Tips from Resume writing experts, to help you impress employers

One way to optimize your ability to find that ideal job quickly, is to have a top notch cover letter, resume, website, and other self-selling materials.

With changing practices, it can sometimes be difficult to know about current methods/tools, which can help to impress an employer the most.

Here are five articles from industry leaders, that will help you craft the perfect submission materials.

“How To Write Your First Pain Letter” – FORBES

This post suggests that cover letters are one of the most ignored application materials and provides an alternative known as the “pain letter.”

As opposed to the mixture of generic and personal information that the typical cover letter might provide, the pain letter skips unnecessary details and lets the employer know what “pain” of the workplace you will solve.

Every workplace has pains and by selling yourself as someone who can alleviate that pain, you can become a much more attractive potential employee.

The article suggests heavily researching an employer/department/hiring manager, before sending a pain letter out, and also suggests that you always send them directly to the hiring manager.

“5 Ways to Customize Your Resume” – GLASS DOOR

Also specifying the importance of selling yourself as a “pain alleviator,” this informative article from Glass Door provides five succinct tips on how to create an effective resume.

Main tips are as follows:

  1. Know the company’s pain points.
  2. Provide enough space for accomplishments.
  3. Spell it out for the hiring manager or resume reader.
  4. Tell them what you are good at early on.
  5. Work the applicant tracking system.

To learn more about each of these useful points head on over to the site.

“12 Traits of a Highly Successful Resume” – THE SAVVY INTERN

Presented in an infographic format this post delivers a step by step visual outline of how to ensure your resume is up to par.

Easy to read and follow, this material provides a briefer overview of resume building strategies for those too busy to dissect a full article.

Head on over to The Savvy Intern’s site if you want to experience a quick demonstration of effective resume building.

“3 Reasons Why Longer Resumes Work” – GLASS DOOR

Once again, Glass Door is imparting knowledge on what they know best.

They provide three simple and effective points that demonstrate why longer resumes work.

  1. Firstly, they claim that context matters. Instead of just listing your qualifications, provide job specific contexts that attest their usefulness to the position you are applying for.
  2. Culture also matters and Glass Door suggests that you make your preferred culture clear in your resume, even if it ends up adding a bit of length. Fit and personality/attitude, are important and should be used to their fullest extent in every resume.
  3. Finally, Glass Door wants readers to realize that robust stories matter. Where you came from, how you got there, and other similar questions all allow an employer to get a full vision of you. Being memorable is, after all, the most important quality a resume can have.

“Personal Branding: How To Develop a Professional Website to Impress Your Next Boss” – BRAZEN CAREERIST

Focusing on website design and effectiveness, this Brazen Careerist article takes a break from the more visually bland world of cover letters and resumes.

Websites, being a visual medium, can convey things about you that other submission materials simply cannot.

This article breaks down the most important things you will need on your website: portfolios, blogs, taglines, skills and services, an about me section, CVs/resumes, social networking links, and a contact form.

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