“Why Should We Hire You?” – Here’s how to nail this interview question

Interviewers are tasked with filling a position with just the right person.

This person will ideally need to hit the ground running, being able to align themselves with the organisation’s culture and get things done.

It may seem the interviewer has an easier job than you, the interviewee.  However, he or she has to sift through several applicants, all competing for the same job.  Often, the only tool at their disposal is a series of carefully chosen questions.

Of all the questions an interviewer may ask, one question is especially important.

This question applies to almost every job interview.  It is an extremely popular question to ask because it can show the interviewer how prepared you were for the interview.

Job applicants often trip up at the question because it puts them on the spot and they aren’t sure of what a good response is.

So how would you answer it?  What is the best answer for the interview question “Why Should We Hire You?”

Here are a few options for how you can approach the question.

Show how you are the ‘pain pill’ they’ve been looking for

Right from the start, most companies are hiring because they are experiencing problems.  They determined that the best way to solve their problem is to hire someone.

Try to ascertain why they feel an addition to their organization is the best way to resolve their issue.

By doing this, you may figure out the best ways you can help them.  Show this to them by outlining, in detail, what you can do for them and how it will solve their immediate and most pressing issues.

How much research and thought have you put into this?

You can steal the thunder of the moment by showing how well prepared you are.

Research the company and the role as thoroughly as possible. In addition to reading about them, go a step further and talk to current/ex employees.

Then highlight points from your research to demonstrate why you and the company/role are a good fit for each other. This will go a long way towards showing how your goals are aligned, how interested you are to work for them, and also how dedicated you are.

Compare their investment vs. Your investment.

When you work for someone, you are investing your time, efforts, and talents in them.

When they hire you, they are making an investment as well.

Show them two things.

One, display what you can do for them.  Spell how how you have the perfect mix of skills for the role.

Next, tell them what the company can do for you. Show them how the company can help you develop professionally and take your career in the right direction.

You may stand out above your competition by illustrating a mutually beneficial relationship.

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