Singapore Job Search: An Ancient Secret For Success

As a job seeker you want to get noticed and stand out from the crowd during your Singapore job search. To achieve this you need to do things differently.

Nowadays almost everyone conducts their Singapore job search electronically. Job applications are made online or via email and a lot of networking is done online as well (using tools like LinkedIn and Twitter).

In the good old days, hiring managers were contacted by job seekers via letters.

That’s rare now. And that’s where an opportunity lies for you to do something different during your job search.

Step 1: Find contact details for people who have the power to hire you (or closely work with someone who has the power to hire you).

This can be done using LinkedIn and Google searches. Let’s say you want to work in Private Banking at Credit Suisse Singapore.

A search on LinkedIn using the keywords ‘private banking’ and filtering the results by people working at Credit Suisse Singapore, gives some interesting results. There are many people in the search results who you could get in touch with and here is a screenshot of one page.

job search success letter

I then search on Google to find more relevant people. Credit Suisse Singapore has some information on the senior management team and a few relationship managers. Many of these people/decision makers are certainly worth contacting as well.

letters for job search success

job search success

Other sources of information could include newspapers, magazines, journals and industry associations.

Step 2: Find the mailing address for the people you shortlist.

A Google search reveals that that their address is:

1 Raffles Link
Singapore 039393

It looks like there is just one location, which is good news since that’s where all the people you want to contact will be.

Step 3: Write a letter. Do not send a resume.

Think of it like you’re sending a business proposal, not applying for a job. Keep it short and talk about your work/educational achievements and what benefits you can bring to Credit Suisse. End by asking for a phone call or meeting.

Some of your letters might not reach the intended recipient and will be screened by their assistant. Some will reach but not be opened. Some will be opened but quickly thrown in the trash. But many letters will be read and a few of those will get the desired response as well.

So it’s worth a shot to use this technique during your Singapore job search.

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