Presentation Skills Training in Singapore/Asia

Speaking in public is the number one fear for many people – feared more than spiders or dying even!

Various studies estimate that more than three-quarters of all people experience some degree of anxiety or nervousness about speaking to a group of people.

This fear is not something people are born with – it is learned – learned from our parents, our teachers, or people we work with. It’s usually connected to some other fear or past hurt, like a parent’s disapproval, classmates making fun of you in school, worry that colleagues will think you aren’t polished enough, or concern that you don’t have comprehensive knowledge about your topic.

Fortunately, however, this fear can be unlearned and replaced with a confidence in new presenting skills.

Our two-day Presentation Skills workshop enables participants to become totally comfortable being themselves in front of an audience of any size and to deliver a presentation with ease, impact and charisma.

Day 1 of our Presentation Skills workshop will enable participants to:

  • Identify what makes good and bad presentations.
  • Understand the three elements of ‘executive presence.’
  • Understand and utilise the ‘physiology of presenting’ to deal with nerves, project confidence, and be centred and balanced.
  • Use the relationship between the thoughts we hold in our head, our physiology, and our emotional state, to be confident, comfortable and balanced when presenting.
  • Utilise personal energy to project charisma and enthusiasm, and to connect with the audience’s energy to develop rapport.
  • Use business storytelling to create impact and more easily covey your message.
  • Use body language and non-verbal patterns of communication effectively to support the meaning of your message.
  • Use voice effectively for greater clarity and conviction when speaking.

Building on the skills gained in Day 1, participants then learn how to structure and prepare memorable presentations in Day 2. The very way a person approaches their preparation for a presentation and structures it determines its success.

Day 2 of our Presentation Skills workshop will provide participants with the skills and tools to deliver professional and impromptu presentations. It will enable participants to:

  • Structure and prepare memorable presentations
  • Make lively and persuasive presentations
  • Interact skilfully with their audience
  • Answer difficult questions professionally
  • Prepare well for last minute and so called “impromptu “presentations
  • Present to large groups with confidence.

The Benefits of Learning to Present with Ease, Impact and Charisma

Good presentation skills, where one gets their message across easily and clearly, is one of the most important skills for leaders and managers. Those aspiring to senior positions and wishing to grow in their careers need to demonstrate effective presentation skills.

Leaders and managers must be able to motivate their teams. They must provide future direction and inspire their staff with their message. But that message, and how it is presented, is what their team and others will judge them on as a leader.

Leaders and managers have to be able to persuade customers and other stakeholders that their organisation has the right product or service for them. And these customers and other stakeholders will judge the leader or manager, their company, their staff, and their product or service, based on how they deliver an important presentation.

For those seeking promotion or to progress their careers, being able to deliver a presentation with ease, impact and charisma provides a greater chance of success. Whether it is a job or promotion interview, a presentation to your team or to a client, good presentation skills will get you noticed.

Our workshop on Presentation Skills will give you and your teams the skills to present with ease, impact and charisma!

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All courses can be delivered in English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.