2017 – Complete List​ ​of​ ​Singapore Salary Guides​ ​&​ ​Surveys​

It’s always useful to know the salary levels for your industry, function and years of experience. This information can be priceless during a job search, when making career/educational choices, when asking for a raise and various other situations.

To help you such information quickly, here is a compilation of all the Singapore salary guides and surveys.

Depending in your industry and function, you’ll find that 2-3 of these guides will provide data which is especially useful/detailed for your specific purposes. So do make sure to have a look at a few of them at least.

In some cases the reports will be available online and in others you’ll be able to download them, either directly or after filling in a short form.

1) JobStreet Singapore Salary Guide

Contains minimum/average/maximum pay for various job titles, including differences due to level of seniority. The data is sampled from monthly salaries (excluding bonus & other compensation) of JobStreet.com’s 7 million members.

2) PayScale Singapore Salary Guide

Provides a salary report based on your job title, location, education, skills and experience. While data for Singapore is less detailed than say the USA, there is still some good information and interesting charts/reports that are available.

3) Hays Singapore Salary Survey & Guide

The data contained within this survey is based on feedback from employers in addition to Hays’ experience filling hundreds of vacancies across the region.

4) Kelly Singapore Salary Guide

On an annual basis, Kelly Services compiles an Employment Outlook and Singapore Salary Guide, a comprehensive reference tool on the salary trends, job titles and employment outlook across industries. The Singapore salary ranges are indicative of actual transactions between employers and employees and represent a reflection of the marketplace.

5) Michael Page Singapore Salary & Employment Forecast

Incorporating the responses of 400 senior managers from Singapore’s corporate sector, the survey provides information on hiring forecasts, salary expectations and key retention strategies for professional occupation groups.

6) MOM Report on Wages in Singapore

The Singapore salary guide presents information on wages of over 400 occupations as well as wage changes and bonuses paid in various industries. It also contains information on the extent to which employers have restructured their wage systems and starting salaries of the graduates from local universities, polytechnics and ITE.

7) Robert Walters Singapore Salary Survey

The annual Robert Walters Singapore Salary Survey gives a review of recruitment trends and salary levels. They also have an iPhone salary checker app.

8) JobsCentral Singapore Salary Calculator

Allows you to compare your salary with those of your peers in Singapore. You can also use it to check how much a certain profession makes. The information is based on data from the Ministry of Manpower’s Report on Wages in Singapore.

9) Glassdoor – Salary Information Posted By Employees Anonymously 

Salary information for different positions and companies in Singapore, posted anonymously by employees.

10) Jobiness

Similar to Glassdoor, they have salary information posted by anonymous employees. But this website is Singapore focussed.

11) Salary.sg – Your Salary in Singapore

Blog with information about Singapore salary guides and levels, with lots of related/useful information.

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