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  • Are you an expert on career related topics?
  • Would you like to share your expertise with our readers?
  • We are always on the lookout for great writers and welcome guest contributions on our website, in the form of articles, videos and podcasts.
  • Your ideas/expertise, along with a bio, will be seen by over 1 million eager readers. 
  • Our audience is mostly from Asia but also from USA, Europe, UK and other parts of the world.


We take great pride in the quality of content on our website and expect the same from our contributors.

Therefore we request for content which:

  • ​Is unique and does not appear anywhere else on the internet, now or in the future.
  • Is not something that we have written about already.
  • Is practical and research-based. The content should be actionable, credible, useful and interesting for our readers.
  • Provides an expert opinion or personal stories, with actionable lessons.
  • Covers commentary or expectations on current trends, the job market or salaries in Asia.

For example:

  1. ​​Research backed ways to conduct a great performance appraisal.
  2. My personal experience making a big career change.
  3. How the budget will impact the job market in Singapore.
  4. These are the highest paying jobs in Malaysia.

And we’re not too keen on content which:

  • ​​Is promotional of a website, brand or company.
  • Has already been covered on our website.
  • Appears elsewhere on the internet.
  • Is too basic or shallow, without enough supporting information, research, examples or stories.
  • Covers information on the job market or salaries in places outside of Asia.

For example:

  • ​5 resume writing tips for…
  • 8 thing to never say in your job interview.
  • 6 tips to make your college application unique.
  • Job market expectations for different parts of the USA.


F​ Over 1 million keen readers

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F​ More traffic for your website​​​​

FSpreading your ideas to a wider audience


Here’s what’s needed to begin the process:

  1. ​Contact us from this page.
  2. Include a pitch of your content idea. Give us some details of the topic, how you will structure the content, main points you will make and relevant research you will be using (if applicable).
  3. Provide some information about yourself, along with samples/links to previous work.

After that:

  1. ​​If we like what we see, we will get back to you within a few days, with our thoughts and suggested changes.
  2. You then work your magic and send us the full article, video or podcast.
  3. We will also need a short bio (up to 100 words) to include along with the post.
  4. We review and approve the content if it meets our editorial standards. We might suggest some changes and/or make some revisions.
  5. The post is published on our website, shared with our audience through multiple channels and hopefully joins the ranks of our most popular & well read content!