their job searches on hold at this time.

This occurs due to the festivities just around the corner, as well as the year-end pressures associated with determining bonuses for employees.

Although the second half of December will be much slower than the rest of the year due to hiring managers taking vacation time, roles still exist that job seekers can search out and apply for.

In fact by looking at the net hiring percentage, released by the recruitment firm Manpower, over the last three years, you can actually see that hiring activity during this period is not always as slow as it is presumed to be.

Net hiring percentage, is the percentage of employers expecting an increase in hiring, minus the percentage who expect hiring will drop.

When looking at the net hiring percentage for last year’s (2014) quarters specifically, the results are as follows:

  • Spring Quarter/Q1 – 16%
  • Summer Quarter/Q2 – 18%
  • Fall Quarter/Q3 – 20%
  • Winter Quarter/Q4 – 17%

To add to this, the net hiring percentage for the winter quarter was actually the highest in 2013, coming in at a whopping 21%! (The other quarters were at 10%, 17%, 15% respectively.)

When taking this information into consideration, you begin to realize that the year end can actually provide a great opportunity for job searchers in Singapore who refuse to take a break.

According to Shubhangi Faujdar, a recruiter and career coach with JobS-ME Singapore, here are four important reasons why this is.

Less Competition Exists for jobs in Singapore during Q4

Many job hunters will put their search on hold due to the myth of Quarter 4 holding fewer opportunities.

Due to this, you will have much less relevant competition when applying to jobs at this time.

Hiring Budgets are Being Met

Every manager will submit their hiring budgets at the beginning of each new work year, so once it is approved, they will not want to fall short of making the budgeted hires in many cases.

Due to this, many companies will actually ramp up their hiring practices during the end of the year, to make up for shortfalls.

For job seekers, this means that many hiring managers will have a sense of urgency when considering you, and that some requirements for the job may be more lax during this quarter. If you have wanted to apply for a job, but been a bit hesitant due to qualification issues, this is your time to shine.

Many Companies Need an Increased Workforce and Part-time employees in Singapore, at the Year’s End

The holidays are often the busiest time of the year for many companies. Everyone is trying their best to prepare reports, budgets, and are attempting to hit annual targets set at the beginning of the year.

Due to this, if staff leave positions, or positions need to be filled, hiring managers will attempt to fill them quickly, which gives you the advantage as a job seeker.

Additional work is also needed at many companies, which can lead to high-pay temporary work, and a potential permanent foot in the door at an organization you’d like to work for.

In fact, these temporary/part-time positions in Singapore get converted into full-time positions about half of the time according to some studies.

Keeping Active in Your Job Search in Singapore Leads to Better Overall Results

Even if you are not lucky enough to land a job during Quarter 4, keeping on top of your job search during this time can have great impacts on your overall job search in Singapore.

By continuing to apply for jobs and attending initial interviews during this quarter, you get yourself known by companies looking to hire in the New Year. If you are already mid-way through the selection process, you might be placed in the final stages of potentially gaining a position in the beginning of the next year.

Now that you know to ignore the myth of decreased hiring efforts in Quarter 4, it is time to start preparing yourself for the job search in Singapore.

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