We start the outplacement support process with our career planning framework.

Individuals will be guided through a systematic process, to get a detailed picture of their characteristics and preferences, which should be taken into account for their next career move. This includes:

  • Strongest life/career aspirations.
  • Personality traits.
  • Interests.
  • Knowledge.
  • Motivated skills.
  • Burnout skills.
  • Work values.
  • Work environment preferences.
  • Goals and constraints.

The characteristics and preferences are arrived at, through the use of career assessments [view samples – personality , interests and combined], card sorting exercises, structured interview questions and worksheets.

This part of the outplacement support process has many important benefits and helps individuals to:

  • Identify ideal industries, companies and jobs.
  • Broaden the number of jobs they target.
  • Obtain vital inputs for resumes, cover letters, online profiles, job interviews and salary negotiation.
  • Conduct a targeted and powerful job search.
  • Showcase themselves properly to potential employers.

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