Visa Options When Looking For Jobs in Singapore For Foreigners

When aiming for jobs in Singapore for foreigners, here’s a quick look at your Singapore visa and work visa options.

Options for which you can apply without a job in hand

Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) [This has been discontinued]

The EPEC allows foreigners to stay in Singapore for up to one year to facilitate their job search in Singapore. Successful EPEC applicants are required to apply for a one-year Visit Pass to allow them to stay in Singapore. This is only valid for the job search phase. Once you are employed your employer will need to apply for an Employment Pass for you.

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

Foreigners who wish to work in Singapore may be eligible for the Personalised Employment Pass if:

  1. their last drawn fixed monthly salary overseas was above a certain amount, or
  2. they are former  P1 Pass holders who are now residing overseas.

Employers will not need to apply for any other pass for you. This pass is valid for 5 years but you cannot be unemployed for more than 6 months at a stretch. The popularity of this option has increased over the years with people looking for jobs in Singapore for foreigners.

Visit Pass

You can apply for (and extend) a regular visa to visit Singapore for a short while and search for a job during this time. Once you are employed your employer will need to apply for an Employment Pass.

Options for which you need a prospective employer to apply

Employment Pass (EP)

The EP is for skilled employees who will be working in Singapore, with a minimum salary starting at S$2,800. There are three different types of EPs, the P1, P2 and Q1.

S Pass

The S Pass is for mid-skilled employees who will be earning a fixed monthly salary of at least $2,000.

Letter of Consent

If you are a Dependant Pass holder and want to work in Singapore, then a prospective employer can employ you by applying for a Letter of Consent (instead of an EP or S Pass, which are also possible options).

For jobs in Singapore for foreigners, The MOM approves Employment Pass applications based on several factors

singapore employment pass eligibility approve

Note: The minimum salary requirements change from time to time, so please follow the links provided above, to view the latest figures on the MOM website.

50 Replies to “Visa Options When Looking For Jobs in Singapore For Foreigners”

  1. Hi,

    I am certified professional in Financial Services Industry with over 9 years of experience. I want to carry further career in Singapore. Please guide/Help.

  2. Hi I want to work in Singapore but I don’t know whom approach i am indian i have knowledge conctrations painter both work I do who employ direct hiring me and service charge cut my sallery inside pls help me my no +918982737143

    1. The process of getting an Employment Pass / S Pass / Work Permit in Singapore is that you must first secure a job and then your prospective employer applies to the Ministry of Manpower for it – you cannot do it yourself. The Pass / Permit relates only to that job with that employer – lose the job and you lose the visa. The process of finding a job has been written about here previously – do a search for those articles which address your question.

    1. ou have to secure an offer of a job before an employer applies to the Ministry of Manpower for an employment pass or work permit for you – you cannot do this yourself.

    2. You must first secure a job offer and then the employer will apply for a work permit / employment pass for you – you cannot do this yourself

  3. I am guru varadharajan fro tamilnadu ,india. I am looking for bankig or investment sales job.totaly I have 14 yr of experience .nearly about 8 years I was working with abu dhabi commercial bank as tteam leader. can u guide me if I come to singapour in visitvisa can I find job.

      1. It is best to plan exactly what you will be doing when you arrive and to have arranged some meetings beforehand. It takes, on average, three months to find a new job in Singapore and longer for non-citizens / no PR’s.

  4. hi, i just want to ask if after my 2yrs contract here in singapore as domestic worker, then i will exit the country and comeback again here in singapore for tourist, can i apply a new job here in singapore even im only a tourist? i hope you can answer my question. thanks😊

  5. Good day sir. I’m Muhammad ishfaq. I’m from Pakistan. I’m ACCA affiliate and I want to get information about visa for singapore. Can I apply for jobs during visit visa?

  6. Hello sir.This is completed in B.Tech automobile looking for automobile Jobs in singapore then am having 2.5Yrs Experience in Mercedes Benz service centre so can i know the procedure to apply on there.



  7. i already applied for training employment pass to singapore two years back and it was iam selected for singapore company as a pcm there any problem to get a IPA

  8. Hello sir i have automobile iti and diploma with 3 years experience in BMW and honda as a service technician field in india so how can i apply work permit on tourists visa in Singapore

    1. Only an employer can apply for a work permit in Singapore, so you must secure a job offer first and leave the visa matter to your prospective employer.

  9. Good day Sir. Please am Indian pesently in india and i have 6 years experience as sales associate in dubai. and a Bcom, and pursing Mba. Please i intend travelling to singapore . Is it easy for me to find a job there with a tourist visa .or is there a posibility of me getting a visa that will permit me to search for a job in singapore? Will be waiting to hear from you .Thanks. you can get back to me through my email id;-

  10. Good day Amit. Please am a Cameroonian presently in Dubai and i have 4 years experience in housekeeping and 3years experience in housekeeping supervisor and a BICS certified. Please i intend travelling to singapore . Is it easy for me to find a job there with a tourist visa .or is there a posibility of me getting a visa that will permit me to search for a job in singapore? Will be waiting to hear from you .Thanks. you can get back to me through my email:

  11. am an arc welder i weld 2g,3g,4g,5g,6g but i recite here i nigeria looking an oportunity for someone to help and sponsor me to work and in singapore,it have always be my dream pls some should help me.

