“Why Do You Want To Work Here?” – 3 Tips To Crack This Interview Question

The art of the interview is an important thing to master before starting your job hunt.

Without the ability to succinctly and effectively answer the many questions you will be presented with, you will find it difficult to land that dream job.

Of all the questions you will be asked, however, perhaps none is more common than this one: “Why do you want to work at our company?”

Knowing how to answer this question is quite important, since you are being asked several different questions at once.

To make sure you impress your interviewer, try packing some of these points into your answer.

  1. Talk About What First Made You Interested in the Company

Before you get into showing off your knowledge of the company’s current goals and services, try showing off what interested you in the company in the first place.

Talk about how you first heard about them, what you liked about them and how you’ve been following their development.

This shows that you’re not there just because you want a job, but that you genuinely like and want to work with the company.

  1. Discuss Fit

Describe some characteristics of the company (such as culture, type of people that work there, established/interesting practices) and mention why that’s a good fit for your personality/preferences.

You can also throw in a few quick reasons why you and the job/role are made for each other.

A good fit with the culture, people and role, gives signals to the employer that you will blend in well and stay around for a while.

  1. Lay Out a Game Plan

Share your knowledge of the current state of the company and give your insight into how you can help the company achieve its future goals.

Simply stating what you can provide to the company isn’t enough, your interviewer wants specific examples of how your time at the company may go. Keep focused on discussing what you plan on doing once hired, and then talk about how you plan on navigating your future at the company.

Once you do this, the interviewer will see that not only are you skilled and passionate, but that you have long-term critical thinking skills.

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  1. I think it is also a good tip to talk about any big news related to the company: new product or Forbes interview with someone from them. And then say that this got you interested in this company.

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