Workplace Coaching – Training in Singapore/Asia

Coaching is a tool that leaders and managers can use to more effectively manage their staff.

It actually makes a manager’s job easier because they no longer have to know everything about everything – coaching pushes the focus on the staff member to come up with the answer themselves. It reduces the manager’s workload through a process of motivating and developing staff – it therefore facilitates appropriate and effective delegation.

But what makes coaching most attractive to leaders and managers is that it is the most effective way of dealing with staff performance problems. It provides a structure for that often difficult conversation about poor performance – and takes the difficulty or uneasiness out of it.

And it is not just managers who embrace coaching. Organisations are increasingly adopting coaching as a management process because it is a proven way to increase productivity and motivation, creates promotable employees, and aids talent retention.

Employees too appreciate coaching because it provides development opportunities, challenges them, builds confidence, gives them more control over their work, increases job satisfaction and motivation, and reduces work stress.

To place workplace coaching in a context, the Workplace Coaching workshop begins by exploring the organisation’s appraisal process and how it could be strengthened.

This creates a natural introduction to workplace coaching and an introduction to what it is and is not.

The workshop then provides the skills and competence to enable participants to become an excellent performance coach, and, in particular, to:

  • Recognise the fundamental skills of coaching.
  • Prepare for, plan and structure a coaching session.
  • Use the GROW model of coaching.
  • Develop a set of appropriate and challenging questions to use.
  • Use the coaching feedback model.
  • Coach for performance.
  • Conduct an appraisal review using a coaching approach.

Throughout the workshop, the participants extensively practice the coaching approaches and models used, and thereby gain confidence in their own growing coach skills.