Personal Effectiveness Training in Singapore/Asia

In today’s world, leaders, managers and others need not only to be in control of their time, but also the tasks they focus on, how they make decisions, manage the meetings they attend, and the people they meet and interact with. Otherwise they lose control of their workload.

It’s now commonplace for people to be involved in multiple projects, to work long hours, and still not get their work completely done. This causes stress, unhappiness, and work-life imbalance.

On top of all the work, people also have to contend with frequent interruptions from personal callers, unending phone calls, team members seeking help, the boss wanting yet another urgent report ASAP, etc, etc!

To stay happy, healthy and manage your stress levels – to have a personal and family life as well as a work one – you need to have the knowledge and tools to take control over the time you spend at work and what you focus on in that time. In short, you need to maximise the return on the time you invest in your work.

Your overall performance improves when you take control of your time and the work you focus on. This gets noticed and helps in progressing your career. When you are in control of your work, you increasingly get asked to do higher level work, and this positions you for promotion.

The workshop, Personal Effectiveness, gives you the organisational skills required to operate effectively. It introduces the various elements of effective time management through a case study and then explores each of these in more depth. This workshop enables participants to:

  • Use three tools for prioritising work
  • Manage interruptions and time-wasters
  • Understand the principles of effective delegation and to do so productively
  • Describe what causes meetings to be ineffective and how they could be made effective
  • Understand the influences on effective decision-making and strengthen their own decision-making
  • Recognise the signs of stress in themselves and others, and know how to healthily deal with it.

Personal Leadership

Many leaders and managers are confused about the differences and similarities between these two roles. Others try to separate the two roles and be either a leader or a manager. However, to be effective as either, leaders and managers must understand both roles and know when a situation demands leadership from them or requires them to actively manage.

Organisational performance is increasingly a product of the motivation and focus of the people the organisation employs, and a major effect on this is how people are led. Organisations therefore desire that all those in authority, whether they are in formal leadership roles or managers at various levels, learn to be effective leaders. Developing personal leadership is therefore essential.

This Personal Leadership workshop explores:

  • The perceived differences and similarities between leadership and management, and how we perform both roles at different times.
  • The relationship between leadership and management.
  • The different styles of leadership and their practical application; the advantages and limitations of other styles; and how an ‘adaptive’ leadership style is more effective.
  • The Four Capabilities of Leadership and how to develop and integrate them into our working lives.
  • How to build trust and better connect with ‘followers’
  • How those new to management can become familiar with the important aspects of being a manager.
  • The Three Key Roles of a manager and how to prioritise and develop them.
  • Motivation and how to develop and maintain it – in ourselves and others.
  • Develop an action plan to develop our personal leadership and apply the skills learned in the workplace.

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