5 signs that your job interview went well

Interviews can be nerve-wracking and anxiety filled, but with the right mindset you can be more confident in yourself both before and after you have performed your interview.

Knowing what signs to look for to determine how well you did in the interview is a great way to help reduce that anxiety post-interview.

To help you determine your potential future at the company you interviewed with, here are 5 signs to look for when thinking about whether or not your interview went well.

  1. Non-Verbal Communication Was Positive

Body language is key to understanding how a person felt about their interaction with you.

If your interviewer seemed relaxed, happy, and communicated these feelings through their body language, you can be confident that they enjoyed interviewing you for the position.

To help them feel comfortable and positive about your potential for the position, try throwing out positive body language and non-verbal communication from your side as well.

  1. You Were Kept Over the Scheduled Timeslot for the Interview

If you are being kept over the originally scheduled time slot for the interview, you can be assured that you at least gained the attention of the interviewer.

Nobody will waste their time by keeping a poor candidate around for longer than necessary, so if you went over time pat yourself on the back!

  1. You Were Given a Chance to Perform a Q&A On Your Interviewer

Proper Q&A opportunities are usually only given to candidates who are being considered as potential hires.

If you are not qualified or desirable, the interviewer will often not lead you on with such an opportunity.

Let yourself take advantage of this Q&A session by prying into every nook and cranny of the employment opportunity, it will make you look passionate and intelligent.

  1. You Felt a Personal Connection With Your Interviewer

If you felt a personal connection with your interviewer, it likely means that you were both giving out good vibes and feeling something positive about your future with the company.

Leaving a good impression is always encouraged, so always try to achieve this step while selling yourself to an interviewer.

  1. The Interviewer Asked You About Your Role in the Company’s Future

This one is basically a sign of serious consideration for the position you’re interviewing for, if nothing else.

If you are given the opportunity to lay out your plan for moving forward with the company, the interviewer is likely judging your interest in the role, as well as goals, ambitions, and thought process.

Once again, pat yourself on the back if this happens in your interview, because you nailed it!

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