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We all make judgements and decisions which based on first impressions. This fact applies to resumes as well and quite often the decision to continue reading your resume or call you for an interview is made based on initial impressions and a quick glance through you resume.

Keeping this in mind it is only logical that the start of your Singapore resume, which is what people see first, should be very impactful and entice recruiters/hiring managers to read further. One way to do this, is by making sure the first page of your resume, is a resume in itself. Even if recruiters don’t read any further, they should be able to decide whether or not to call you for an interview, based on the content on the first page.

So how do you do this? What could you include on the first page, which is prime ‘Singapore Resume Real Estate’ and should not be wasted?

Headline statement: Here you can write a few words describing your area of expertise, along with something which shows that you are a good performer.

Sub-headline statement: Just below the headline in your Singapore resume, you could include more 1-2 lines which give more information to prove that you have done good work in your previous jobs.

Career Overview: Providing a high level overview of the functions/industries you have worked in and possibly a few of your most significant achievements.

Key Strengths/Competencies: A listing of your most relevant technical and soft/other skills. This could be just a list, or a list with 1-2 lines for each point which illustrates how you have used the skill to achieve positive results and/or shows the level of your expertise in the area.

Commendations: If possible, you can add a few extracts of positive testimonials that you have received from supervisors, peers and clients. This could be from emails, performance reviews, LinkedIn recommendations and so on. This adds third-part credibility to your Singapore resume.

Education & Experience: A summary of your education and work experience, without any details

You can include some of this information (experience, education, commendations) when you start writing your resume and for other sections (headline, sub-headline, overview, competencies), it is often easier/better to wait till you finish the rest of the resume first.

To help illustrate these Singapore resume writing best-practices, here is an example of a good first page – Download.



Address, Phone, email

>>Award-Winning Wealth/Relationship Management Professional<<

Consistently rated in top 5% and received several fast-track promotions. Able to achieve significant growth in AUM & regularly beat targets by up to 200%

Career Overview

High performing professional with over 11 years of Wealth & Relationship Management experience, in the banking industry. Able to achieve significant growth in AUM and regularly beat targets, through understanding the requirements of individual/corporate clients and providing solutions to meet their financial needs. Oversee business development and client management at a regional level and provide excellent supervision/leadership to senior relationship managers, in order to meet objectives. Consistently deliver outstanding results, leading to ever increasing responsibilities, fast-track promotions and numerous honours/awards.

Key Competencies

·Knowledge of Financial Securities

·Portfolio Management & Wealth Creation

·Business Development & Sales

·Client Relationship Management

·Analytical Thinking

·Interpersonal Skills

·Leadership & Team Management

·Verbal & Written Communication

·Planning & Organisation

·Attention to Detail

·Handling Multiple Tasks Simultaneously

·Ability to Work Under Pressure


“I’ve worked with XYZ in a supervisory and peer position. At all times he has exhibited strong technical knowledge, exceptional dedication, and great ability to work and communicate with clients, executive management, peers, and subordinates”

“XYZ is amongst our best performers and has excelled in all areas, including client relationships, sales growth, financial/investment expertise and team management”



MBA (Finance)2008


Bachelor of Commerce2003


Company NameSingapore

Senior Relationship Manager2008 to Present

Company NameSingapore

Vice President – Wealth Management2007 to 2008

Company NameLondon

Relationship Manager2005 to 2007

Company NameLondon

Associate Vice President – Wealth Management 2003 to 2005

Company NameLondon

Wealth Management Associate/Senior 1998 to 2003

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  1. Hi, thank you very much for sharing this example. I’ve certainly learned something new. I have a question, for the commendations’ section, should we name the people who gave the compliment? Thanks.

    1. Most welcome Jean.

      Yes, you could add the Designation & Company, of the person providing the testimonial as well.

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