Teams and Effective Teamworking Training in Singapore/Asia

The modern world is changing at an ever increasing pace. Advances in technology and the push for flatter, leaner organisations has employers seeking greater versatility from staff. There is now a strong focus on high-performance and high-commitment work practices, and these can only be achieved through teamworking.

Some of the objectives organisations seek greater teamworking to achieve include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced quality of products or services
  • Improved customer focus
  • Quicker creation and spread of ideas
  • To be able to respond to external opportunities and threats and to their fast-changing environments
  • Increased employee motivation, job satisfaction and talent retention
  • Greater multi-skilling and employee flexibility

The course ‘Teams and Effective Teamworking’ starts by helping the team and its leader understand itself better as it currently is – it’s not possible to build on something that is not properly understood.

This is achieved by identifying each individual’s personality and how it both positively and negatively impacts the team. This understanding leads to more productive communications among the team and to less conflict. The team can then use this knowledge as the basis for stronger teamworking.

The team building course then explores:

  • The difference between work groups and teams.
  • The defining factors of a team.
  • How to pick the right team or refocus and strengthen an existing team.
  • Issues concerning balance, diversity and size.
  • The stages of team development and ensuring a solid start.
  • Identifying and overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team.
  • Building individual and team motivation.
  • Team synergy and high performance.
  • The importance of effective team charters.

The MBTI personality inventory [MBTI – Teamworking] can be used to assist leaders and managers to better understand themselves and their teams.

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All courses can be delivered in English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.