  12. Hi, my name is Laishram Bobocha I’m from India I’m planning to come in Singapore for job hunting in visit visa.
    I have a doubt that can I search a job in Singapore in visit visa?

    I have a friend in Singapore I talked to them but they don’t have knowledge about that,
    Does any one knows about this issue please help me out

    Warm Regards
    Laishram Bobocha
    My email ID is

    1. hi my name is Collins Chidi am a Nigerian and base in Nigeria but looking for a welding job in Singapore and i dnt no how to go about please i need help on how to move to Singpore to work as a welder,am 8yrs experience please someone should help me please cos that have ever be dream to in email is,

  13. Dear sir
    I am an Indian.I am b.e EEE in 2 years experience. Now I am working in shipyard labour work.In my degree completed in first class.
    Please help me Singaporean in my professional category. My contact number is 91348702.Kindly request you to help me Singaporeans.

  14. Hi Amit,

    First of all, thank for sharing. Your articles are clear and easy to read, great job.

    My partner was offered a job in Singapore, his employer applied for Employment Pass so now we are waiting for the government approval. I know if we are married I would get some sort of long visa too in order to stay there with him. Do you know what kind of visa will I get? Will this visa give me the rights to work? any information you have will be a great help. Thank you in advance.

  15. Hi Amit,

    I am from Miami. I have recently re located and I have 5 years experience as a Financial Analyst. I have 2 Masters. One in Finance and one in Business Administration. My Wife is a Singaporean and we are currently waiting for our baby due anytime soon.

    I am also looking for a job and awaiting my LTVP status. How do I go about securing a job in Singapore?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  16. HI everyone, Im looking forward to move to Singapore to live, I am a housekeeper and babaysiter with over 2 years of experience, I also speak English very well .I too have years of experience on caser . I am a Ethiopia National currently living in turkey , I would apreciate any good advice on how to get a job in Singapore. ..Thanks in advance 🙂

  17. Hi Amit,

    I have a friend from India applying for a job in Singapore through a recruitment agency. He got selected for the position and was told by the agency that he will be given a multiple entry visa first then the employment/work permit will be issued by the employer in Singapore. Is this a common practice? Thank you so much.


    1. Hi Maren,
      The more usual situation when one has accepted a job offer is that the employer then applies for the Employment Pass – if the EP is approved, the approval is valid for six months during which time the person should come to Singapore and have the EP issued.

  18. Dear sir over 12years experience I have in housekeeping in Dubai last position I worked as Assistant manger in Dubai World Trade Center please find for me job
    Thanks and warm regards,

  19. I am a graduate in Computer Science & Engineering & certified Microsoft Office Specialist , Microsoft Corporation, 2015. I’m confident & Looking for a position as an Admin assistant in an established organization where I could perform my skills and ability for the mutual future growth and profit.

    Can any body suggest me, How would it be, if I go to Singapore on Visit Visa for job search…..?

    I’m completely good at English and having B.Tech., qualification with value addition certifications too……….

    Convey if any JOB consultant at Singapore to help me.

    Expecting the positive reply at the soonest possible.

    Your faithfully,
    +91 8341117363

  20. My name is Alex Dovi .i have 7 years working experience. In mechanical engineering . I can use a diagnostic machine
    And I wish. To join an automobile. Company in Singapore and work with them
    Thanks this my contacts
    . 00233549150585

  21. Hi. I’m a drilling Engg in oil and Gas sector with 9 year of experience. I did my executive program in sales and marketing from
    IIM- Calcutta and actively looking for opting sales and marketing. Plz advise

  22. HI everyone, Im looking forward to move to Singapore to live, I am a English Teacher with over 10 years of experience, I also speak Spanish (maternal language) and Portuguez fluidly .I too have years of experience on sales. I am a Cuban National currently living in Brasil , I would apreciate any good advice on how to get a job in Singapore. ..Thanks in advance 🙂

  23. Hello sir my name Dilbag I ma from.india I need a job in Singapore I have a 2 yers experience in vegetables store work at Malaysia plz sir I need a job in Singapore plzzz my whatapp no +918054498413

  24. Dear sir/ madam,
    With my best regards,I am from bangladesh,I have more than 6 years taining and bartendar job experience in five star hotel of different countries(malaysia,Ireland,Dubai).now I am interested to work in singspore as a bartendar in any hotel,restaurent or in a bar.How may I get work permit or work visa over there?please let me know.have a great day.
    yours sincerely
    Md.Zohirul Alam Bhuyian.

  25. Hi sir,

    Good day to you! I am an Indian would like to relocate and settle in Singapore. I have done my MBA and having 22 years of experience in sales in different areas. Now iam at 45 years n would like to work and settle in Singapore Please suggest.

    With Regards,


  26. Hi.. if i got job opportunity in singapore, if company apply to the Visa for me ,is MoM approved that visa? or is there any restrictions?

    1. Hi Rajesh,

      The MOM does have certain criteria when approving work passes/permits. So it is not certain that the application will be approved.

  27. hai .I want to work in Singapore .. but i don’t know whom to approach and i have two year experience in India admin. I am come in visit visa in Singapore
    please help me give me one option to me.
    my contact no;82817874

  28. hai .i want to work in Singapore .. but i don’t know whom to approach and i have one year experience in windows system admin.

  29. if i am under s pass or Q1 will i be able to bring my wife and my children to singapore to work and study there

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