Should you include a photo on your resume?

Many people wonder about whether or not to include a photo with a professional resume.

One recent study provides some interesting answers to this question.

The study which was published in the Economist took a look at what happens when people include a photo on their resumes.

Depending on the sex and attractiveness of the person being analyzed, the results differed significantly.

For men, attractive candidates had a much larger success rate of being called in for an interview, while attractive women had a more difficult time gaining an interview.

So the question is then presented: why is this happening?

In the case of this study, it was found that a full 93% of the recruiters/employers who looked at the submitted applications were female. (HR departments often have more women than men).

Researchers hypothesized that a sense of jealousy was key in the rejection of the female candidates.

Although these results could not be concretely proven, the results lead to the researchers recommending that people discontinue the practice of including photos with resumes altogether. In addition to biases based on physical attractiveness, photograph can lead to other biases and discrimination (e.g. racial) as well, both conscious and unconscious.

However, if you are required to include a photo on your resume, or if you don’t really care since you know that in today’s world employers can easily see your picture on Facebook or LinkedIn, follow these tips on getting the perfect resume/profile picture, to help your chances at successfully gaining an interview.

Good luck with your job search!

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