After the career planning phase of the outplacement services process, we work with participants to make each part of their job search as effective as possible.

During the job search module our aim is to:

  • Reduce the workload and administrative burden for the participant, as much as possible.
  • Dramatically increase their success rate and help them to outperform other job seekers.

We guide our participants all the way, and our results based approach helps them to get more job leads/opportunities, more interviews and more job offers.

The job search process involves the following elements:

  1. Resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile preparation (Our career and job search counsellors will prepare these for the participants from scratch, making it hassle-free for them).
  2. Training in the best job search techniques.
  3. Preparation of a customised job search plan, with daily/weekly activities.
  4. Job interview training and practice.
  5. Ongoing advisory for various situations and questions.
  6. Regular monitoring and tracking, to ensure things stay on track.

As a result of this module of the outplacement process, our participants are able to secure a good job much faster than average. The job search skills they acquire will also help them manage such transitions smoothly in future.

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