Singapore Job Sites/Boards: It’s Really A Numbers Game

With Singapore job sites / boards, it’s a numbers game and is easy to get lost in the crowd.

  • People are often surprised when they submit 10-15 job applications and receive no response.
  • When this happens they panic and think that something is wrong with them or their application. They also write off Singapore job sites / boards and spend even less time on them. This can be a mistake.
  • With job boards it is very easy to get lost in the crowd, given the large number of job advertisements and even greater number of job applicants. A recruiter might not come across your resume and you might not get an interview call, even if you are a good applicant/candidate.
  • Sometimes dummy job advertisements are also posted and used as a way to gather resumes for future positions/openings that are not available now.

So there is a good amount of luck involved and you do need to complete enough applications to increase the chances of getting an interview call and tip the scales in your favour.

  • As a rule of thumb, for every 40-50 applications that you submit on Singapore job sites/boards, expect to hear back from 3-5.

4 Replies to “Singapore Job Sites/Boards: It’s Really A Numbers Game”

    1. Yes it is greenseeker.

      But to increase your chances of reaching the right person and not getting screened by the operator, it’s best to know the name of the relevant recruiter in Singapore. You can use LinkedIn and Google searches to do this, in case it’s not given in the job advertisement

  1. Dear amit,
    Am presently based in oman working in a refinery in the operations side.Is it advisable to apply for a oil and gas consultancy which has offices in both Oman and Singapore as job openings exist in both the offices but will the Singapore office even consider the application as there are openings in Oman also. This is a tricky problem which i have frequently encountered.the openings in singapore fit my profile and the job description makes no reference about pr,citizenship requirements so i assume its open for all nationalities.I want to shift out of Oman as Singapore offers more conducive environment.

    1. Hi Andy,

      I think it is certainly a possibility that Singapore office will consider you for job openings. But you’ll only know for sure, once you make a few applications.

      All the best!

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