7 Tips for job interview success (backed by research)

To help you get ready for your next big job interview, here are some research-backed techniques that will help you get that new job successfully.

Have a Conversation With Yourself

Studies have shown that this is a perfectly effective way to prepare ourselves for situations such as job interviews.

Simply telling yourself that “you can do this,” or “you’re going to do great,” has the potential to help you feel more confident in yourself.

Compliment, but Avoid Self-Promotion

Research has found that people had the most success at job interviews if they complimented the company and the interviewer.

While you shouldn’t over do the compliments, you should always show your interest, admiration and knowledge of the company and the position you’re interviewing for.

The research also showed that it’s best to avoid self-promotion beyond the factual presentation of your skills and achievements, otherwise you risk coming off as conceited, which will hurt your ability to be hired.

Stop the Fake Smiling

Positive body language and eye contact is extremely important in the interview.

Smiling, leaning forward, body orientation, strong eye contact and more have the ability to impress.

Fake smiling or other insincere body language, however, will work against you.

Visualize Your Confidence

Did you know that top athletes often use positive mental imagery to help boost their performance?

Just as athletes do this, you can use this same technique to visualize your own success and picture how you would look/feel/behave during an excellent job interview.

Candidates who approached job interviews in this manner performed better than those who did not.

Don’t Hide Your Weaknesses

Everybody has a weak spot in their personality, resume, or skillset, so don’t try and pretend like you are the one perfect candidate out there.

Instead of hiding your weaknesses, think of a way to bring them up early on and be upfront about how you’re working to improve them.

Additionally, if you bring up these weaknesses near the beginning as opposed to the end, the recruiter is more likely to remember the positive qualities they learned about you at the end of the interview.

Be a Bit Different

In one study, researchers found that interviewers gave higher ratings to candidates who answered the typical interview questions in a different/unique way.

Your Handshake is Important

Having a firm and confident hand shake has an effect on hiring recommendations, especially for women candidates.

Try practicing your handshake with someone you can trust and get honest feedback.

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