As an expert training and development provider, we offer services that are research-based, practical, active and engaging. Our intention is to surpass your expectations and ensure that excellence is achieved.

Our training & development approach includes three steps:

The starting point is to determine your training and development needs. This can be done through consultations, assessments and/or a comprehensive training needs analysis and involves:

  • Understanding your business objectives and requirements.
  • Identifying the competencies needed to meet the business objectives.
  • Assessing current competency levels and gaps.

Following that, we will create a programme to fully meet your objectives and close the competency gaps. The programme will be delivered in an engaging/practical way and we use psychometric assessments such as the MBTI where needed [view sample reports – Interpretive Report for Organisations, MBTI – Teamworking, MBTI – Communication Skills, MBTI – Stress Management, MBTI – Decision making, MBTI – Conflict].

At the end of the day, training is of no use, if it does not translate to better/desired performance in the workplace. Therefore, for maximum effectiveness, we can also work with you in developing a plan to ensure that the learning and skills acquired is transferred back to your workplace.

Our corporate training workshops fall under two categories:

  1. Creativity and Innovation.
  2. Leadership and management development.

Contact us now for enquiries or additional information about our services as a Training Provider in Singapore/Asia.

All our courses can be delivered in English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

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